Written by ruderabs

20 Jan 2009

What about us going for a nice Italian Meal.

Both of us dressed smartly me in a suit and you in city clothes too.

You are wearing black stockings.

I lean over to you and tell you how wonderful you look tonight.

You whisper back “I haven’t any knickers on”

We then move to our hotel

We go up in the lift

My fingers go under your skirt and find their way into your ever so wet pussy

You gasp and grab my hard penis (mine is hard now thinking of this)

You tell me “I want to suck your dick until you come”

The lift stops we quickly rearrange our clothes whilst others come in.

The door closes and we arrive at our floor.

We panic trying to insert the keycard into the door we quickly shut the door

You let your skirt drop to the floor; you have suspenders on and no knickers (as I already found out in the lift). Your pubes are nicely trimmed but sufficient hair remains to coyly disguise your pussy but you look moist from our earlier exertions.

You remove your jacket and remove your shirt you are wearing a Basque with half cups. Your nipples are erect and poke well over summoning my attention.

You walk over in your high heels swinging your hips until you are close to me.

All I can hear is my heavy breathing and I am aware of my painfully engorged cock straining against my trousers. Thankfully you unzip my flies and pull my cock from within my briefs.

I touch your hand to remove it. You looked surprised then grin as I sink to my knees and worship at the meeting of your legs. My tongue flicks forward and touches your clitoris. I breathe in your womanly odour and lose myself in its headiness

My tongue is really probing you and we manoeuvre to the bed you walking in small steps so as not to lose the touch on you pussy me on my knees with my erection sticking out obscenely red and engorged.

You lie back on the foot of the bed I hurriedly take my jacket off and my shirt and tie, swearing as I struggle with my cuff links.

“Don’t Stop” you cry and I continue to lick and touch you with one hand whilst undoing my belt and trousers with the other. I notice some of the wetness from you is my sperm from our rutting over the car near the restaurant. I lap a bit of this up and stand to kick my trousers off and lean over to kiss you greedily, the sperm adding to our saliva. “Please go back you cry” and I sink back down to my appointed task in your heaven on earth.

I insert a finger then two in your very wet gaping pussy and you shout “More! More!” and I oblige inserting a third until I can almost feel your cervix.

“I’m Cumming!” you cry and I pant back “So will I at this rate- all over the carpet”

You scream and wriggle trapping my head between your legs as your orgasm envelops you. I taste your juices as you flow into my mouth and I drink it up quenching me but not satiating my lust.

You stockinged thighs continue to clamp me until your orgasm finally subsides and you let me breathe.

Your manner changes suddenly. You bark “Lie on the bed now”

I do so eagerly whilst you show your engorged pussy lips to me. Without warning you fish out two silk scarves from your hand bag and tie my wrists to the bed posts saying “Don’t move.” You then do the same to my legs. You slowly take off your Basque until you are standing in just you stockings and suspender belt. You kick off your high heels and come onto the bed next to me.

“You like pussy don’t you?” I reply “Of course” you kneel on the bed and say “Well this one likes you” You then proceed to open up your outer lips enabling me to see your inner lips. My cock is all this time throbbing almost out of control and I am aware of how painfully erect it is _ I need release.

You rub your sumptuous tits and nipples in my face followed by your pussy but you are playing with me and won’t let me get a good suck on any.

“SHH!” you say as the animal grunts start in my throat. You turn around so I can see your cunt from behind along with your arse. “Nice aren’t they?” I grunt my agreement.

You move down to the foot of the bed so you are looking at me.

You move up and your tender mouth envelops my proud cock.

“Have you a clean arse?” you say quickly “Of course Why?” I reply

“Because of this” you spit on your index finger stick it none too gently up my bum and massage my prostrate at the same time as reverting to cock sucking.

I can’t hold back any longer I scream and the waves of my orgasm overtake me – my head is thumping as my penis spurts wave of sperm into your mouth and it overflows at the edges.

