Written by Annie_69

23 Feb 2015

The champagne we opened an hour ago has gone warm. You have put some clothes on and gone down to the bar to get ice. I am stretched out on the bed, the only thing I wear is the blindfold, still covering my eyes since our session. My body is all soft, warm and satisfied. My feet are tangled in what remains of the sheets on the bed. Despite not being able to see anything I manage to locate my iPod on the bedside table and start "Ghost" by Devin Townsend. The music matches my state of mind perfectly: soft and mellow. I let myself be carried away by the music and my thoughts wander to what we just did. I remember how, an hour ago, your hands slowly caressed my thighs. Almost unaware of what I am doing I try to trace the pattern your hands did. I let my own hands wander up and down my thighs. The inside, outside, over the buttocks, the belly, let the hands circle around. I see in front of me how you looked deep into my eyes, your own eyes full of promises. You leaned forward and put the blindfold on me. No! I couldn't see your beautiful eyes anymore! But I could feel even more. The lack of vision increased the sensitivity in the rest of the body. That, and not knowing what was coming, was so hot.

Although I just now was totally satisfied, I can feel my body humming with desire again. I want more. Hmmmm. I let my fingers slowly caress my labia. So soft, like silk. One hand wanders up the belly, towards the breast. I caress it and gently pinch the nipple. I feel my cunt contract in reaction. Same thing with the other breast. Oh yes. I lick on a finger and tickle my nipple. Mmhhmmm. I let one finger on the other hand slowly enter my cunt. I shiver when I realize I will have trouble sitting down tomorrow. Every time I sit down I will be reminded about what we did today. Fabulous. My finger strokes the wet interior that just a while ago was totally filled by you. I bring some of the moisture out and I stroke my clit. My body reacts instantly; I arch my back and press myself against my hands.

Where did you go? What is keeping you? Did you stay for a drink in the bar? I would love to have you back now. Feel your expert hands, and your mouth, on my body. Well, I guess I will have to please myself. I put two fingers in my cunt and start stroking purposefully. I bring them up to my mouth and lick them clean; I love the taste of myself mixed with your cum. I put the fingers back and push them against the g-spot, thumb against my clit. Not bad, even though it was better when you did it. My hand starts working rhythmically, the other one caressing the breast. The music is caressing my ears, and I am caressing myself. I realize I need two hands on my cunt if I am going to get anywhere. I leave the breasts alone and concentrate on my greedy cunt. The fingers on one hand are inside me, the other play with my clit, pressing and massaging. I let my fingers massage my g-spot. So nice!

Suddenly I feel something cold on my nipple and I gasp. You must be back with the ice! You let the ice tickle my nipple and it hardens even more. I feel the ice melting at the contact with my warm skin, and it trickles down my side and belly. How long have you been back? Have you been watching me playing with myself? You lean forward to kiss me and I feel your hardness against my thigh. Apparently you've been back a while and enjoyed watching me! The thought excites me. I kiss you greedily. You take my hand and pull it out of me. Before I even have the chance to miss anything you put your own fingers inside me. Yes! The size is better, the angle is better, everything is so good! Without pulling out you drag me to the edge of the bed. You sit in front of me and let your tongue trace the same pattern my hands just did. It wanders over my labia, pressing and teasing my clitoris. Your fingers play around inside me and your tongue on the outside. I put my feet on your shoulders and try to push myself even closer, I want more. Suddenly you pull your hand out, NO!! and you grab my hands and put them over my head, aha! Your strong hands effectively hold mine in place. You stand up on your knees. I feel your sex pressing against mine. One little push and you're in. You fill me and I enwrap you, just like a short while ago. Wonderful! Absolutely heavenly! The angle is perfect. You pull out slowly and then quickly push back in. I moan with content as I feel you rearrange my interior. Since you are effectively holding me in place I have no way of escaping your powerful thrusts. I lock my legs around your waist and you place your hands on my shoulders and pull me closer. I place my hands on you oh so smooth chest. The rhythm is picking up. The music continues in my ears so I can't hear you, and I can't see you, but man, can I feel you! You take one hand and start massaging my clit again. Amazing! The other hand still pushes me against your pelvis. I feel the orgasm building up and I try to come even closer to your hand and cock. You meet me and pump ferociously. Now I can hear your groans over the music. Your arousal makes me even more excited and the orgasm hits me like a tidal wave that make my cunt cramp around your cock. You react instantly and grab my hips, hold me and pump me full of your cum.

Totally exhausted, and again totally satisfied, we slide down on the heap of sheets on the floor and catch our breaths. You pull the blind fold off me and finally I get to see your eyes, and your very pleased smile.