Written by Jonathan

18 Aug 2017

I don’t really know what started it! Well I suppose I do to be honest, I was feeling really randy when we settled down for the night. I dropped a slight hint that it would be nice to see her in her little black number. This is a mini skirt that comes about two inches below her knickers and if she sits straight just covers her stocking tops. The top sweeps down to expose her cleavage, apart from that there’s not much more to it but it turns me on like a raging flame. As it happens she totally ignored me so later I went to bed like a bear with a sore arse. When she came up one thing led to another and we had a bit of a row.

I said that when I first started going with her she was being fucked by at least two other men and couldn’t get enough, now I had managed to win her and we had been married 15 years she was in a rut and just took me for granted. She started to cry, and apologise but said she just didn’t seem to get exited the same now. I immediately apologised and soothed her, as we lay in each other’s arms I suggested perhaps we try to rekindle the excitement. “How”? She asked. “Well perhaps we could go to the singles night at the local hotel and see if we can find you a young stud to give you what you need.” She sounded shocked but not too shocked and said she only wanted me, but her voice wasn’t that convincing so I left it there having planted the thought and waited for it to mature.

Sure enough a few days later having a cuddle in bed she said casually “look, do you think what you suggested the other night may help?” Immediately I knew what she meant but I played dumb.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“About going to the singles night.” She answered.

“Well it would certainly be something to try as you seem to have lost your enthusiasm over the last few years.”

“Would you not mind?”

“It may even help to rekindle my enthusiasm. I would have to be there though and watch what went on to make sure you were safe.” She held me tighter and kissed me.

“I would never leave you for anyone else.” She said.

“I know darling our love is strong all we need is a bit of excitement.”

“Shall we go next Tuesday?” she said as we lay holding one another.

Bloody hell, I thought it’s only once a month and she’s checked what day it is, she must be keen.

“Yes sure, we can go next Tuesday if you are sure it’s what you want.”

“Well it’s not what I want but if you think it will help us I’m willing to give it a try.”

I looked at her she was looking flushed, you horny randy bitch, I thought, I bet your wet between the legs already just thinking about it.

So the Tuesday arrived she had got dressed up reasonably smart not too sluttish, skirt just above the knee, suspenders and nylons thin blouse camisole and no bra. God just looking at her drove me wild. We got to the hotel, I had booked a room earlier so we checked in and went to the room. We had taken some wine, whiskey and a bottle of champagne. We sat on the bed and shared the wine, then had a couple of whiskeys.

I watched her drinking the whiskey her hand was shaking just a bit, “Are you Ok?” I asked.

“Yes fine do you want to make love to me?”

“Yes, but I think we should go down to the grab a granny night don’t you?” I replied.

She finished her drink and stood up, as I looked at her I thought, God you’re a fantastic girl with any luck one bloody lucky guy is going to give you a good fucking tonight. Little did I know just how wrong I was going to be.

We went down stairs, as we agreed she went straight to the toilet and I went in to the bar, ordered two drinks and as she walked in and saw me I left the bar leaving her drink on it and went and sat down. She walked over to the bar picked up the drink and leaned on the bar looking round at the men. Some were dancing others just sitting around talking. Most of the women looked 45-70 the men about 20 to 40. She went and sat at an empty table, she hadn’t been sat there 5 minutes when a smart guy about 30-35 approached her. Christ I thought she might be 74 but she can still pull them. He spoke to her she nodded and he sat down next to her. Within a couple of minutes they got up to dance.

I tried to watch without paying too much attention so I kept looking round the rest of the room. Bloody hell in minutes he was stroking the top of her leg to her arse obviously feeling her suspenders with one hand. I got up and went to the bar for another drink, while I was there a woman about 55-60 came up and asked if I wanted to dance. As I was already feeling as randy as a 21 year old I agreed. It wasn’t many minutes before I had hold of the cheeks of her arse squeezing and sinking my fingers in nice and gently. I moved in front of Cy so she could see that she wasn’t the only one having fun, as I was facing her and her partner had his back to me she could see what I was doing so she grabbed his other arm from her waist and put his hand up under her blouse onto her tit then began kissing him. God I felt so randy I pulled my partner hard onto my erect throbbing dick, she gasped as she felt it rub against her.

This was getting too much; I mumbled an apology and sat down having a drink to cool down. After about an hour and several drinks I went across to Cy while the guy was at the bar.

