28 Feb 2017

It was one of her fantasies, one of many, but she hadn't tried this one out yet so she put the idea to the man she was about to meet for the first time. He seemed game, and well up for the fun that would follow this role play game.

She had always wanted to dress up as a naughty maid, but this time the setting would be all the more real as Rob was stopping in a hotel. Her plan and thoughts on how the night would pan out were as follows:

His instructions to me were that we wouldn't waste time with a drink in the bar. We liked the look of each other and for just this once I didn't care about the "chemistry" thing, I just wanted to be used, fucked and ravished by a stranger I'd never met before. The ground rules were set, our limits and boundaries discussed, so the plan was clear. I was to arrive at the hotel in my outfit, hidden beneath a long coat to hide our secret. He texted his room number and arriving at the hotel I went straight to room 112. I knocked, but found the door to be slightly ajar so I went inside. It was dimly light, "room service" I whispered and began dusting the mirror in the bathroom pretending to work. I heard a rustling from the bedroom but continued with my pretend polishing. I heard footsteps. Rob came into the bathroom and asked why I was cleaning when he was in the room, but I didn't reply. "I asked you a question" he snapped at me and his raised voice startled me so I spun around to find him standing naked in front of me! I wasn't shocked, I was secretly lusting after his body. He stepped nearer until he was right in front of me and then whispered to me "let's see how naughty this maid really is". I pretended to resist (it was part of the game that I wanted Rob to be dominant and that I would protest as this turned me on even more) Rob pinned me against the sink and tried to kiss my neck....."no, stop it" I begged but Rob knew this was part of the game and became more forceful, this time holding my hands tightly down as he breathed on my neck as he kissed and licked it. I showed resistance, but this game was exciting. Rob tied my hands together so I couldn't interfere with his torment. "open your legs maid" he ordered me, but I pretended to object, "open them now" he ordered again and this time he pushed them open with his hands. He started groping my boobs first, heaving them free of my outfit, squeezing them and greedily sucking and biting my nipples. My pretence was not easily hidden, my chest rose and sank at a quicker pace and I struggled to keep my moaning at bay. Rob knew this. His hands went further down and he reached under my maid's skirt. "take them off" he ordered me. This time I refused. "get your fucking knickers off now" he repeated and dragged me into the bedroom.

He threw me onto the bed. I was still handcuffed so was unable to protest too much. My hands were above my head. I was on my back. I wasn't sure whether Rob was talking to me or himself but could hear him muttering ......"let's get these off" and he pulled my knickers off. He then held my legs open......."no no, please" I begged (this was part of the game again), he began to slide his fingers inside me......"naughty maid, bad maid" he told himself and became obsessed with making me wet, dropping to his knees his face pushed into my wetness and he licked and sucked as he fingered me. I couldn't hide my pleasure and bit my lip, screwing my face up with determination that I wasn't going to let on how much I was enjoying it. When I started to orgasm I could no longer hide the pretence, my groaning got louder, my breathing quicker as he made me come.

"Now it's my turn" he grinned.

The excitement had turned him on, he was big, much bigger than I was used to and I wondered how this was going work. He dragged me from the bed and untied me. "on your knees dirty maid" he ordered again. I did as I was told. He pulled me onto his thick cock. He was thick, and big, my mouth stretched as he pulled me onto him, pulling on my hair as he groaned. "suck my cock good you dirty bitch" he told me. I had no choice really, he force fed me until my eyes watered and I could hardly breath but the filth of it all turned me on. His confidence impressed me, he knew what he wanted. "now I'm really gonna fuck you" he said. He pushed me onto the bed, laying on my back. I did the pretending I didn't want it thing, but he just replied saying "now you're gonna have all of this big hard cock" I was worried, would he hurt me, would he use a my relief he reached to the bedside draw and bit open a condom wrapper. There's something so very sexy about a man putting on a me it's the final preparation before the big event. You know you're gonna get it when he gets his machine ready for loading. He was considerate and wet his fingers to help slide his huge cock into me. I gasped, he was big, but this rough, mean man once inside me was gentle, slow and sensual, he knew I liked it like this and it wasn't long before I was comin again, "that's it maid, come all over my cock" he whispered and seconds later he too came.

This fantasy will hopefully be played out one day and my dream of becoming someone's very naughty maid in a hotel room will actually happen for real.

Room service anyone?