Written by BlackMale4u

20 Oct 2011

I’m not a writer and make no claim to be, but I have an imagination and have been around a while, so I will give it a shot!

M & A were a young couple, in their early twenties, childhood sweethearts, together since their teens. She had moved in with him at his parents’ house, at the age of 19 when they’d got carried away, and the birth control lessons at school got completely forgotten. They were struggling away to make ends meet, but they had each other, a beautiful son, and were happy. That is what everyone thought!

M was not so happy though. She hadn’t planned on getting pregnant so young. She hadn’t lived yet! She had only had one cock in her life! Well, only one properly! She was a hot 19 year old, lovely slim body, large natural breasts, 36G’s! She could have had her pick of men! She lacked only confidence. She was shy, submissive to a fault! She didn’t believe in herself.

She didn’t set out to cheat on A, and when she had received that first text from G, she had thought it was a funny, drunken mistake. She even showed it to A! The texts didn’t stop, they kept coming. M started to enjoy the texts, even took part in the sexy banter, thinking it was all a big joke for the lads down the pub!

Maybe that’s how it all started? Who knows or cares now? Now it had moved on to a whole new level.

G was a user; he was only ever interested in himself, what he could get out of it. He thought he was clever; no-one would get one over on him. He knew what he was doing when he had sent those texts, and then he realized that he was getting away with it, and took it further.

The affair that followed was full of ups and downs, physically, mentally, emotionally and of course sexually! The sneaking around, remembering the lies, finding time and places to meet up, it was exhausting, but worth it because M had fallen for G, and G knew it.

G knew he had her hooked, he’d known it for a while. He knew he could get away with it after that first time. He took full advantage, he didn’t care about M, he was having his cake and was eating it too! It was only natural that he would have a girlfriend from time to time. He knew how this hurt M, but he didn’t care.

G had started to get a little bored. He was a risk taker, and he hadn’t taken any big ones lately! His mind went into overdrive. He had a plan, “that would give me a buzz”, he thought to himself!!

He wasn’t going to mess up his home life with this though, he thought. If he mentioned this to his girlfriend, it might mess things up. I might lose something, I’m not risking that.

He needed someone else, and he knew just the person! He decided M was going to be his source of entertainment. He’d been having an affair with her for 3 years, and more importantly, he’d been getting away with it too!

“He couldn’t lose! She hadn’t told anyone when he admitted he was bi, and look at what she has to lose, she wouldn’t say anything. She loves me, if she doesn’t do it for me; I’ll finish with her until she does! “, he chuckled to himself.

G challenged M to change; he wanted her to be more outgoing, more sexually daring, less passive. He told her he didn’t own her, and that she should explore. He never told her, but he wanted her to become a slut, for his amusement and pleasure. He didn’t care about her, he never did!

M didn’t want to go along with this challenge; she was already risking a lot. She loved G, and had even thought about a future with him. She didn’t have a clue! G had expected the protests, and everything went according to plan.

G was delighted! Everything was going perfectly, just how he had hoped. He already knew about the website, he had used it before to feed his bi needs. He was impatient, and told M about it quickly. He had registered and upgraded the account there for her, almost immediately.

G gave her the login and password details, and watched things unfold. Using the password he had, to monitor her account at his leisure. He knew M had always been curious, and he encouraged her to try that, an advert went up and that box got ticked quickly!

G was over the moon, but he hadn’t got to take part, or watch it! He was missing out on the fun. He couldn’t have that! He’d introduce a guy next time. If everything went well, you’d both be getting cock that night.

M & G arranged to meet a guy from a rundown area; even the rats had had enough and moved higher up in the world than this. The guy was not what G had hoped for, so he changed the plan. G fucked M in front of the guy and after some pleasantries, they took their leave.

G was quiet on the way back, disappointed with what had happened but didn’t say why. M could see that G wasn’t happy, but didn’t know why. Had she failed the challenge? She had done what G had wanted, and had sex with him in front of this stranger. Had he wanted her to invite the guy to join in?