“Are you OK with him? I asked.

“Yes he’s really nice and he’s definitely got the hot’s for me, I told him that you were here and asked if he would be interested in making us both happy. He was OK with the idea.”

“I’ll go and have a quick word with him.” I said and walked over to the bar.

“Hi I’m Jonathan; I believe you may fancy some entertainment with my wife.”

“Frank’s the name.” he said as he picked up his drink, “I’d love to she’s pretty hot.”

“Do you know how old she is?” I asked.

“Pal I don’t care she looks great and if she’s up for it well it would be my privilege.”

“Right, look we have a room we will go up, give us ten minutes then you follow, room 37. Just a few things, you can do whatever she lets you but if she says no then you stop. She’s never been keen on oral, she loves it but not keen on giving it only very rarely and anal is taboo but you can try and If she does let you have anal, be gentle, she’s a virgin well she’s never let me have it. OK.”

“Great I can’t wait, I’m sure we can encourage her to be a bit more accommodating. See you in ten minutes.”

I went back to Cy and we went up to our room, I had massive hard on, she was breathing heavy and trembling.

“Are you Ok with what is going to happen?” I asked, not really needing an answer, I could tell by her flushed appearance and short breaths she was hotter than I could ever remember.

“I think I I’ll be OK.” She said quietly.

I poured us both a whiskey, then I got her lay back on the bed and started to kiss her, I could tell she was electric. God I thought she’s never been like this for me.

There was a knock on the door, it must have only been about 5 minutes, God he must be keen I thought. Getting up I let him in.

“I’ll lead the way” I said to him, you follow then I will leave it up to you, Don’t forget anything goes as long as she’s OK with it.” I went back to the bed; put my arms around her and our lips melted on to each other.

“I love you.” I gasped.

“I will always love you whatever happens.” she replied. I kissed her long and slowly again then I heard her gasp and felt her body jerk. Breaking away from her I looked down and saw Frank sat on the edge of the bed, no pants on with a 6-7 inch dick and thicker than mine standing erect and his hand down Cy’s knickers. Fuck me I thought this is what I’ve dreamed of for years, is it what she’s dreamed of, can we go through with it, but by then we were past the point of no return.

I kissed her again; her breath was already coming in short gasp as his hand worked inside her pants. I I pulled away stood up and walked across to the chair and poured myself a whisky. He immediately took over my position lying next to her and started to kiss her. I saw the moment she opened her mouth and their tongues entwined. This is it, I thought she’s his now there’s no stopping what’s going to happen.

He tried to rise from the bed his hand was still down her knickers but she wouldn’t release him, he had to drag himself and her up with her arms round him and her mouth still firmly clamped to his. He finally managed to pull away from her and they both sat up, he took her blouse off, followed by the camisole top, her very nice for her age tits bounced free as he threw it on the floor. Immediately he clamped his mouth over her nipples his hand commencing the rubbing of her crotch again. As he lay her back down she opened her legs wide and was gasping for breath, her back was arching she looked like she was going to explode at any second. Realising this Frank slowed down, took his hand out of her pants and started stroking her stomach up to her breasts and down again. He took his mouth from round her nipples and started kissing her again. You could see her literally come down the orgasmic scale a notch or two.

God I am 68 and have been married twice for a total of nearly fifty years but I was a novice compared to him, he was playing her like a virtuoso at the piano. He had been with her hardly 5 minutes and he had total control over her. In fairness it wasn’t just his technique, part of it was the excitement of what was happening that was driving her wild.

As they stopped kissing she looked down and for the first time saw his dick, he was clean shaven (bloody hell he must be a pro I thought) she immediately grasped it wrapping her fingers round the thick shaft. Slowly she stroked it up and down; he kissed her again and leaned back pulling her over him as she continued milking his shaft. I took a long drink on my whisky, by this time I had a monstrous hard on that felt like it was going to burst. Then she suddenly went down on him, took the end in her mouth and slowly slid down his shaft until she had the whole thing in her mouth up to his stomach. Now it was his turn to gasp as she sucked and slid slowly up and down the full length of his dick.

Christ I thought so much for her not liking it in the mouth, I took another large drink and topped my glass up again. After several minutes of this he suddenly pulled her off him, he was obviously about to shoot his load. Turning her over he went down on her and started to lick her out, now this I know she likes and within ten seconds he is driving her wild again. From my seat I had a great view and can see his tongue going from her clit slowly down into her vagina then down and round her arse. He stops there and pushes his tongue right in, she arches her back and pushes down against it groaning and grabbing his hair pulling him in.

