Written by Starfuck

2 Aug 2011

The interview

The alarm goes off and as I lean over to turn it off I notice it's a beautiful sunny day again. 

I lay there for a short while just coming to and gathering my thoughts before getting out of bed. Today I have an interview for a job, I'm a little nervous as it's going for the position of area NVQ assessor. Lots of travelling but I get to assess the companies who do the training. So it's quite a big step for me but its something I want to do as I have been doing the the training side for some time now. So I really want this job, in fact I'd do anything to get this job !!

I'm all showered , my hair is done and I'm thinking make my face up nice, I really want to make a good impression. 

What do I wear ?? It's very warm again same as yesterday. 

Ok, so I decide on a fitted skirt, as I love to show my curves !! Not too short but not too long either, just above my knees. It's hot so a skirt much better. 

I have my back stockings and suspenders on, matching set with my black thong !! I look very good I think. Now what top .......I have a nice low cut top, loose fitting, ideal in this heat but I'm leaving my bra off as it gets uncomfortable in this heat but I will wear my little jacket to make it look as part of a suit. 

So, pretty much all black but my White top, set of heels...... I look v professional if I do say so my self. 

Final touch ...... Lipstick ! Hmmmmm I do look good in red.... Red it is. 

It's time !! I head off to the interview, I don't want to be late. Its such a gorgeous day, quite warm already. 

As I'm driving, I'm wondering what I can expect, I have brushed up on on all my modules , so I should be able to give good answers. I'm nervous !

I then remember I'm sat in front of a panel of interviewers, that makes me more nervous. 

I'm hoping that some are women, as they maybe a little more easy going an put me at ease.  

I'm almost there !

I pull up onto the carpark, good I'm 30 minutes early, time to compose myself. 

I get out the car, boy it's hot !!! I'm wondering if I done right thing leaving my bra off ?? Too late now!! I put my jacket on to cover my boobs, it's a little see thru in the daylight, still I b indoors, I b fine with my jacket on. 

I straighten myself up and head towards reception. 

I walk towards the reception doors , 2 guys are coming out and hold the door open for me, the look me up and down and smile, I say thank you and as I walk through the door I hear one say, " nice ass" .... I smiled but thought cheeky sod. 

I walk upto the desk and announce my arrival and ask of there is wash room I can use to make sure I'm looking presentable      My hair looks good, nice black sheen, I reapply my red lipstick , I take a step back and think to myself ........Victoria , you look good !!! Go for it !!

I return to my seat in the reception area, a couple of guys are sat there too, they make no hiding the fact that they are eyeing me up ! So I make sure when I sit down I hold my skirt down, don't want them seeing my stocking tops. I close my eyes and focus on the interview, boy I'm nervous, it's so warm too ! I open my eyes and this one guy is literally staring at me and smiling, I'm polite and give a small smile back and then look away. He gets up and walks over to me and sits right at my side, I turn and look at him, he is very close. I say...."can I help you", he replied, " I hope you don't mind me saying but your very attractive" he asked if I worked there. I told him I was there for an interview and if he didn't mind I was just wanting a moment to compose myself. He got up and walked away. He then said, if your free after the interview, maybe he could take me to lunch. I just said I don't think so. 

Phew ! It's hot....... I heard footsteps behind me........"Victoria Ward", the voice asked, I stood up and said "yes, that's me", the lady asked me to follow her through. The guy sitting down whispered as I past him .... "good luck hot stuff", I didnt respond. This was my time to shine, my chance to get the job of my dreams. 

I was being walked down a very long corridor, only a few doors on each side but right at the end 2 double doors. The lady asked me to take a seat just outside the double doors and said  " they will call you in shortly"

My nerves were worse now I'm there, just sitting waiting and it's so hot !

The door opened and a deep voice, said "Victoria, would you like to come through now", I stood up, straightened my skirt and jacket, took a deep breath and turned to walk through the doors. 

I walked in this huge room, big old Georgian look, large windows with blinds drawn, a few high back leather chairs in front of an old fireplace, it looks like an old study room. I walk towards a single chair that is obviously meant for me. In front of the chair is a long oak table and behind the table the panel. They are quite spread out, quite intimidating. The  1st guy on the left is quite young, Mayb 24, shaven head and looks quite stocky, then next to him a guy who is clearly quite senior , early 60s balding but close cropped hair, he looks quite slim, well kept, next to him a guy Mayb my age, early to mud 50s, also shaven head, quite a big fellow but pleasant face and finally the guy on the far right, the guy who asked me to come in , the one with the deep voice. He is in his 30s, medium height and build, nice White smile against his black skin tone. They are all suited , each very smart. 

