3 Jun 2016

I spotted you in a bar, where you were sat, cross-legged gently cradling a glass of wine. I noticed the lace of you stocking tops and couldn’t take my eyes off your shapely thighs. You were laughing and chatting but you knew I was watching and little by little allowed your skirt to ride higher and higher. I was with some friends. I’m pretty sure they were talking but I have no idea what was being said because I was drinking in the sight of your long, shapely legs. Fishnet stockinged and booted, you reposition yourself and uncross your legs and I see a flash of soft, pale skin. My heart skips with excitement and I feel myself become aroused. I look up and your eyes are locked on mine. I panic and flush expecting you to pull your skirt down in disgust but you don’t. You hold my gaze and allow your legs to fall open a little more. I have to look down at your legs and when I look back up you smile. I am now hard and not just hard but I feel myself begin to get wet and my suit trousers can’t hide my yearning for your body. We stayed like this, aroused, flashing, glances and smiles for a while before I saw you stand and walk towards me. No, not to me but towards the stairs to the bathrooms upstairs. “Excuse Me,” you say as you walk between our group but so close to me that the back of your hand brushes my hard cock through my trousers. I shivered with excitement! Our friends hadn’t noticed, so I put my drink down and headed to the bathrooms, too. You walked 4 stairs ahead of me giving me a great view of your awesome body and stocking tops. As we get to the top you turn and give me a lascivious grin and lick your lips wetly. I grab your hand and pull you into an empty dark function room that is unlocked and just behind the door we kiss deeply and urgently. I’m dripping with pre-cum but I want your thighs so I slide down to my knees and hoist up your skirt, revealing silk, lace and skin. Your scent is breathtakingly beautiful and I breathe it deeply. Without a word spoken I pull down your underwear and put it in my pocket and as your thighs yawn open I plunge my tongue deeply into your soaking wet, sweet pussy…