Written by Debs

16 Mar 2007

She swam steadily up and down the pool, unaware of the man in the adjacent gym watching her through the window, admiring her sleek toned body as he worked on the rowing machine.

After a while she pulled herself out of the water and made her way to the jacuzzi, slipping into the hot, bubbling water with a sigh of contentment. The man, having quickly changed, was already inside.

“This is nice & relaxing,” she said and they started idly chatting. It turned out they were both there on business and neither of them was in much of a hurry to go off for a solitary meal. They compared notes about the awful tables single diners got offered, and whether it was worse to sit on your own or read a book and make it even more obvious you were billy-no-mates. It seemed entirely natural that he should suggest they eat together and they agreed to meet in the hotel reception in forty-five minutes.

Getting dressed in her room, she found herself taking extra care with her make-up, a little flutter of excitement in her stomach. She chided herself for being silly, they both just wanted bit of company, a change from a lonely evening. All the same, she found herself rummaging through her case for her nicest underwear and stockings, pleased that she had packed the killer shoes on an impulse at the start of the week.

He was waiting when she got downstairs, and she was relieved to see he still looked nice when she had her contacts in and could see properly. More than nice, in fact. He was tall and slim, but all that exercise in the gym showed. She had a moments panic whether it was the right man then he came up and asked in a tentative way, “It is you, isn’t it?”

She smiled and admitted she was wondering the same.

“It’s so corny to say I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on, but your hair is much lighter dry,” he continued.

They agreed to try the Chinese restaurant over the road and were soon seated, ordering wine and jasmine tea. As they chatted and ate, she felt his foot gently touch her leg. His touch sent a shiver through her and she responded by caressing his leg delicately. They both blushed and said at the same time, “I don’t make a habit of this,” and had to laugh. It was weird how comfortable she was with this man she hardly knew and yet felt she had known for ages.

They talked over the wine and several pots of tea, their hands touching and stroking each other’s legs with their feet, until it was clear the staff wanted to clear the table. As they rose he took her arm and again the close contact felt like an electric shock going through her body, making her go weak kneed with desire. She could feel herself getting damp.

As they strolled back to the hotel she hesitantly asked him if he’d like to come up for a coffee. When the lift door closed he pulled her towards him and kissed her. Her lips opened and they kissed deeply, hands exploring each other’s body. They jumped apart, startled, as the lift stopped then she led the way to her room. Once inside they carried on from where they’d stopped, sighing with lust and relief that they were finally alone together.

They collapsed on the bed together, joined at the lips and started to undress each other. He fumbled with the buttons on her blouse and she said, “Let me do it.” She slowly slipped off her blouse and skirt and stood there in her sexy underwear, stockings and heels, then started to undress him as he sat on the edge of the bed. She stripped him of his shirt and he quickly took of his shoes and socks before she removed his trousers.

“Mmm, all ready for action, I see,” she murmured, easing his boxers over his erect cock and kneeling in front of him. She caressed the tip with her lips, rubbing his precum over them like lip-gloss, then licked down the length of his shaft. He groaned as she took most of his cock deep into her mouth, her hands and mouth working together, her blonde head bobbing up and down. Every so often, she would pause and look up at him, her hands continuing alone.

She stopped and sat astride on his lap, kissing him deeply whilst he played with her erect nipples and fondled her firm breasts. They rolled over onto the bed and he eased her legs apart, parting her pussy lips with his fingers as his tongue delicately darted round and over the bud of her clit. She whimpered in ecstasy, pushing against him, desperate for his cock inside her.

Just as she could stand no more, he slid inside her with one quick movement. He thrust deep inside her and she orgasmed after a few strokes. Her cunt pulsated in waves around his cock and he came too. They lay together on the bed, arms and legs entwined.

“I wanted to do that since I saw you in the pool this afternoon,” he confessed.

They dozed for a few minutes then woke to make love slowly this time, delighting in exploring each other’s bodies, finding out what pleased each other. In the morning they both woke early and carried on where they had left off.

It was with a shock that he noticed the time was 7.15. He threw his clothes on again, scribbled down her mobile phone number on a scrap of paper and rushed off to his room for a shower with a hurried goodbye. She too showered and dressed carefully for her important meeting. She was going to have to try hard that morning to be alert after too little sleep, but it had been worth it. She smiled to herself as she went over the evening again in her mind, it had most definitely been worth it…

A little later that morning she made her way to her business appointment. Her mobile buzzed with the arrival of a text message. “Last nite was v special,” she read to herself, “pl txt me so we can arr 2 meet again soon. Paul x” She smiled and thought she probably would get in touch with him later.

At the offices of her new clients’, the secretary told her to go through to the conference room.

“Ah, good morning Debbie,” said the Director, “May I introduce you to my design team leader, Paul Stanford. Paul, this is Debbie Jones, who will be joining your team for a few months.”

She looked across the room to Paul, who said, “Thank you, Bob. We met in the hotel gym last night. I’m sure I’ll enjoy having Debbie work underneath me.”