The 60s guy said, shall we begin? 

He first asked me to tell him about my job history, which I did telling him each company and experiences. As I completed my job history, 50s guy said, excuse me it's a little warm in here, do u mind if I take my jacket off, I just smiled. The questions kept coming but they were quite basic, nothing I couldn't handle with confidence. 

Pretty soon, all the guys were saying how hot it was and took their jackets off, it was warm but I tried to keep my appearance tidy. " why do you want to move up the ladder" the question said from 60s man........ I'm going through my answer but as I'm talking, I feel so hot, I stop and ask if it was ok if I took my jacket off, 50s man just gave an approving nod and I continued with the questioning. 

As I was talking, 60s man, leaned across and spoke quietly to 20s man. 

I'm talking away, feeling it's going well, 20s man got up and walked towards the window and opened the very large blind to open a small window but as he opened the blind, the sunbeams hit on me and passes thru my top, 20s man from his position cud see the silhouette of my boobs, I was totally oblivious to this, as 20s guy pulled the blind down again to keep out the sunlight. He returned to his seat and I saw him write a small note and pass it on to 60s guy , who then passes it on to the others. 50s guy got up and walked over to an area somewhere behind me, then appeared over my shoulder just asking if I would like some water, I smiled and said " yes please ", he returned to his seat after giving me a glass of water but as he sat down, he looked across at the other 3 and smiled and nodded ! I wasn't sure what was going on. 

60s guy then leaned forward and said, have you had any experience dealing with classroom disruption and could I coach other trainers how to deal with difficult situations !!! I thought what an odd question ...... I replied " well as a woman working mainly with men, of course you get your fair share of guys who just want to test to see if your strong enough", they all nodded, 30s man said " how do u mean", and I explained that some guys are not interested in learning, just skiving, so they disrupt the class. 

60s man said..... No! We don't mean that..... " lots of our trainers are female, so they can get sexual harassment during their job ", I explained, I hav certain ways how to diffuse situations like that and I could teach any new trainers how to do that. They all nodded and got into a small huddle, spoke a few words and then the black guy left the room for a few minutes then came back in. 

He sat down and said, can u giv an example of harrassment you have had ..... I said yes ok and explained that as young guys, they often joke about sexual things and try and get a reaction, I tried to explain what methods I used to diffuse the situation but 50s guy stopped me and said ......"Victoria, this will go much better for you if you just answer what we ask", I replied, " I thought I was", he responded by telling me that they have to understand the exact type of situation I hav been in , so they can determine if I dealt with it accordingly and i  could pass on correct counselling. 

I said ok !!! Quite bewildered and a little uncomfortable with his question , but I want this job so I say ok !!! I tell them I had a class of guys that would always say rude things to me....... 60s guy jumps in quickly and says " like wot, wot did they ask u ", 

I responded by saying that one guy asked if I sucked cock ! He jumped in again and said wot else, I was feeling very unsure about his questioning but they were all leaning forward hanging onto my every word but then I felt a chill hit the room, i realised why the black guy has left the room, he had put the air conditioning on.

Again they urged me to continue.... I said they asked me if I fuck on the first date ! They just stare at me and say wot else but by this time I realise the  cold air has made my nipples rock hard and they are hard against my top, I go to put my jacket back on but when he gave me water, he must if taken my jacket away and hung it up. 

They say carry on, but I know they are staring at my very erect nipples, I glance down and well....they leave not alot to the imagination. 

Again they say please continue ! 

I say , I have been given a large dildo in class and 50s man said did u use it !!!! , I said " I beg your pardon", ..... At this point I began to realise the questions were for their enjoyment now and nothing to do with the interview, so I had a choice .... I could get up and leave or I could play along and hope they enjoy that part more and give me the job based upon I made them smile. 

60s man said " Mrs Ward ! Are you here to get this job or to merely waste our time "

So I thought ok!! You want some excitement in your dull day, I will tell you some norty story, if it gets me the job who cares. 

So I leaned forward and said I confiscated the dildo and sat it on my desk as u carried on with the training. They were so keen on what I was saying.... Sad really but hey, that's wot they wanted. 