M tried to find out what was wrong with G, but he was in a funny mood. He said a lot and nothing, all at once. M decided that if she was more daring, that would definitely cheer G up, but how? She was still very new to the whole idea of swinging, up until then; she had been having an affair, not swinging.

In her mind, there was a difference, but G wanted her to explore, and she loved G. She panicked, she acted quickly, she went back to guy that G had picked. If G had picked him, he must be ok. She got to his house, her heart pounding in her chest, still not knowing if she could go through with it. G was unhappy with her. This would make G happy. She’d do it for G!

M took a deep breath and knocked on the door, still thinking about running for it, but it was too late, the door opened and there he was again. "It's my tart, come in love", he sneered. Within moments she was back in that dirty bedroom. She hadn’t noticed just how bad the place was the first time, she’d hardly taken her eyes off G, and she hadn’t liked the bits that she did remember.

He grabbed her tits and mauled them, no subtlety, and no finesse. His hands were everywhere, no part went untouched, and she was guided to the bed. He took his cock out and put it in her mouth. He hadn’t washed for days, and she could smell and taste it, but despite this she sucked on his cock the best way she knew how, and her pussy flooded with the dirtiness of everything she was doing.

M’s clothes soon fell away from her body as this stranger continued to stroke his cock in and out of her mouth. His hands grabbing handfuls of her huge 36G’s! His fingers darting in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She had always liked her sex to be a bit rough, she liked being told what to do, to have her hair pulled, being dirty. What could be dirtier than this?

M had brought protection with her, but this stranger was not hanging round for his tart to overcome her shyness and insist on a condom, he pushed his cock home! She had not planned on bare backing a stranger, especially one with questionable hygiene like this guy, but she didn’t stop him either. There was a lot of things that she hadn’t planned on happening that night, but she didn’t stop him doing those things either.

G would be happy with her. She had done it. She had fucked a stranger, not only that but a friend of G’s. G would be pleased with her again. When she saw G, she told him. She told him the whole story, the oral, the anal, and didn’t leave any detail out. Not even the bit about licking the guys’ arsehole, and wanking him off onto her tits, as she shoved her tongue up his asshole, and wiggled it about!

G seemed to be happier when she told him, but not as happy as M had hoped. He didn’t even smile when she showed him the money the stranger had given him, or at her comment about it making her a prostitute!

G had missed out on the action again! Not only had he missed out again, but that guy? G still hadn’t got what he wanted from this. He wasn’t quitting yet! The internet account remained open, and a couple of e-mails from one member had caught the eye.

The first e-mail was a hit and hope, probably the ramblings of a horny guy that had got home from the pub late one night, and decided to send an e-mail to a hot looking girl, that from the profile pictures was way out of his league. He had paid compliments and seemed experienced and friendly enough, and a worldly guy might know what she needed to know! There was a brief exchange of messages on the site, but it fizzled out when she thought she had replied to one of his messages, but hadn’t!

The second e-mail really got to her, it described a scenario of him picking her up straight after work, blindfolding her and taking her to a country field, for her to be ravished by one or more unknown people. To be taken hard, pumped fast, and used anyway that pleased.

The e-mails had come from S, or, at least that was the name he had given her. M told G about these messages as she had hoped they were from him, and was reminded that he didn’t own her. G already knew about the messages, he’d been keeping track of her account, but was pleased she had told him. He wasn’t going to miss out on this one!

S had been swinging since he stumbled into dogging 20 years earlier, whilst having a tryst with his own high school sweetheart. He’d been off the scene for a while, but his interest had been rekindled when he had been out in the pub one night and overheard a guy bragging about this hot young slut he had fucked.

S always talked to strangers in pubs that spoke to him, especially when he had the money in his pocket to pay three of his employees, their weeks wages. This guy was different though, he had a story to tell, and S was listening! S bought him drink after drink and was jibing him, and challenging his story.

