Written by D_and_M

3 Feb 2007

The Gardener.

My beautiful Italian wife Martha is the most gorgeous woman in the world. She has maintained her wonderful figure and her breasts are still firm and pert. She’s a passionate woman, and our lovemaking has always been healthy and often. For a few years now, we’ve discussed fantasies during lovemaking. One of our favourites involved a threesome with a young fit gardener. Sadly, we didn’t have a gardener, and besides my wife had always said it could never happen and only ever be a fantasy, as she wouldn’t want anyone else, even if it were a threesome.

We needed some major work done on the garden, and so we had three people come around to quote for the job. My wife was out shopping on the Saturday that the second guy turned up. He was Simon, in his mid-20’s, quite good looking, tanned, and obviously fit from the work he did. We got on really well, I was sure Martha would like him. Once we had received all the quotes, his came out to be the best value and also he could start the work sooner than the others. So he got the job.

It was summer time, a warm hot summer. In the week before he was due to start, we used the gardener fantasy more frequently during our lovemaking. Martha was getting wetter and wetter with each variation of the story.

The Monday morning arrived, and I went off to work, the children went to school. At about 10:30am, I received an email from Martha saying “What have you done? There’s this gorgeous young man digging in my garden wearing just a pair of shorts. How am I expected to cope with that for a whole week!?”. I replied “I’m sure you can cope with it very well, I love you”

That night I arrived home and found Martha wearing a summer top and shorts. She was wearing a bra underneath. She had the biggest smile on her face. She came upstairs with me as I changed out of my work clothes. We kissed and before long we were both naked as I lay her down onto the bed, my rock hard cock slid effortlessly deep inside her soaking pussy. After only a minute of frantic thrusting, I exploded inside her. I manoeuvred down the bed and opened her legs wide before kissing her and slowly moving my tongue up and down and into her pussy. I could taste my own cum mixed with her delicious pussy juice as I began to push my tongue deeper and deeper inside her. Martha began to caress her breasts, squeezing her nipples between her fingers as she moaned. Before long she was writhing and tightening her legs around my head. She had come, and cried out “I so needed that”.

That night in bed, as soon as we lay down, she said “it’s my turn to talk tonight”. I’d turned the light out, and she began to tell me about her day. How Simon, the gardener was really nice and friendly, how they’d chatted quite a lot as she was getting cold drinks for him often, because of the heat. She then told me she’d had to go upstairs twice to use her rabbit! Now I’ve always fantasised about her making time and pleasuring herself while I’m at work, and I’ve asked her often to describe these times to me, but she never would,… until today. Here she was describing to me how she’d done this not once today, but twice. Not only that, she then said that the second time, she’d been standing by the bedroom window looking down at half-naked Simon, admiring his body as her rabbit flashed around inside her on full power. It was amazing, hearing Martha talk like this. I was rock hard. I asked her if he liked her. She said she didn’t know, but that they’d got on really well, and he’s a nice boy. We made love and it was amazing, I was really big and hard, she was squeezing tightly against me. It was fabulous as we both built it up and climaxed together imagining what each other were thinking. As I cuddled up against her back, I suggested she didn’t wear her bra tomorrow

Well Tuesday arrived, and I received an email from Martha late morning. “I took your advice, I’m not wearing any bra today I think he likes what he saw because when he came in for a drink earlier his eyes were looking all over me. We’ve got on really well today, I think I like him. Oh, and I’ve already been upstairs once to let the rabbit out to play I love you SO much”.

When I got home that night, Martha was wearing a t-shirt with straps without a bra and her denim skirt. Her breasts looked absolutely wonderful as they brushed against the soft material inside her t-shirt. Again she came upstairs with me while I changed. We kissed and I ran my hand down across her body, up her legs and against her pants, they were soaking wet. That night in bed, we both fantasised about the gardener again. Martha then said “you’d like it if I had s*x with him, wouldn’t you?” I couldn’t deny it, and we’d always talked of having s*x with someone else, but usually it was me who raised the subject, not Martha. I’d always dreamed of Martha and me having a threesome, both with another woman and with another man, and Martha knew it. I’d always told her that I didn’t want either of us to ever have s*x behind the others back. I thought it would be better if we were both there, both involved. So I replied to her “If you would like to” - silly question really, and I added “of course, I’d have to be there too, it would be ‘us’ having s*x with him, and him having s*x with ‘us’, maintaining our togetherness”. To my amazement, Martha said “why don’t you take a half-day on Friday?” I couldn’t believe this.

As the Wednesday and Thursday passed, Martha’s emails got more suggestive and our lovemaking became even more frequent and passionate. On Thursday night she told me that Simon had made a pass at her today, remarking how beautiful she is, and given the chance, he’d love to kiss her. I asked her whether she had let him, and she blushed. She told me that she did kiss him, quite passionately, but before things went too far, she’d pushed him away telling him that she could never have s*x without her husband. She told me she then smiled broadly at Simon saying “Dave will be here tomorrow afternoon”. Our s*x that night was the most intense ever.