They continued to pry .... What else..... I told them I had an incident where I fell onto a learner as i tripped on the leg of his chair, they said wot happened.... I said the guy was looking down my top and said " very nice" and at that point 50s man said " yes I have to agree" I then realised he had also looked down my top wen he gave me water. 

Please continue I was told, now at this point I could see them fidgeting with their hands going towards their cocks..... My god , I think they were getting turned on, I smiled as I thought to myself, I could have fun here !!

I said quite boldly .,,,, yes my boobs always became part of the course, I'm sure the learners thought they were part of the course. I said I  wud b asked if I wud say  words to the the class, norty words, 20s guy said ..... You mean they would ask you to say penis, I replied, they would say a word and I had to give the norty version.... It was word association. Again 20s guy said penis...... I said ok !!!! Cock, they all smiled, then 60s guy said masterbate , I said wank !!   They were smiling and obviously adjusting themselves. 

50s guy says........" your nipples look huge" ....... I was stunned for a moment, then I realised my pussy was starting to get wet, I thought should I just get up and go but for some reason I just stayed put. 

I replied, well I didn't know it would b so chilly in here , 30s guy said "are they as big as they look",  I smiled , " that's for me to know and you to find out"

At that 20s guy stood up and said I want to find out .... He walked up to where I was sat, looked down at me and into my eyes, he smiled and raised his eyebrows then very slowly he moved his hand forward and with one finger went to pull my top out, my hand went out to stop him, just placing my hand upon his ...... He said.    " you said we could find out", so I let go of his hand and he pulled at my top ..... He turned to the panel and said " fucking huge guys"

I just sat there thinking what am I doing. 60s guy got up and said "can I see", I replied why not ! He came around  but I stood up as felt awkward with 2 guys stood at my side. He reached forward and pulled at my top, he smiled and said they are amazing. The other 2 stood up from their seats and I just said " Stop!! Hold on", I asked if they were going to look too and they said it's only fair, so i said ok , stay there and I lifted my top to expose my boobs just for a short moment so they could see and then put it down. 

I was standing now but without realising the 2 guys who had pulled at my top had worked around to the back of me, so I turned around, the other 2 still the other side of the table. 

60s guy , was getting very close , so I was backing away a little. He said , did you show your learners your nipples .... I said no !! Only you guys got that privilege. He smiles at me ! I look down and he is rubbing his hand over his cock, which is heavily bulging in his trousers.  I feel very awkward but at the same time, I'm getting turned on, my pussy is soaking wet, my knickers sodden with my juices. It's a large room and these 4 men are really into me, I don't know Wots happening now.... I say cheesily, is this still part of the interview ? 

60s man says " we will tell u wen the interview is over"

He is still walking towards me and I'm backing away, he says to me " your not teasing an old man are you ", I say " no", I just wasn't prepared for this, no way. 

He said , I shud always be prepared !!!! 20s guy and 60s guy are just looking at my boobs, my nipples are still so erect, I don't know if it's the chill or I'm turned on. 60s guy is still rubbing his cock over his trousers, he sees me looking !!  He smiles , grabs his crutch and says " do you want some of this "?

20s guy steps in and says " hey !!! If she wants cock, she isn't gonna want yours old man, she will want some young blood", I couldn't believe it they were having banter about their cocks !!! It was all quite friendly, I suddenly felt easier about it all, so I chirped in with a comment to 20s man, I said " hey you might be young" and before I could finish 50s man said " yes, she wants experience ", I said I wasn't going to say that, they said what were u going to say and I turned and pointed at black 30s guy..... I said " I was going to say, I bet he's got the biggest cock" he smiled a  huge grin but never said anything. 

60s guy stood directly in front of me and said " that lipstick your wearing is very nice and sexy" , I said thank you but he continued to say " it would look sexier on my cock though" at that he grabbed my hand and placed it on his very hard bulge. I thought to myself, he may be getting on but there certainly isn't a problem there...... I smiled at him and squeezed !

He went to touch me, I moved back but as I did so realised I had run out of room, as I cud feel the edge of the table against my bum. 

It was obvious 60s guy was senior party as the others didn't want to disrespect him. I still had his cock in my hand I was rubbing him over his trousers. 

He looked into my eyes and moved his head close to mine and whispered in my ear ....." "Victoria, do you want to do this ? One nod of my head and the other 3 will know we got your approval and consent , " I didn't answer , I looked around the room, my god it was like looking at a pack of hungry wolves. 

