Written by Rabidjack

13 Jul 2009

Although this is a ficticious story, there are some elements of fact based on passed experience. I wrote this story for a girl on another site based on her sexual desires.....

Lily hated long business trips in fancy, stuffy hotels. As she prepared to go down to dinner she looked at herself in the mirror thinking about another boring night of snobbish humourless guests, heavy atmosphere and repression. Lily was a fun girl and liked to enjoy herself.

To summon up the courage to go to dinner, Lily stopped off at the hotel bar. It was fairly empty as per usual with piped dull music; Lily wanted to scream. As she order a drink, the atmosphere was broken by raucous laughter from the back of the bar. Intrigued she sat close enough to overhear but far enough away to remain detached.

Lily noticed this guy with a broad East London accent cracking jokes to his friends over a few beers. Clearly not bothered by who he offended he told several dirty and non-pc jokes which drew frowns and tuts from other guests but Lily couldn’t help but sneek a guilty laugh to herself. As she looked over, their eyes met and the guy smiled. Lily found herself smiling but looked away sheepishly.

Over 6 ft, slim, dark and clearly confident, she overheard him say that he was returning to his room to get ready for dinner. With that she thought that was it. As he walked passed, he looked at Lily and said follow me – now. Shocked by his brazen nature, Lily said no way to which the guy shrugged his shoulders and said OK – your loss and walked away.

Overwhelmed by his attitude, Lily thought fuck it, what is there to lose and left to see if she could catch him up. He was waiting by the entrance. Cheeky bastard she thought, he knew I was coming. He smiled and called the lift.

In the lift he pressed his floor and said no need to press your floor is there. He raised his arm and placed one of his big hands behind her neck and pulled her onto him, giving her a deep, long sensual kiss and with his other hand gently stroked the length of her spine until the doors opened. When he broke off to exit the lift, she gasped with pleasure and felt her pulse race and pussy moisten and throb.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her to his room, plunging his tongue into her mouth once more as they entered the room. Lily could see he was very aroused with a large bulge straining at the material of his trousers. Seeing she was staring at his manhood, he took her hand and placed it on to his throbbing cock. It was big, thick warm to the touch and very hard. He worked her hand up and down the length of the shaft still imprisoned by his clothes while he clasped her neck kissing her passionately.

Lily could feel the heat between her legs and in her mind was screaming fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me now, fuck me deep. He ripped open her blouse to partially reveal her bra and just pushed it hard up over her breasts, immediately engulfing one in his warm mouth. Lily moaned with pleasure and joined in by unzipping his fly to release his meat.

As it sprung hard from its trap, it grew even more in her hand as if relishing the oxygen it was now getting. She worked the length and felt precum ooze from the head onto her hand, which she used to lubricate his manhood so her hand could slide easily up and down. He moaned with pleasure arching back off her breast which cooled quickly from his warm kiss, forcing her nipples to erect further.

With one hand still around her neck, he forced her to her knees so she could worhsip his huge cock and for the first time see his large cum-filled balls. Her hand now soaked in precum, she eagerly engulfed thee swollen head in her mouth. She surprised herself that she could take it one go and he placed his hand at the back of head beginning to genlty face-fuck her.

With immense skill, Lily deep-throated his meat, drawing groans of pleasure from him. She brought up her other hand and massaged his balls. She wanted his load – now. She sucked harder and deeper, thoroughly enjoying herself and moaning with his meat in her mouth. The guy stiffened, his cock swelled and delivered a huge load into her mouth. Lily pulled off choked and surprised by the amount. It was still cumming when out and several shots splashed over her face, sending her into ecstacy. She immediately started to play with her soaked pussy in front of him.

He smiled, picked her up and took her to the bed saying don’t clean up. From nowhere he retrieved some ropes and handcuffs and expertly tied her to the bed face up in a star shape. Unable to move, she was at his mercy.

He started at her feet, gently kissing her legs, taking his time moving up her body, his tongue following where his hands had been tantalising her flesh. Her pussy was dripping wet by now, on the cusp of her first orgasm. His tongue moved closer to her immaculate pussy, kissing and stroking her beautifully toned inner thighs.

He moved his large hands up and over her thighs as his tongue teased her inner thighs moving ever closer to her soaked pussy. He moved his hands under her legs and up over the tops of her thighs and opened her skin to reveal her beautiful vagina. He kissed her labia, teasing the length of her pussy. He could see her swollen clit but held off from going there to raise her temerature and anticipation. He knew as soon as he went there, she would cum.

If flicked his tongue in and out of her twat, eagerly lapping up her love juice. She writhed as much as she could given she was restrained but she moved her hips in time with his oral attention. Without warning he engulfed her swollen clit sending her over the edge. Her body jerked at the intense orgasm and a warm feeling spread like a wave from her centre to the extremes of her body. Her pussy squirted some juice straight into the guy’s mouth, which took without batting an eyelid.

He immediately rose and plunged his rock hard cock deep into her pussy, causing her to go over again. Another intense orgasm, bigger than the first. She was helpless but loving every minute of his attention to her body. He grabbed her breasts and rubbed them hard while his cock rammed into her tight pussy again and again, mixing his strokes from long and deep to short and quick head penetrations. Feeling he was about to cum again, he withdrew and released her from the chains.

Without speaking he picked her up and took to the dresser, bending her over in front of the mirror. He held her head and said u are going to watch yourself get fucked now. With that, he forced his big cock into her again drawing pleasure from the look on Lily’s face. Looking at herself Lily lost control and screamed out fuck me, fuck me hard, I’m your cock loving whore. Give it to me, cum in me. Her filthy talk sent him over the edge and he shouted in pain as his cock pulsed and jetting hot cum into her scorching pussy. Lily screamed in pleasure as she felt his hot seed splash inside her, hitting her cervex. Oh my God, what a load!

To her amazement he carried on fucking her, his cock refusing to bow down. His cum spilled from her pussy to the carpet as he kept on bottoming his cock out into her body. This was the most amazing fuck she’d ever had and was loving every minute.

Now totally in the zone, he withdrew his cock and picked her up, spreading her legs wide, still facing the mirror. Ho told her to take his cock and put it in her ass. He pulled her legs up so they both could see her hole. She expertly guided his cock inside and felt a little pain as he began to fuck her ass. She watched in amazement and pleasure seeing herself get fucked in the ass. She reached her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest, telling him to fuck her harder.

Eager to please he met his upward thusts by pushing her body down onto his cock. It felt so good to have his hot cock inside her again and again. Still inside her he took her to the bed, lay her doggie style, grabbed her hips and deep fucked her ass until he was ready to cum again. He reached one hand under her body to penetrate her pussy with his fingers as he fucked her sending another orgasm through her body. As she came, he thrust his cock as deep as it would go and shot his third load inside her.

Exhausted and satisfied, they lay there for ages taking in what had just happened. They missed dinner – but who cares!