Written by Vladimir

14 Oct 2009

Vala being in our house was a release for my constant need for sex, but I still missed my wife. So I asked to see her again.

First we went out for lunch, then dinner and as that went well I offered cooked for her. She helped me chop vegetables. She nicked her finger. I took her finger and ran it under the tap. Then, to my shame, I kissed it better, then sucked her finger. She kissed me. She had no idea what I had done to her. Now, I have said it, my deepest darkest secret, and I knew what was going to happen, what I hoped was going to happen.

As I sucked on her finger her lips moved to my own. Then we both lost control. I took her on the work bench. It had been months since I had made love to her. Blonde’s face flashed in front of me and I pushed deeper in. Had she been fucking another man? No she wanted a fuck so badly, she could not have. She wanted it as much as Vala had for the last three weeks. She came, and I kept plunging in and out of her.

Her legs were open, cum leaking onto the work top. I wanted her again. She sat on the edge of the work top, panting. I put my hand to her face. “Would you like a late dinner?”

She did. We went up stairs. It was good to have her back in our bed again. This time more gently I entered her again. Soft warm pussy lips parting to my pressure. “I love you.” she said.

Sally’s body was warm and soft, we moved together. Blonde’s face flashed into my mind again. I kept moving. I kissed her neck, Blonde’s face flashed again and so did the image of me biting into my wife’s neck. The horror of what I had done settled on me as I came. I lay beside and pulled her close to me. What had I done to her? Had I made her like me?