His hand slid down my thigh !!! He said" oh my god u got stockings on" he was breathing v heavy into my ear, I was getting turned on, I was just thinking , do I want 4 guys to fuck me ?

I closed my eyes to think

But as I closed my eyes , 60s guy moves infront of me, he pushes himself against my body , I can't go anywhere  he pushes harder against me , his bulging cock hard against my pussy. I start to feel my pussy throb....... I let out a small groan as my pussy gets excited....... 60s guy took that as I was enjoying it , so he places a hand on my boob, I'm startled, my eyes open, he is looking at me but as I look to the left of him , 20s guy has got his cock out and is working himself, he is not the biggest I have seen but god he is doing that for me.  

God I'm so excited seeing that. It's at that point I know wot I want, I turn to 20s guy and tell him not to waste that !!!!

Then back to the old man of the group, I said " you said my lipstick would look better around your cock " , he said yes. I smiled and said " lets find out"

I pushed him back and my hands went to his belt and unbuckled him, then I unfasten his trousers and they fall to the floor, his boxers swiftly follow as he removes his upper clothing , I look at him then focus on his cock, I work his cock slowly , I ask where my bag is, 20s guy hands it to me, I reach inside to get lipstick and reapply to my pouting lips.

I then move forward and kiss the tip of his cock, leaving my lip marks there for all to see. 

I open my mouth and take him in and start to suck hard then soft then fast then slow, he moves backwards and forwards to get deeper into my mouth and his movements speed up as I suck even harder, he groans and his breathing gets faster and harder and he groans as I pull away ! I tell him too soon. The other 2 are still the other side of the table as if waiting instruction, so I paid them no attention, 60s man sit in the chair I was sat to catch his breath , 20s guy still has his cock out ! I say " you want some help with that "? He says yes I do !! Get over here and suck me!! Very forceful!! As I walk toward him he undresses himself, he goes to lift my skirt but a loud "no" is sounded by the old man, to which he complies, it's all very odd , I'm still fully clothed , I think to myself, Mayb they just want me to make them cum orally, I take his cock in my hand and work him hard as I hold his cock tighter and tighter  I could feel myself starting to get more turned on and a little frustrated as no one was touching me !!!

I heard the old man tell the other 2 they had to wait, he told them we want our fun first !!! I didn't know wot he meant. I stopped working 20s guy as old man says u can't suck him !! He was controlling everything..... I was getting more and more frustrated and to b honest, when was I gonna get some fun. At that I was helped to my feet by the old man and he said I think u should lose ur skirt, I thort at last I get some fun. So I remove my skirt showing my legs in sexy stockings, they all gasp , I asked if he wanted my top off , he said no ..... He said please show me how u pleasure ur pussy...... I asked why !! He said do it , I thort I may aswel as it didn't look like I wud get any pleasure. 

I push my hand down to feel my moist pussy, I can't believe they dont want it, wot the hell my fingers find just the right spot .... Ohhhhh it feels good , I'm so wet I scream out !! Still nothing , I get asked to insert my fingers inside my pussy , I do that with pleasure as I'm enjoying my own handy work , I work my pussy hard , oh I want to cum , I shout out Argggghhhh immmmm cummmmmming, the  2 on the other side shout yes !!!! Spray ur cum make it wet for us, the old man again asked them to wait. Oh sod this, I'm performing on myself as four men watch ..... I'm gonna cum...... Ooooooo yesssssss !!!!!!!!

I spray cum all over my fingers and yet they miss it all cus my knickers still on, it felt good for me tho. I pull my hand from my pussy, slowly gliding my fingers thru my lips but as I'm about to remove my hand , I'm startled as the old man grabs my hand and pushes it into his mouth .... Mmmmmm !! U taste good he declares..... She tastes very good KING !!!!! King I thort ! Wot does he mean

He licks all my cum from my fingers.... He walks in front me and say ........" I'm going to fuck u now " .... I said about time ! I went to remove my top and again he said "no", I was beginning to think he didn't like my boobs.

I was lead over to a rather large chair which had a low back on them.... I want to fuck u from behind he says...... Then 20s guy appeared and said and I want to fuck u from the front ..... Oh boy !! My eyebrows were raised.... I said what do u mean ?

The old man shouts over ....."king.....kong !!!!! Get over here and help

The 2 guys walk over and stand either side of me, I asked why the names ........."you will find out soon enough" a smiling 50s guy replied. 