Friday arrived, and I went early to work in order to finish as early as possible. Through the week, the garden had come on a treat, and by the time I arrived home at lunchtime, Simon was packing up his things. Martha explained to me that all morning her and Simon had been flirting, and brushing up against each other as she passed him drinks. Today she was wearing a short summer dress, without a bra and to my amazement she whispered in my ear that she wasn’t wearing any pants either.

We didn’t know how this was going to work. Simon came into the kitchen, and was quite dirty and sweaty, so Martha had the bright idea of asking if he’d like to take a shower. He readily agreed and Martha showed him upstairs to the en-suite in our bedroom. I followed closely behind. Martha handed Simon a towel and he went into the en-suite, closing the door behind him. Martha turned to me, smiled and asked “Are you sure?” She could see the big smile on my face, and the even bigger bulge in my trousers as I replied “Oh yes, so long as you want this too”. She smiled broadly, she didn’t need to answer. We embraced and kissed passionately. Martha, feeling my hard cock through my trousers, she began to undo them. Before long I was standing before her completely naked with a rock hard erection, I had never known it to be this big before. The en-suite door opened and out stepped Simon, with a towel wrapped around his waist. Seeing me naked, and with a hard-on, he let the towel fall to the floor, revealing his large, semi-erect cock. Martha looked him up and down and said to him “would you like to kiss me again?” He needed no invitation and moved close to Martha, as I moved to her other side. They both kissed passionately as both of us closed our arms around her. Before long, we both lifted her dress over her head, revealing her wonderful breasts and gorgeous body. We broke the embrace a little nervously and I suggested we lay down on the bed. Martha lay down in the middle between us, Simon on one side of her and me on the other. “What are we going to do?” asked a smiling nervous Martha. With that, Simon began running his hand up and down her body and started to kiss her, gently at first. At the same time I ran my hand over her breasts and down her body to her legs as I planted small delicate kisses across her body. Before long, Simon had his hand between Martha’s legs and I could hear her groaning with enjoyment as his fingers pushed deep inside her. Her nervousness had disappeared. While all this was happening, Martha alternated between kissing me and kissing Simon, as each of her hands held a large throbbing cock. In a moment, Martha rolled over and sat on top of Simon. His full length slid effortlessly, disappearing into Martha’s gaping pussy. I got up and knelt behind Martha, wrapping my arms around her tightly, caressing her breasts as I helped her to rock forwards and backwards and up and down to the rhythm of Simons pounding. Martha turned her head to kiss me passionately as Simon drove ever deeper into her. My kisses then moved down her face to her neck and shoulder as she threw her head back moaning with pleasure. The three of us all wrapped tightly together, I could feel Martha’s climax building as we all rocked together slowly, gradually getting faster and more intense until finally she let go. Wow. She climbed off Simon’s cock and slid down him on her front, laying her head on his lap she took his big cock into her mouth, as I moved behind her off the bed and slid mine deep into her soaking wet pussy. We all moved to the same rhythm as I pushed in and out of her and Simon’s cock went in and out of her mouth. Before long I could see Simon tensing and just as I exploded into her pussy, Simon let go and filled Martha’s mouth.

I rolled over onto the pillows, and Martha came to lay on her back against my chest, between my legs. Simon manoeuvred himself down the bed and spread Martha’s legs apart. As I kissed Martha passionately, Simon buried his mouth into Martha’s pussy - both of us tasting each other’s cum, it was a strange but exciting feeling. I was becoming hard again and Martha’s hand found me. I could see that Simon too was hard again. As Simon moved up the bed, he entered Martha for a second time. Martha was laying back against me with Simon laying on top of her, kissing her. She then turned to kiss me again, and soon all three of our mouths were kissing together, tongues entwined, as Simon continued to slide in and out of Martha’s pussy. All the time, Martha’s hand was sliding up and down my hard cock, at least I think it was Martha’s hand, it could have been Simon’s, but I didn’t care, I was enjoying this too much. As Martha climaxed again, Simon rolled off, and she got up. She laid us both down next to each other, and bent down between us taking hold of both of our cocks. Each of her hands was sliding up and down on each of our cocks. She took Simon’s in her mouth whilst still gripping mine tightly in an up and down movement. Before long, she had moved mine into her mouth whilst still sliding up and down on Simon’s. Then amazingly she pulled us both closer and took both of our cocks into her mouth. Our hard cocks were touching inside her mouth as she continued to slide us up and down, up and down, up and down and before long we both shot into her mouth and over each other.

Wow, what an afternoon! Simon dressed and we said goodbye, thanking him for all his hard work… and for the garden. Martha and I showered, dressed and went outside to admire our new garden as we sat together sipping cold white wine. We had just experienced our first threesome, and it had been fantastic. The sun was still shining; the sky was still blue, birds still sat in the trees and best of all we were still madly in love with each other. Martha turned to me saying “Thank you for the garden....er”. I replied “It was my pleasure”. We stared at each other lovingly, holding hands, smiling as both at the same time said “I love you”.