My orgasm is subsiding and your mouth is removed from my cock, I breathe a quick prayer of thanks as the pleasure was truly painful and my cock is twitching uncontrollably still. You come up to lie beside me and immediately cover my mouth with yours insinuating you tongue into my mouth, you still have most of my cum in your mouth and we deep throat each other enjoying the taste of each other and ourselves. You give me half of my spunk. You pull away “Swallow” I look at you and carry out your order -you reciprocate then come back to kiss me joyfully undoing my soft shackles. “I want you fully mobile form now on”

You look at my cock which has kept erect, you grin and squat over my cock facing me, you take hold of it with one hand whilst gently touching your clit with the other. You then open your lips, guide the head of my cock to them then sit rapidly down taking all of my maleness in one thrust.

Your hips start moving rhythmically around in a figure of eight and grind down on my pubic bone, you start groaning with the pleasure, you pause and come forward again to kiss me, I take the opportunity to grab your nipples in either hand and to pull them more erect. “Harder” you murmur and I do so pulling them quite roughly “Enough” you say but I don’t stop and pull them harder then coarsely squeeze both of your tits in my hands. “You lovely bastard don’t listen to me!”

I do not and squeeze until my hand prints are visible on your globes and all the while you pound out a rhythm albeit a changed circular one on my tumescent cock.

I guess it is my turn to be forceful “Get on your knees and stick out you arse and make sure I can see both holes tart!”

You comply and with your hands you spread the cheeks of you bum so I can see both your gaping gash and also your puckered bum hole.

“Not the bum” you plead. I reply “Not today tart that would be spoiling you, I’m going to fuck you like the bitch in heat you are” I manoeuvre behind you on my feet squat down and then holding my dick guide myself easily into your gushing cunt.

I start immediately with long deep strokes as there is no friction whatsoever as you are so lubricated that it feels as if I am fucking clarified butter. I start to drip sweat over your back and I notice you back glistening also with perspiration making the small hairs on your body evident to my eyes. I am banging quite forcefully and I enjoy seeing the ripples my thrusting is causing along your delightful bum back and your free swinging tits. Your gasping is become louder and you for the first time seem embarrassed by you pleasure as you bury your head into a pillow.

“Shh just enjoy it”

“I am you bastard I just don’t want security to think I am being murdered in here!”

“Okay let’s try a bit of missionary and snoging then”

I pull out slowly and your pussy lips follow grasping my knob and then you contract your muscles trapping me inside for an instant and hopefully being a potent of things to come. You release me and with almost a pop I am out of your wonderful pussy for what I hope is only an instant.

I clamber eagerly on your compliant body pushing against your tits with my chest and your stockinged legs wrap themselves high on my back. Our mouths meet and greedily our tongues meet playing out games like two juvenile snakes tasting our copious emissions of saliva which have been boosted by the state of our arousal. The smell and taste of cunt, cock and sperm is all discernable like the flavours in a dish served up at a Michelin Restaurant.

My arse starts going up and down and your body thrusts to meet mine so our pubic bones are rubbing against each others to the point of bruising. You giggle and you say “Your bum looks sexy going up and down like that” I grunt my affirmation and carry on thrusting feeling the sweat starting to pour down my back and downwards between my buttocks and into my arsehole. The feeling is wonderful and I look at your face, your hair is matted with perspiration and you have a truly lascivious perverted look on it. My balls begin to tighten and I cry out warning you of my impending orgasm. Your fingers quickly insert between our bodies hastening your own and we both cum nosily and in my case partially painfully. I try to continue shafting but it is no good and I collapse on you.

We lie panting for a few moments then aware that I am crushing you I roll off exhausted. We lie side by side and fall into an almost immediate sleep.

We waken just as the light in the room is fading through the curtains and you look at me and peck me on the cheek. You get up “I’ve got to go” you say.

“So have I” I reply “But first can you give me some of your pussy hair to have as a keepsake” You laugh and quickly rummage in you handbag and extract scissors to comply. We dress quickly and after making a follow further appointment in our PDAs we leave the room we have grown to love in such a short time.

I pay the room bill and the reception staff look at us knowingly as I settle in cash.

I look at you quickly as you leave the hotel kissing you gently on the mouth saying “Bugger I forgot to pay for our Italian!”