20s guy sat down on this large chair, he is looking at me intensely as he works his very hard cock, I can see juices running from the tip, he sits legs apart, his balls hanging low and full

20s guy says "get on Victoria ". I go all tingly , my pussy pulsing and flowing with juices....suddenly I feel hands on my hips, I feel his thumbs tuck inside my knickers on my hips and slowly pull them down. 20s guy is staring at my pussy.....he smiles and says " your very hairy " , I run my fingers thru my thick bush and slide my fingers between my moist lips , I take the opportunity to pull down my lips to show him how big they are, he smiles and says to 60s guy...." you have to see her pussy", 60s guy walks around to face me , he looks down at me, he smiles..."I love that" he says and drops to his knees , he gently parts my legs and his hand is stroking my bush, his fingers probing my v wet pussy, he plays with my big lips , then without warning he thrusts his fingers up inside me!!! After the shock the enjoyment set in , he was fucking me with 2 of his fingers, my head rocks backwards as the ecstasy runs thru my body. He stops suddenly and tells the 2 other guys to lift me up , they scoop me up in the air, I'm lying horizontal in their arms, my head all the way back, I feel a hand on my pussy, no! It's 2 hands .... I can feel my pussy being pulled open .......oh my god .... I feel a warm wet tongue plunge inside me, oh this is so good, he is lapping my juices, my body just goes limp as I relax and enjoy each second of this oral heaven. 

Then I hear 20s guy shout .... " bring her to me"... I feel myself being carried, then I'm being lowered down. I open my eyes and I'm straddling 20s guy as he is still working his hard cock, 60s man is just to my right , licking his lips, so I know who was enjoying my pussy. I turn my attentions to 20s guy, I cup his balls and ask him if he needs help with his cock, he replies " yes... Fuck it"!! I take his cock from his hand position myself to take him inside me, I rub his tip between my lips, teasing him but he places his hands on my hips and pulls me down into his cock. I'm so excited so I ride him hard, my boobs still hidden beneath my top are bouncing hard as I fuck him as hard as I can, he isnt the biggest but who cares...... Then I feel a hand on my back as I'm pushed forward , I'm still fucking 20s guy but now I'm leaning across him so my head is above his, my boobs altho hidden hard on his face, he tries to kiss parts of my boobs he can get at but they full on in his face. The hand stays on my back, then moves down towards my bum, it's joined by a second hand, the cheeks of my bum pulled apart , oh my !! I feel a tongue licking me anally, all these feelings .... I stop riding him, I'm concentrating on the tongue probing me, oh it feels so good. 20s guy takes over and fucks me , in and out of my pussy, fast and slow. I look up an suddenly 50s guy is stood in front of me, he grabs my arms and pulls me as far forward as I can go, whilst still keeping 20s guy inside me , I can't move , he has me tight ..... The licking stops, I'm disappointed , it was good .......,.Argh ! Omg .... I feel a cock pressing outside me anally, oh my , he is inside, I feel myself being stretched open by his cock, it hurts but it's mixed as 20s guy still fucks me, my juices are everywhere. Omg he's going deeper, pushing slowly , I can hear it's 60s guy behind me, thankfully he doesn't hav the biggest cock either , I scream out loud as he gives one big push .. He is in, all of him, I have 2 cocks deep inside me, they both fucking me, the pain subsides and is replaced with pleasure , I join in by rocking my body back and forth , oh my this is good, he fucks me fast anally, faster faster and faster, my pussy is throbbing, oh god I'm going to cum, I tell them both faster, faster !!! I'm screaming with joy, oooooooooo    Yesssssss, I cum hard, I ask them to slow down it's so sensitive but no one is listening, the 2 cocks are pushing on my bladder, I can't hold it back any more... I gush all over 20s guy , I have just soaked him. This is awesome, suddenly my arms are released , I forgot I was being held, I enjoy the deep double penetration , they both slow down, it's nice, I can feel both cocks pulsing inside me, I tell them both they can't cum inside me !!!! It's greeted with silence. My eyes are suddenly forced to open as a hand lifts my chin up, I see 50s guy naked in front of me, I smile and say " that's why they call u king" a huge cock straight in front of me, he is holding it at it's base, it's at least 9 inches long and very thick.  His other hand grabs the back of my head as he move forward, my god how do I get that in my mouth !!!! I don't get a choice... He is pushing against my lips , then suddenly he pulls away .... As I feel my top being pushed up, 50s guy pulls my top off and exposes my boobs and my nipples still so very erect , I'm so turned on, 20s guy takes one in his mouth and starts sucking and biting my nipple. This excites him and starts fucking me harder and faster again, this spurs on the old man to fuck me anally so deep , he is taking long slow stokes , in and out, it feels so good. Then my  head is held firm again, his cock pushing on the edge of my mouth, I have no choice, I have to let him in, he is so big , my jaw clicks as I take him in, I'm taking 3 cocks all at once, im so excited but where do I focus , my body tingling with excitement. 50s guy is literally fucking my mouth, it's hard to breath as he pushes to the back of my throat, I suck him hard, all 3 are enjoying my body and I'm enjoying their cocks. 

