Written by Tony

31 Mar 2010


In the morning Eve turned to me. “I don’t believe that happened last night. Do it again.” She whispered.

I was hard. I wanted her again, I wanted Sue. I wanted to see Hans fuck them both again. I wanted to see Sue fuck and fucked again before she changed her mind again. Hans and Sue moved in each others arms, not yet awake. Hans was hard, as hard as I was. Who was going to have who? Perhaps Sue would have Eve, lick at her cunt. I felt my cock get even harder.

I moved too much and Hans woke. As he did Sue held him tighter. Hans took advantage and was half way into her before she was fully awake. I had Eve’s tit in my hand as I watched Hans heaved his load into my wife. Then I realised he had fucked her with a condom. Did it matter; Sue was past the age of children. Eve was on the pill. Let him fuck them both.

I reached over Eve and touched Sue. She opened her legs. I reached in and touched her clit. I felt his cum in the palm of my hand, I pulled my hand back and pushed my fingers deep into her sticky valley. I scooped a handful of Hans’s cum from Sue’s cunt.

It was for Eve, for Eve’s ass. “Let me at you.” I told her.

Eve lifted her leg. Still behind her I rubbed cum into her crack. I worked my fingers around her ass hole. It relaxed and let a finger in, then another. While her ass relaxed she did not, she pushed her body into my body. Another finger, then my cock, so easy, was this the first cock she had in her ass? She said it was!

I became aware of Sue and Hans, especially Hans looking at Eve, head down on the bed, ass in the air and me in her ass.

“Harder” Sue told me. I did, Eve did not complain. I always liked tight ass, it clung like no cunt ever did. My hand was on her back, my cock was in her and my wife was watching while in the arms of the man who had just fucked her. I came, happy, over joyed.

Panting, I asked “Do you want another cock up there?” Hans knew what I meant.

Sue asked, “Have you ever had an ass?”

Hans shock his head and managed to say “No”

“It’s easy,” said Sue, “stand on the floor and slowly push it into her.”

Eve looked at me smiled and raised her ass to Hans. Hans could not resist. Hans took his time, perhaps fumbled a bit and slipped in. I moved Sue to face Eve and took her ass. It was the first time I had done her ass in front of Eve. Sue reached out and held Eve’s hands. Hans and I faced each other and fuck an ass each. Our eyes locked and we fucked. What he was thinking I did not know. I was thinking my dreams had come true. They had more than come true…and I had just cum. Sue remained holding Eve’s hand her ass in the air. A bead of white cum leaked from her hole. It ran along her valley and mingled with that left my Hans. What a joy. What an unexpected joy. Then Hans came and both Eve and Sue held each other. They just seemed to topple on to their sides and then as one they started to giggle. Hans and I looked at them and then each other. That was just the start of four days till Hans went home.