The guy lost his patience with S and blurted out everything in a long drawn out stupor! Each drink that was bought seemed to draw out more and more depraved acts. Then finally, the website, her username, and he assured S every detail of what he had got her to do for him, was now in the open.

A few more messages were sent via the site, and they had missed each other by minutes so many times until late one night. M was sitting at her PC browsing the site, when S logged in!

She had waited for what she felt was a long time to talk to him, and he had wanted to talk to her too. He had thought that she was a bloke pretending to be a girl, and was suspicious from the beginning. He even imagined the guy from the pub, sat at his PC wanking whilst getting off on someone else falling for his story. He’d been around the scene for a while and had heard all the horror stories, and had even witnessed the demise of the marriage of a swinging couple who ran another swinging site; he had been a member of.

She sent him an Instant Message immediately, “Oh my God, it can’t be, we’re not actually both logged on at the same time are we?”. “No! You’re drunk, it’s a mirage!”, came the reply, followed by an apology for the sarcasm, and an explanation that actually, it was him that was drunk, and maybe it was him that was seeing things!

The chat continued well into the night, innuendos and jokes flying back and forth, and they got on well. M really opened up to S, probably said a lot of things she shouldn’t of, and she definitely said too much about other things! S listened and seemed really interested in her. M decided she could take things further with S, the next day she sent him her mobile number, but he didn’t call.

That night, he was online again. M asked S, if he had received her mobile number? He said that he had, but had not called, due to her being married and not wanting to cause any problems for her at home. She was glad this was the reason. She thought that he had gone off her! No self confidence – that was still her downfall.

From the picture he had sent, he was not her type at all, but better than that stranger. Then there was that story that he had sent. She did like that. The chat carried on into the early hours again, every time she would try to go to bed, he would say something that would make her stay a little bit longer. She had to take her new puppy to the vets in the morning, she was shattered, but she stayed online, talking to him.

Her hubby, A, fast asleep in their bed only feet away, dead to the world after finishing his second job, which just about keeps them afloat. Blissfully unaware of what she was up to, or had been up to all these years.

S had gone through some of the same type of problems that M had. Even down to the age that he had been “trapped” in the same way! He was currently single, late 30’s, and running his own company. His kids were living with him, as their mother had been deemed unfit, a long time ago.

M could really relate to this guy. He wasn’t her type, but better than “him”. She had really enjoyed the session with “him”, maybe with this guy she could have it both? Then there was G. She still loved G, and she still wanted to make him happy.

M told S that she was going out with A and a few others for a night out, but was stopping off at a charity function before hand, so would be out from early afternoon. In short, M gave S a full run down of her day, but stopped short of asking S to intercept her along her route. S did not push it; he knew her story and needed to do his homework!

S had kept a copy of all of his chat logs, and read through them a couple of times. Clearly the guy in the pub hadn’t told the whole story, or maybe he didn’t know about the whole A & M & G story? S pieced it together slowly, and thought about his next move.

S got up early that Saturday morning. He still had things to do. Burn phone, it had been a while since he had carried a swinging phone, but if the story he had heard was true, he didn’t mind looking like an idiot for a while, and the office was dead at the minute, so who would see?

S got back home, late in the afternoon. He sent a text to the number, half expecting a confused reply, or an angry boyfriend, but S had not been as risqué as G. He had sent her a message that could be played off, if it had been seen.

The messages were exchanged all evening; typical girl had taken too long to get ready and had completely missed the charity thing! She had only just finished having her hair extensions done, but would be on her way out shortly.

Getting raunchier as the night progressed, the texts covered all sorts, how she had once left A with his mates in a club, while she got a taxi to meet G for a quickie, and went back to A in the club afterwards.

S suspected G was there egging her on, and having a good laugh, but didn’t know it for sure. It bugged him, he had to know. He knew where they were and went to find them. There were a lot of texts, and his journey was taking too long with all this stopping to read and reply to texts. He asked for a photo of her in her party gear, he would need it; it would make her easier to find.