Each guy is breathing hard , each one giving me everything they have , it's full on fucking in my mouth, pussy and anal .... I'm going to cum again.... I can't scream, as his cock thrusts in and out of my mouth, my body just jolts and writhes with pleasure as I cum again..... I can't take much more , I'm exhausted but all 3 are going at it , they all throb !!! The one in my mouth is close I can tell, his cock is swelling and his breathing is heavy, I don't want him to cum in my mouth but I can't speak and I cant pull away as he has my head held firm, suddenly he stops, he slowly pulls his cock from my sodden mouth , saliva, leaks out as he pulls out of my mouth , he immediately begins to work his v large cock right in front of my face, he is groaning, oh yes he is close !!! I shout out .... " he's going to cum", old guy fucks me harder , I can feel 20s guy running out of steam, I hav fucked him hardest, then 50s guy let's out a gasp , I know its coming , he still holds my head firm, I'm going to get a face full, his breathing is fast and hard and then ...........it's hot , I get it all over my face, there is loads of it, he pulls away and sits down, he is knackered , his cum running down my face, old guy is swelling inside me, I know he is going to cum, he pulls out and I can feel him shoot his load all over my bum. I'm knackered and 20s guy lifts me gently of him, in this heat we are all flagging but what great fun.......I say " thank u guys, I enjoyed that " 60s guy replied quickly...... Oh it's not over my dear  , I gasp and think , I haven't got the energy, then appearing in front of me, totally naked is the 30s black guy...... I look at him and say "Fucking hell, no way, that's enormous ", he helps me to my feet, and leads me to the large oak table. On which he lays me down. 60s guy says ..." meet kong" and maybe this will help,  as he produces a bottle of lube, he removes the top, and pours it over my pussy and gently rubs it in. Black guy pours some over his 11 inch at least cock, it's huge but he is so gentle with me I look at him and say " ok, let's try" he gets onto the table and positions himself between my legs, he fingers me for a short while, he is so gentle, it's very different from what I just had. It's so relaxing, slowly slowly his fingers in and out of my pussy, I can feel im tightening inside. I tell him it's now or never. His arms are set either side of me as he lowers himself down onto my body, he stops to to kiss both my nipples , then blows on them both , both nipples respond and I'm hard again. He smiles and looks into my eyes and says " just relax", I smile back and just let my body go .... I feel his cock pressing on the entrance to my pussy, not hard, very gentle , he starts to push ... Oh my !!! He's going in, I'm stretched to my limits, but he is gentle, easing his way inside me, his giant cock touching all sides of me inside. It's like it's taking an eternity, there is just more and more of him, he is holding himself up over me using his arms, there is no noise from anyone except me as I let out a groan as I take in each inch of his massive cock. He just keeps smiling. He lowers himself down onto his elbows and starts sucking on my boobs, oh he likes my boobs. He licks, kisses and sucks them over and over all the time he gentler pushes deep up inside me. God it feels like he in my stomach. He stops pushing ...... My god I think he's in, I have his very large black cock deep in my pussy. The discomfort subsides as my pussy adjusts to his huge cock, then he lifts his head from sucking on my boobs and lifts his body up as high as he can. I look down and I can see he us indeed fully inside me, he reaches for the bottle of lube and pours it all over my pussy and the bit of his cock that is exposed. 

It feels nice as it runs over my pussy. He lowers himself down onto me again and smiles and says " are you ready" ? I respond with " be gentle", he says" oh no !!! , I'm in now, ur going to get fucked as woman of ur beauty shud be fucked "

I'm pushed along the table, his cock being the pushing rod, as my head falls off the end, 20s man is there with his cock hard again and says " u didn't think u had finished with me did u '" as he pushed his cock in my mouth. 

