Written by Zebby

15 Dec 2008

Hi, I’m 17 and about 4 years ago my dad died. Mum found it hard to pay the bills and I could tell she was lonely so about a year I suggested she get a lodger, which she did. I was very surprised when she informed me that she had found a lodger but that it was a male.

When I met the lodger (Mike) I thought he was gorgeous. He was tall (about 6ft 2in), blond, muscular, about 30yrs old and was very friendly. I used to fantasise that he would become my boyfriend. I remember on my 16th birthday he gave me a kiss and I got this tingly feeling inside of me. I used to make sure that I would leave the door to the bathroom open slightly whenever I was having a shower in the hopes that he might see me. Then one day it happened; mum had gone over to see some girlfriends of hers the previous night and Mike had said that he would make sure that I was ok. He said that mum could stay overnight with her friends if she wanted and he would look after me. Mum agreed.

Mum left home at about 8pm and I decided to have a bath. I then came downstairs in a small silky negligee (with nothing else on). I could tell that this got Mike all excited. He tried to act as though this was nothing unusual. After a few moments I said that I thought it was getting a bit hot in the room and loosened the top of the negligee a bit (so the tops of my boobs were visible) and opened my legs so that if Mike looked at the right angle he would be able to see my pussy. Mike started shifting around on the settee trying to get comfortable, I could see that he was hard.

As Mike was doing nothing about the opportunity he was being given I decided to take things into my own hands (literally). I moved along the settee until I was right against Mike and I laid my hand on his crotch and started stroking him. He turned and looked at me a little shocked but I could tell that he wanted more. I started to open his flies and put my hand on his penis (he didn’t wear underwear – which I found very exciting). I told him that it would be much better for him (and me) if he took his trousers off. By this time he had decided not to fight the inevitable and enjoy himself. He removed his trousers and lay back.

I had never played with a mans cock before (but I didn’t tell Mike this of course). His cock was lovely and hard but silky at the same time. I rubbed his cock up and down and relished each time Mike sighed or moaned. I had heard that men liked their cocks sucked and so I bent my head down to his crotch. I started licking round the tip and then put the head of his cock between my lips and very slowly lowered my mouth over the whole of his cock and back to the tip again. Mike started getting impatient and started lifting his hips, so I increased the tempo and started sucking harder on his cock. His breathing by this time was getting very erratic. As I thought he might come he pulled out and turned me over on my back on the settee. He was gently rubbing my labia and up and down the side of my clit, which made me start juicing up. He slowly licked my pussy and my clit, I couldn’t help moaning out loud (which seemed to excite Mike even more). He continued teasing me in this way whilst reaching up and playing with my tits at the same time. I was frantic, I knew there was more but didn’t know how to ask for it. In the end I didn’t have to ask as Mike then moved his body further up the settee until his glorious cock was next to my steaming, wet pussy. He placed his cock in my pussy and started pushing it in slowly, inch by glorious inch. Although I was loving this slow teasing I needed more and told him to just slam his cock into me as hard and as far as it would go (I shocked myself at how greedy I was for it and how easy it was to tell Mike what I wanted). Thankfully Mike responded. I wished it could go on forever but the sensations were too much for me, I could feel myself starting to come. I told Mike not to stop, to keep going and fuck me hard. Mike didn’t let me down, and before I knew it I was coming, screaming out my ecstasy. That night Mike and I slept together in the same bed and since then, whenever mum is away (or any opportunity we get) Mike and I go exploring each others bodies and fantasies.