Her shyness probably made it take so long, but by the time it arrived he didn’t have time to look around any clubs. He drove up and down for a while, but could not see her. That photograph had been the first time he had seen her face, and it was impossible with everyone walking past. So many distractions!

The picture M had sent was a distraction. A blue dress molded to her body, taken in the toilets! Looking a little tired but, “it was very late, she’d had a busy day, and she had been kept up half the night by someone on the net!” she quickly let me know!

A few more texts and she was on her way home, a few more and nothing! M had passed out!

S woke up late on Sunday. He had been up late and needed to catch up. M had sent a text, confirming she had passed out! A picture of her in her blue bra had quickly followed as an apology! More texts, more online chat, and lots of it, followed all through Sunday and into the early hours of Monday.

Monday, and today S was confident that he would find out for sure. Details seemed to match. It could still just be the guy in the pub though! He had very little work to do, in fact he knew he would have nothing much to do until early to mid-December, but he went through the motions of going into the office anyway.

S had a lot of time to kill, and looked at M’s pictures on his phone and on his PC. His PA nearly caught him looking at her pictures twice. He had been watching a video clip of M playing with her pussy, and had forgotten that her pictures were on his PC screen.

He told his PA he was off for a game of golf, and went home to get comfortable for their chat. At the agreed time he called her, she answered quickly, and they spoke for some time. The chat got steamy, quickly. S was talking dirty and describing the things he would do to her. M was loving the chat, and reacting and responding right on cue!

S again suspected G was present, but wasn’t sure and didn’t care. M was either a great actress, or the man in her boat, wasn’t just floating, he had just bought a hot air balloon! When she suggested meeting the following Thursday, he couldn’t clear his diary fast enough.

S had booked a detached cottage at a local Grange, away from the main complex, M had told him that she was free all day, and her husband A, thought she was going to Pole Dancing Lessons that night, so would be free all day and quite late!

M had mentioned her back pain to S, and oily massages had been part of the banter, but he had arranged for a qualified masseuse to attend and perform a therapeutic massage, prior to his arrival if M preferred?

S still had a meeting on Thursday that he hadn’t been able to reschedule yet, and told M this. M had a more pressing issue. She was suddenly free the next day. She finished work early on a Tuesday, and could meet up with him! S hadn’t planned for this and had already put a lot of effort, time and money into planning Thursday.

M wanted to meet. S wanted to meet. G wanted pleasing!

S arranged to meet M, she wanted to meet away from her area, to minimize the chance of being seen. She drove to the car park straight after work, she was still wearing her uniform, and was every bit that shy girl!

S was waiting in the car park, not expecting M to show up. She was there within minutes though. M parked up and walked across and got into S’s car. A peck of a kiss, and S suggested they drive to a park, and go for a walk.

M agreed and off they set. M had been telling S how she had been thinking about him fucking her in his car, S had Thursday planned for the fucking. Today was just about filling in those few blanks, that was his original plan, and he was sticking to it. He drove to a park that he knew, and as he parked up M readied herself.

M had put all the lingerie on, and S was tempted. He had already felt it through her uniform during the initial greeting, but he kept to his plan! They went for a walk around the park, stopping to chat along the way. S didn’t spot G, he thought he was there but didn’t spot him.

The boxes had all been ticked, except one. G – Who was he? The missing piece of the puzzle. S needed that piece to fall into place. M’s time was up, she had to go and collect her son from nursery. S dropped M back to her car, she jumped out and darted back to her car. S left the car park using the alternate exit and doubled back on M, and followed her as she turned left out of the car park towards the motorway.

G wasn’t happy again! The third time now, and he hadn’t still hadn’t seen M be a slut for him. M cancelled the meet with S for the following Thursday. She had not got what she had expected and craved from him. She had no way to make G happy.