Then I felt the giant cock inside me move, slowly at first, a very long stroke as he pulled out of me and as he did that, all the lube that was applied to my pussy, ran over his now exposed cock, then wow!!! Full force he thrust his giant member up and inside my pussy, the lube was working. 

As the force of him fucking me pushed me back, it pushed my mouth onto 20s guys cock !! Again I was getting it both ends !!

Now I felt hands on my boobs the other 2 now getting in on the act , I thought to myself, just relax and go for it now, this has to be nearing the end !! I was loving it. I still had 50s guys cum over my face as the youngest member of the panel gave me a great face fuck !! 

I'm moaning with pleasure , this spurs black guy to give it to me faster and harder, he fucks me that hard I'm being held by my shoulders by 20s guy to keep me on the table. 

My pussy is pulsing , throbbing, I'm gonna cum again, I reach a hand out, I don't know where im reaching but I find a cock, don't need to see who it is to know who's cock I have in my hand. 50s guy is huge and large again, so I squeeze tightly and work his cock fast. 

He fucks me harder and harder !! God he stretches me so much, his strokes are so long , my pussy shudders yet again as I cum hard and I gush again, black guy comments, " u just squirted all over my balls"

20s guy, is near, he breathes faster his cock pulsing and swelling, he pulls out and finishes himself off and he shoots his hot cum, it hits my face and all over my boobs , he is a heavy cummer, it's everywhere. 

I lift my head to look at the guy fucking me , he pulls me back onto the table and rubs the cum all over my boobs and face, I'm covered. I quietly say to him.... "Time for you to give me ur cream ".... He smiles and quickens his stroke, of now we are talking, I let go of the cock I'm working and place my hands on the black guys ass to push him back in as quick as he pulls out of my pussy. 

He fucks me faster and faster and harder xx my boobs are bouncing and he can't take his eyes off them, I can feel him swelling inside me , god he is stretching me more and more but the pain is more pleasure than anything. The look in his eyes intensifies as he watches with great interest my boobs with my rock hard nipples bouncing before him , " you want my cum " he asks, " yes" I reply and I know exactly where he wants it to go , he can't take his eyes off my boobs , he pulls out , oh yes my pussy feels relief !!!

He positions himself over my boobs to the side of me , I reach out to cup his large balls , I stroke them to excite him .... As I do this 50s guy climbs on top of me, " my turn " he says and before I know it he is inside me ..... But compared to wot I just had, it's ok altho he is big !

I look at this huge black cock over my boobs , I look up at him and tell him " spray your cum over me " , he works his cock hard, 50s guy fucks me but I feel numb after taking the enormous 11 inch black python, he fucks harder and faster, I lift my head and tell him I want more of his cum too. 

This excites him, I feel him swell, I know he is ready.... He pulls out buts stays in position, he let's out an almighty groan as his cum shoots all over my pussy, I'm covered, my pussy feels soaked in thick White cum

" now u " I say to the black guy, he is now straddling my body working his cock.... He let's me know he is ready .... " give it to me" I say and at that I was showered in his cum, it landed all over me, my boobs, my mouth, my face and hair...,,, my god !!!!

He climbed off the the table, he offered a helping hand to help me down. 

He walked me to the other end of the room and said " u can shower in there"

I washed up and cleansed myself. 

I got dressed and returned to the condition in which I started the interview. 

I walked out and all 4 men were back as they were , " sit down Mrs Ward" 60s man softly said

He continued....."on behalf of the panel, we would like to thank you for such an excellent interview and we are pleased to inform you that you have been successful in your application" I stand up and shake their hands and thank them. 

I turn to leave the room, quite exhausted from the afternoon. 

"Victoria", I hear 60s man shout. I turn round and acknowledge him. He smiles and says "see you at your yearly appraisal ", I nod, turn away and gulp !!!!

I close the door and walk back to my car 

As I open the door to my car, I hear a voice shout " hey gorgeous, how about that lunch date ", I turn to see the guy from earlier. He walks over to me and asks how the interview went, I said it went well and that I was successful..... He replied " yes i thought you looked like the cat who just got the cream".... I smiled and thought oh boy did I get cream !!!

How about that lunch ? He asked again , I looked at him staring at my boobs, my nipples still hard and I knew he cud see, he was excited , his bulging trousers told me that ...... " so lunch he said"

I smiled ........"why not" I said ..............but that's another story ................

The End