Written by si341909

26 May 2007

We have been chatting on SH and are really turned each other on, so I tell you to meet me at a hotel in Dorchester, you are to come in stockings and suspenders, a short skirt and boots and ask for Mr Smith at the desk, I have told the desk.

You arrive as hot as I imagined, and come to the desk, your heels ticking on the wooden floor, the girl behind the desk gives you my number and a knowing look, guest sat around watch you, and the men sat with there newspapers or wives wish they could have called you first. You walk into the lift and press the button.

The door is locked so you knock, suddenly a blind fold is around your eye’s, and my voice over your shoulder, relax babe, I have you, the door opens and I guide you in.

I walk you forward and remove your leather coat, you are not wearing anything else on top and your breast are free, I hold your hands out and you feel the leather restraints over your wrists. I tell you to relax and guide you forward, I raise your arms up in the air above your head, and secure the cuffs.

You sense me moving around you, I gently touch your body, I caress your nipples one at a time, and then my hands massage your whole body, rubbing oils in to your skin.

I move up your thighs and linger over your shaven pussy, teasing your clit with my fingers then my tongue, the warmth of the sun is on you, I caress your arse, kneading your firm buttocks, my hand goes around and a finger probes your hot slit, my thumb probes your arse.

I am now stood behind you, I push you forward so that you are leaning against glass, I enter you, my cock is hard and hot, I push into you, forcing you against the glass, my hands working on your breasts and your clit.

I pump harder and deeper, and pinch your nipples, you can feel the orgasm slowly building up, I remove the blindfold, you are leaning against a huge glass window, we are high up, but directly opposite are office blocks, full of people working.

We are slightly higher, so they haven’t seen us, ‘all those people, what if one should look up, if one see’s you up here tied and spread against the glass being fucked, then the’ll all see you getting screwed’.

The thought of all those people so close is turning you on I am fucking you hard now, my hand disappears and I say, see the guy in the office with the girl? Yes you nearly scream, ‘watch’ I pick up my mobile, the guy in the office answers the phone ‘Hi mate, look out your window at the hotel’ you see the guy look up directly at you, then he points at you, the blond girl looks up too.

They watch as I fuck you against the glass, soon the guy is on the phone and the whole floor next door begins to look up, dozens of people watching your body shimmering in oil, hands tied and being fucked, as you scream with your first orgasm.

I untie your hands and turn you around, you drop down on your knee’s and for the same audience you suck me off, I arch my back and nearly scream as I cum in your mouth, over your face and down your tits, you swallow my warm cum and lick your lips.

I stand you up, and tell you to look down, the blonde girl is now bent over the desk with her skirt hitched up being fucked from behind as we watch.

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