Written by Scouse Girl

10 Jun 2008

Scouse girl licks and bites her lips at the anticipation of seeing manc boys throbbing cock , she removes his shoes and then his trousers, he reaches down and kisses her passionately their tongues entwining he unclips her bra and begins to caress her firm tits, her nipples are hard and his soft touch makes her groan with excitement , she runs her soft fingertips up and down his long athletic legs then over his groin and finally she takes his hard cock in her warm hand, Manc boy leans back as Scouse girl runs her wet tongue over the head of his luscious wet cock , she taste his pre cum and rubs his hard cock over her already moist lips , she uses the flat of her tongue to lick his tool from top to bottom, satisfied that he's lubricated enough she uses one finger one thumb to make a firm grip , Her mouth is now firmly around his hard dick and she beings to suck and wank him slowly , Her tongue swirls over the head and with each rhythym he groans , she feels him writhe with pleasure ,he tells her she's a fucking sexy horny bitch and that he loves the way she sucks his cock, This makes her so horny - she wants and needs to know she's the best , still sucking him deeply she looks him straight in the eye as this excites him she feels more pre cum ooze out into her mouth , still eye fucking him she continues to wank him firmly and slowly, she runs her tongue over his throbbing head and rubs his pre cum over her lips.

Scouse girl then puts her middle finger in her mouth suggestively , she rubs it over the head of his hot wet cock with this wet finger she then gently inserts it in his ass..........

the excitement is too much and manc boy knows if she carries on he will explode in her mouth soon , He wants to enjoy this erotic and horny time and doesn't want it to be over so soon, he sits up and beckons her...as he kisses her firmly on the mouth he can taste his own pre cum her lips are soft and warm, he starts nuzzling and kissing her neck , he asks her to stand up like she did before , as he still sits on the bed she beds over slightly and he uses both hands to hold up and squeeze her firm tits, he takes them one at a time in his mouth and sucks her nipples hard,

Scouse girl's breathing get's deeper and quicker and she holds his head in her hands and runs her fingers through his hair as he sucks and licks her big hard nipples , his hands wander down to her skirt again and he hitches it up she feels the cold air circle around her pussy and legs , he beings to run his hands over her stocking clad thighs and squeezes her inner thigh gently, his fingers find her soaking wet crotch and he remembers that she's not wearing her knickers anymore, he remembers those juices glistening on the crotch of her panties and how he wanted to taste her, with that he stands up and pulls that skirt right up to her waist he tells her to lie down.

As scouse girl sits on the bed she watches manc boy get on his knees, he kisses her once again passionately and she lies down...... he lifts her legs , she spreads them wide for him, his hands run down her stocking clad legs and he find her fuck me shoes , those 4 inch heels are such a turn on...she a fucking dirty whore and deserves to be fucked and sucked like whore , he grabs the heels and spreads her legs further, he runs his tongue over those lacetop stockings he can smell her perfume and sweet juicy cunt , breathless he continues to lick her inner thigh upward until finds her hot and horny pussy.

Scouse girl can feel his hot breath over her private and intimate parts she feels exposed and slightly vunerable but waves of arousal run through her body like a strong electrical current, fuck she sooo wants to feel his tongue lap at her wet sex , Manc boy starts slowly he knows although she's a dirty fucking slut in the bedroom she's also a sensual lady who likes to be teased , he starts by running his tongue slowy over her swollen pussy lips , he licks around them from one side to the next , she writhes on the bed , she desperatley wants him to bury his tongue deep inside her , he runs his tongue over her pussy from bottom to top he then firmy uses his tongue to gently part those big pussy lips, she's so wet , he can feel how hot her pussy is and knows that soon his cock is going be thrust fucking deep inside it , He sucks at her swollen clit and inserts a finger into her , hearing her moan like a bitch turns manc boy on and his cock still hard twitches ............

God she tastes sooo good - sweet and sticky, he sucks and finger fucks her first one and then 2 fingers deep , thrusting in and out while his thumb gently massages her clit , in between sucking and finger fucking he tells her how dirty she is and that he's going to fuck her hard soon .

Scouse girl groans she loves it....she wants him sooo badly , wants feel his hard cock inside her fucking her deeply , She starts to rub her tits and pinches and squeezes her hard nipples , she reaches down to feel her wetness and runs her fingers over her nipples lubricating them with her sweet pussy juices......Manc boy continues to suck and lick that pussy he takes her clit in between his teeth and sucks it's gently........still fingering her he feels her hips grind against his fingers he increases his speed and feels his dirty bitch squirt and gush all over his fingers god she's soooo wet........groaning with pleasure scouse girl rubs those tits harder she runs her hands over manc boys head and down is his back , she wants to touch his body .........he starts to kiss her thighs and run his hands over her tits , his fingers still wet he puts them in his dirty bitches mouth and makes her suck them , he kisses her hard on the mouth...so hard she can hardly breath....her pussy is wet and pulsating and eager for his juicy cock....................................To be continued