Written by KernowBeachBum

4 May 2015

You arrive at my door ready for the advert you responded to. Dressed in a loose dress that at the same time hugs your curves beautifully, your hair is tied back and you smell of the sweetest aromas.

I lead you through to the room, you see candles flickering in the room ahead. Offering you a drink and inviting you into the room you see the massage table set up ready with oils to the side. Leaving you to settle I get you a drink. Upon my return I ask you to remove your clothes and lay on the bed face down. I give you privacy and leave the room.

I return to a wonderful sight, you face down on the table, naked with your peachy bum just being covered by a towel. I put oil in my hands and begin to massage your back, rubbing up and down, working out the tension. After a while I move down to your legs.

Again working the tension out, the towel is now a little higher and I can just see the edges of your pussy. As I run my hands up your legs and onto your bum I gently allow your cheeks to separate giving me the wonderful view of your glistening pussy.

I can feel you getting more relaxed and your hips lifting up to my strokes. Suddenly I stop and ask you to turn over. As you do I offer a towel to cover your breasts, but you decline, with a sly grin on your face.

I re-oil my hands and begin by massaging your shoulders and arms, slowly working towards your chest, deliberately touching your nipples with my forearm, I see them getting harder.

You start to breathe heavier every so slightly as I start to firmly massage your breasts, running your nipples between my fingers, they respond by getting harder, you twitch slightly as I do so.

My hands move down your body, massaging yoy all the way down your tummy, across your belly button, my hands crossing over just above your hip bones. As the oil soaks into your body I run my hands down further, running either side of your hips, down your thighs, all the way to your feet.

From your feet to the thighs I work my hands back up, my hands firmly rubbing your thighs, my fingers ever so slightly riding the towel up, I keep going higher so the towel rides higher up I can almost see your pussy, my heart races, you don't object.

I keep going and you move, I freeze a little expecting you to protest, however to my relief and delight you open your legs slightly more. I lift your leg up and rest it on my waist so I can massage your inner thigh.

My hands work up your thig, my little finger flicking the edge of your pussy, I can see you glistening and you exhale a breathe.

As I gradually get closer to your pussy I can see you breathing deeper, your chest rise and falling, you can feel my cock growing as your thigh rests on my leg. I decide to take the next step.

I move my focus to your pussy, my oily left hand gently circling your lips, my right hand reaching up to tease your nipples. I'm squeezing your nipples gently between my thumb and finger. My left hand separates your lips revealing your clitoral hood, using my finger I gently tease your clit out and very gently circle around it.

I watch you squirm a little as my finger circles, your nipples are hardening, you're breathing deeper and faster. My right hand moves down to your pussy, it takes over from my left giving your clit attention. My left hand massages your pussy lips, in big circular movements.

Breathing deeper you feel my cock growing more, trying to reach it with your hand, but I won't let you. I hold you down by your wrist, my left hand returns to your clit, I'm being firmer and quicker, I can see your pussy getting wetter. You start to moan and squirm, your tummy moving I can feel your orgasm your mouth opens a little you let out a gentle moan. My pace eases off and I allow you to compose.

As you compose you open your eyes and realise I've removed my clothes, you grin, with a slight blushing in your cheeks. I move into you, hook one of your legs over my shoulders and plant my lips around your pussy lips. I suck your clit in and roll my tongue around it, releasing you I flick my tongue over your clit, in all directions.

Whilst you enjoy the feel of my tongue I ease two fingers into your pussy. Hook back and massage inside. You squirm around, I feel an orgasm building, I intentionally make my strokes faster. I feel you pussy tighten on my fingers and you let out a moan. I pull out put your leg down and move to you head.

You reach for my cock but I stop you, i put you flat on your back pull you up the table so your head dangles off. I hold your head and drop it down, you have a confused yet euphoric look in your eyes.

I move my cock to your mouth, your tongue darts out in acceptance. The head of my cock inches deeper into your mouth, you eagerly take it, sucking me in. I move my hips forward and back, my cock is now sliding in and out of your mouth, with each stroke you're able to take me deeper. I fuck your face for a little longer, squeezing your nipples simultaneously.

I slide my cock from your throat, it's glistening and throbbing. I lift your head back up and you sit up, with your legs dangling over the side I stand in front of you, kiss you deeply, grab your bum and pull you in closer, my cock slides into you we both moan. I feel your fingernails dig into my back.

I lift you off the table your legs wrap around me. I walk you to the sofa and put you down gently, I lift your legs up and hold them open by the ankles. I start fucking you deep and slow, watching you grin slightly with ever stroke as you take my full length.

My strokes get faster and deeper, I let go of your ankles placing your knees over my shoulders, I fuck you harder, our bodies moving together, you accepting my every stroke. My pace quickens, we're both breathing heavier I feel your pussy tightening, you're whimpering. Our senses overloaded. With a few more lustful strokes I can't hold on and cum deep inside you. You moan louder and shudder as you cum at the same time. We collapse together and kiss deeply.