Written by roba6570

8 Feb 2007

The Neighbour

I thought that you would like me to tell you what I want to do to you if ever we meet. Let’s assume that I am going around to your house. We have never met. We decided to go out but you aren't ready when I call for you. You apologies. You ask me to come in and tell me that you will be about 20 minutes because you just got out of the shower. You have on a red dressing gown. I don’t know what you have on underneath, but I twitch at the thought. I sit down and watch TV. You tell me to help myself to a drink or whatever I want. You go upstairs. I idly flick through TV channels. There is nothing to watch. The minutes tick by. You call down to ask if I am OK. I say I am fine and that I have been channel hopping but there is nothing on. You say that I can come upstairs and talk while you get ready. I walk slowly upstairs and into the bedroom with the light on. You are sitting on the edge of a large bed, looking into a mirror and putting your make up on. Your dressing gown has fallen open and I see your slinky bra. I comment how nice you look. You reveal some more. You stand up and the gown falls wide open. You have on slinky black thong and stocking. I love sexy, classy underwear. I tell you just that. You smile. I move closer. I can smell your fresh skin and your perfume. I am hard. I can see your nipples and the shape of your sexy firm breasts. I reach out a finger and brush your neck, so very, very, lightly. You shudder. I ask if you are cold. You reply "Not at all". My finger traces down your front and down the side of your thong. It doesn’t linger. I crouch down. My finger traces down your leg. You move your legs apart slightly. I touch your skin so slightly. I run my finger back up your leg. I stop just short of your moist hot pussy. It’s level with my mouth. You push out towards me. I stand and my finger continues on its journey. I move it in circles around each breast. You close your eyes. I see your nipples are hard. I am so hard my self. I can feel wetness in my pants. Your mouth is slightly open. I face you so close. I can feel your breath on my face. I part your lips with my tongue. We kiss so lightly. We don’t touch anywhere but our mouths. You moan quietly. We gyrate our mouths. You taste so sweet...

The gown falls from your shoulders. Your arms hang limply by your side. Your eyes are closed. We break our kiss and my tongue follows the route taken by my fingers. Down your chin, it touches so lightly. It follows the contour of your neck and when it reaches your breast it circles each one slowly in tighter and tighter circles until it is touching your now erect nipples through your bra. I turn you round. You respond without question. I gently rub your back while my tongue follows the path of your spine. I see the back of your thong style panties. When I reach it you involuntarily spread your legs a little anticipating what I am going to do I move them a little wider and bend you over. The cotton strip doesn’t cover your hot wet throbbing pussy. I ask you to spread your legs more and bend right over. You do it in anticipation. The lips of your moist pussy are spread. They glisten with wetness. My tongue travels between the cheeks of your bum and circles your sexy wet lips. I don’t touch your pleasure bud, but just circle it, around and around. Sometimes I push my tongue right inside your tight wet pussy and let the juices flow onto my tong. I continue to tease your pussy. You are bent double and your legs spread wide. I ask you to stay in that position. I remove my shirt and the rest of my clothes they drop to the floor. I’m naked behind you. My erection is like steel and the end of my hard cock glistens and runs with my love juice. I unhook your bra and it slides off your arms and falls on the bed. Your breasts are so round and firm. I stand close behind you. My hard throbbing cock is between your legs. It brushes up and down on your hot wet lips. I move closer behind you and pull you close to me. We are like spoons in the draw. I put my arms around you and cup your breasts. I gently massage your erect nipples. I cup your breasts in my hands. I push my hips towards you. The head of my cock slides along your hot wet pussy again. You’re aching to take me inside you. To feel my hard throbbing cock stretch your hot wet pussy. To feel me pound myself mercilessly inside you, but no, that will have to wait. I cannot let you have my cum inside you until you are completely satisfied your body starts to tremble and shake; your hand is stroking my hard cock as I continue to slide up and down against your now soaking pussy. Damn your good, I thought to myself, you moan "OH GOD YES!!!!!" as your orgasm building rapidly. As I slide my cock back you push my hot hard cock inside your wet hot pussy. God that feels so good, I push so hard and deep inside you, In and out and in again, you moan again you start to cum I feel your hot juices run over my hot throbbing cock and down my balls. That feels so good. As I thrust forward again we both moan, I release my hot heavy load into your still wet pussy you feel so good so hot so wet. We stopped locked together for a few minuets my cock still buried deep inside of you. Kissing your cheek I looks at you and smile then we fall to the bed; I kiss you on the cheek again and tell you how amazing you were. Did we get out you will have to wait and see