Written by Joe

15 Apr 2018

I’m 36 and met 45 year old women she’s larger than normal but was nice we live quite far apart so always found somewhere to stop during our time, the first time we had sex was great, she wanted everything and gave everything. She also told me she’d always wanted another women to pleasure her and fuck her with her long solid sex toy and asked how I felt. It turned me on if I’m honest so said eventually we will make it happen. We had gone away for a weekend and the place where stopped had a decent bar, so after being out most the day went back to the bar, we sat ourselves down and just began chatting when an older couple came and sat near us, we began chatting to them and carried drinking,the other women was in her early 50’s as was her husband, she was wearing a red dress and what looked like white tights or stockings, and black heels, my partner had a black leather skirt on and black stockings with suspender belt and black shiny heels, don’t ask me how but we began talking about sex life, the other women said she loved it but never got to carry out her fantasy with another women, my partner was taken back and didn’t know how to react, we had another drink by this time my partner was getting more chatty and asked if they would like to back ours for a few more drinks, me and the women’s husband told them to get off and we would be up soon. They went off why we had another drink we then headed up I opened our door to see my partner bent over the sofa and having her pussy played with by the women’s fingers, my partner was just in her stockings and suspender belt and the women was in white hold up stockings, me and her husband were a little shocked to say the least bit they didn’t stop, I walked over and kissed my partner and told her to carry on the women’s husband came over and removed his wife’s fingers from my partner he then slid his own fingers into hard and began ramming her hole with his fingers, the women noticed my partners toy and picked it up and slid it Inside her whilst stood with one leg raised she slid every bit into her, I went over to her and decided to do it for her, I took her to the sofa where my partner was and made her bend over I pushed it in and she moaned but asked for it harder, I gave her it like she asked for whilst her stockings showed, my partner had now been fucked with there fingers and sat up and asked the women to fuck her with the toy she laid back opened her legs and took it into her, the women’s husband then showed his cock to my partner who began sucking him, she took it all in and gave him a horny blow job, he said he was ready to come and she told him to let her swallow it all, he did and she took it all, the. Women was still fucking her with the toy but asked for my cock, I placed it in front of her and she slowly wanked me before sucking me, I could just reach her pussy as she did so, I slid one finger into her and pushed in and out she was wet and asked me to put another finger in, she sucked me and then my partner pulled my cock from her mouth and began sucking me, she sucked it so hard. And wanked me into her mouth, after a few minutes we all sat up and my partner said to fuck the other women, I took her onto the floor and opened her legs, stockings. And heels showing and put my cock into her I gave it to her like she asked, my partner was now on all fours getting it from behind. We eventually called it a night but what a night it was