Written by Agents66

6 Jan 2014

From her to him:

We took our picnic into the forest and wound our way around the trees.

We found the perfect spot, I lay the blanket on the ground while you put down the food basket and looked up towards the sky through the break in the tall trees.

I noticed you looking thoughtful, pulled you close and kissed you. You hardly waited a second before your hands wandered over my cotton dress and down to hold my rounded bottom in your hands. I moved against you to feel your hardness against my thigh. I pushed forwards and rubbed a little against you so you were in no doubt about my excitement.

You brought one of your hands up to cup my breast through the tight fabric. The rhythm of our kiss became firm and deep.

I lifted my leg to clamp you with my thigh as you ran your hands urgently over my body.

As we separated a little, I pulled your t-shirt off over your head, the buttons on the front of my dress were swiftly undone by your expert hands as you eased your hand inside to cup my breast, still restrained by my lacy bra.

I slid my hand between us and begin massaging your hard cock through your jeans. All the time kissing you, tongues exploring each others mouths.

As I undid your jeans you sprang out to greet my hand. I rubbed the tip of your cock already feeling the sensation of pre-cum as it oozed from the end of you stiff cock.

You pulled my breast, pushing it up and out over the top of my bra, the nipple red, erect and begging for your mouth to clamp over it. You stooped down to lick my nipple, then I gasped with pleasure. You took my nipple between your lips and sucked gently. We could hear the sounds of nature in the forest, the sunlight dappled on our bodies as it peeked through the trees.

My hand playing with your cock as I closed my eyes and enjoyed your tongue and lips as they sucked, licked and teased me.

“Oh God,” I breathed into your ear, “you have no idea how good that feels.”

You came up to my face, smiled and said softly, “Yes I do.” before kissing me deeply again, deeper and longer than I’ve ever been kissed by anyone.

As the urgency of our kisses subsided a little you started to pull my dress off and unhooked my bra as it fell slowly off my breasts you pushed me backwards so I was leaning against a tall tree.

You knelt in front of me, your eyes arrived at my waist and gently removed my french knickers to expose my excited pussy, looking silky-wet, flushed and in need of some attention.

You eased your head forward, extended your tongue so that its very tip could start to explore my swelling lips. You lapped gently, there was no doubt about my arousal as my juices easily slid to coat your tongue.

You licked at my clit and entered a finger into my sopping pussy the excitement now overpowering me. I lifted my left foot and rested it on a tree stump, opening my lips and allowing you better access to my wet, hot cunt. I gasped loudly and brought my hand to hold your head in encouragement.

Your mouth explored and excited me, you added a second finger to penetrate me and started to concentrate your licking on the end of my very stiff clit, moving in circles before sucking me as though you wanted to suck me dry.

You felt my leg stiffen against your hand and my breathing become a series of short pants as you delivered long, slow, licks up and down my pussy while your fingers slowly slid in and out, always ending with a flick at my clit with the tip of your tongue.

I began to get hungry for you now and called out your name, you looked up at me and I reached down to kiss your wet mouth.

I removed your jeans and lay you back on the blanket before taking you in my mouth, wrapping my hand around you and licking the head of your stiff waiting cock giving slow, long, strokes of my tongue. I ran my tongue around the rim of your cock and used my hand to rub your shaft.

Your cock got plenty of attention from my tongue and lips as I licked and sucked on you, my strokes lengthened as I pumped and twisted my hand around you as saliva started to trail down the length of your shaft making you very wet and hard.

Your breathing turned deeper, reacting to the pleasure you were experiencing, you watched as my head and hands working over your manhood. You felt my hand work down to your balls, wander around them and then take a nice tight hold as I continued to stroke you with my other hand and mouth.

In the incredible heat of the moment you knew you were seconds from cumming fast and furiously, you stopped me and asked me to climb on top.

I slid my wet, hot pussy over your shaft and as I settled down onto you, you could feel my tight cunt enveloping your hard cock.

“Fuck me lover. Now.”

With every thrust you held my hips tight and could feel the silky wet pussy that your cock was eager to pleasure, I was tight and hot and you were stiff and throbbing.

We rode each others bodies while listening to the birds calling to us. You moved your mouth across my left nipple and teased it with your lips and teeth.

The motions becoming fast and frantic now as we felt each other nearing the edge.

I couldn't hold off anymore. The feeling of passion overwhelming me as I started to cum, with only the birds to hear I moaned loudly and calling out your name which seemed to send you into a frenzy as your cock began shooting hot cum inside of me, we ended up in a passionate embrace as our orgasms reached their peak.

Still and silent for several minutes, we then looked at each other and decided to eat our picnic before we started to fuck all over again.