S was not happy about M cancelling, not because of the effort he had gone to, but because he knew why she had cancelled. S had known of their little game for a while now, and was almost ready to play his cards. It took a few more days to get that final puzzle piece.

He would have got it sooner, he knew they’d be together, but he made use of that cottage. A day of relaxation and thought, and the massage was lovely too, although the ending wasn’t as happy as he had hoped for on Monday!

M kept chatting to S for a while; G was paying her more attention too. She could do this, everyone was happy. She wanted the dirty chats and telephone calls from S, and the extra attention she was getting from G because of it was great. Everyone was happy. She played for S on the webcam when it was convenient for G to join in or listen via phone or messenger.

S thought differently! He had now got G! It had cost him, he now owed his police buddy a favour, but that was nothing compared to the reward!

S carried on the charade for a few more days, and on the Monday he was ready to play. He offered her a job. He knew she had been struggling and thought if she had the freedom to choose what she wanted, she could break away and set up again, and live how she wanted to live.

It was a genuine chance, way above her current capability, but he was willing to help anyway. Something about her story, had touched him. There would be a price, but she would be making more money than she knew what to do with, and she had already been subscribing to that mailing list for the last three years, and he saw no difference.

He was going back home to Scotland, once the new site had been launched in January. One or two nights of fun a month for three months, was a small price to pay!

M couldn’t agree to it, but would still like to carry on the dirty chat and telephone calls. S refused, and mentioned a few details that she had let slip, and told her that he was sorry she did not want the job, and told her that he would return her CV, and copies of all correspondence to her home address in line with his company’s internal procedures.

M was horrified when S went on to read out the address of her in-laws! In her panic, she must have forgotten to change her address on her CV, or sent an old one? No hold on, I didn’t send a CV to him, did I? Then how does he know all of those details?

G came straight to the assistance of M. Maybe he did care after all? She had told him about the job offer and had they had talked it over. She’d be getting great money for what she had already done for £20! She still couldn’t do it. He’d been on MSN to her whilst S had been making his offer. S knew this.

Tuesday! So much had happened in such a short space of time. S was not due in the office until midday on Tuesday. He expected a telephone call from M, just after 1.30pm, when her shift ended. He had a lazy morning and pottered about doing odd jobs, that the Estate Agent had assured him would demand a better price.

His phone rang, not quite on cue, but it was close. He peered at the screen and saw that the call was from a withheld number. Odd! - but he answered the call anyway.

“Hello, is that S?”. S knew that G was now on the phone to him!

“Yes – speaking”, S replied.

“Hello S. This is John from T-mobile. I’m just ringing in regards to the new phone, which is being added to your account today.”

“Really? What new phone is that then? I haven’t ordered any new telephones from you?”.

“Before we go any further, I just need to confirm some details with you for Data Protection purposes. Is that OK?”

“Of course, please proceed”.

“So your name is S?”, G was unable to offer an attempt at a surname.

“It is – Yes.” S laughed to himself as G realized that was all he knew.

“Can you just confirm your full name and postal address, for me please?” G lamely offered, as his big heroic deed.

S toyed with the idea of giving G, a new set of bogus information, but he got distracted, and nothing suitably amusing had sprung into his head in the time he had. He decided to be direct.

“No, I’m sorry. I do not confirm my details over the telephone, but I do know what this is about. I hadn’t expected a call from you, but let me tell you something …”, S realized there was no longer anyone one the other end of the telephone.

S realized that he hadn’t got to deliver the speech. The warning, the “You’ve had your cake and ate it, now it’s time to take the money and run”, speech.

S was fed up now! He had pumped himself up for that speech! Now he felt cheated ….

Sorry, it has got too long for me to complete, so I’ll make this part one. I’ve got a few different ideas for where the story goes next. Let me have your comments here or by private message, and who knows? I might even let the majority vote, or best ideas decide how the story turns out!

1) Happy ending – If so, for whom?

2) The Massacre – The fallout is horrendous!

3) The ending of some relationships – You decide which ones!

4) Something totally different.