After going back to her clit he slowly licks the full length of her body until they close mouths on one another, she lifts her knees in the air as he prepares to slide his dick in her. The end of it is pressing into her lips and just at the entrance. I hear her speak into his ear, “Give it to me for fuck’s sake, give it to me!” These are the first words I’ve heard her say since Frank came in and she never swears. I see his bottom moving forward and up and hear her gasp aloud. “Oh fuck me, please fuck me.” He slides it in right up to the hilt; she grasps her knees and pulls them wider apart and up to her breast to let him get as far in as possible. He starts sliding in and out, virtually coming the whole way out before he slides it back in again, as he builds up a rhythm she is gasping for breath. He pumps in harder, slowly building up the momentum and force. Cy is writhing now her legs pulled back as far as they will go, “Fuck me harder for God’s sake, give me everything you can.” She moans has he starts to really pound in her cunt, I can hear it squelching from where I am as her juices start to flow. She’s gasping as he pounds down harder, I can hear him slapping against her every time he rams in to the hilt. She lets go of her legs and puts her feet back on the bed, her back begins to arch, he’s taking the weight on his arms and knees as he drives it like a piston. She starts to cry out as her climax begins to rise, he keeps the steady pounding rhythm going, she grabs his head and starts kissing like she’s going to eat him then all at once she throw’s her head back and arches her back literally lifting him off the bed, her mouth wide open a rising groan turns into a loud cry.

For a second I’m worried someone will come to see what the matter is, but almost immediately she goes silent and her body is racked with spasms. I have never seen anything like it, she is shaking and dragging him onto her moaning and writhing for a good minute as her orgasm rips through her body. After about a minute she begins to calm down she has grabbed his head again and is crushing her lips onto his. He throughout this has kept control as she exploded he kept his cool, he was sensing her orgasm and as it went off the peak he eased back, keeping going but more gently as she calmed down. Now she had reached the plateau he kept going nice and easy sliding it in and out, stroking her tits and telling her how beautiful and sexy she was. God I don’t know about him but I had almost ejaculated. I took a big drink of my whiskey, was he not going to stop? Then after a few minutes of gentle fucking and stroking and telling her how fabulous she was I saw her starting to move again. Inside a couple of minutes she was gasping and writhing again, fuck me, that’s why he hadn’t come he was going to take her again.

As she started to move stronger and began to groan again he built up the pace, she was gasping again and arching her back off the bed. This time he really went to town giving her a right fucking, the slapping become louder and faster it began to look like she was going with the sound the faster and harder he drove it in the more she screamed and tossed until with one last violent effort she grabbed the cheeks of his arse pulled him in lifted him off the bed again. Her second orgasm shook her, she cried and sobbed and writhed about like someone demented. Then just as it hit its peak Frank let out a long cry and slammed his dick in as far it would go he thrust five times and each time he cried out as the spunk spurted into her then he stopped. I thought she was going to die. Her back arched off the bed her cries stopped and then suddenly it sounded like she had stopped breathing. After what seemed an age I heard her finally take a huge gasp of air, her back collapsed and she was lay on the bed under him.

In 68 years of my life even when watching porn I had never witnessed anything like it, Frank gave her a long slow kiss then withdrew from her and laid on his side stroking her. I was exhausted Cy looked absolutely dead; she just writhed slowly on the bed. After a few minutes he whispered something in her ear, she nodded as if in agreement. Frank leaned over and got his phone from the side of the bed. I assumed he was looking at the time, anyway he put it down again and continued stroking and talking to Cy.

A couple of minutes later there’s a knock on the door, Frank jumps up and opens it, two men walk in one is over 6 foot about 30 years old the other about 5ft 8in and 45-50 years old. I’m not happy about the turn of events but Frank comes over to me. “Look, you wanted her to have a night to remember, well I just asked her if she wanted more and she said yes so I had a text ready and just pushed send to my mates who were on standby. If it’s not alright with you we’ll call it a night.”

I looked across at Cy, “do you want more?” I asked, she nodded “Please,” she said so I looked at Frank and nodded. He went back to lie on the other bed while the other two guys stripped off. CY’s eyes set on the younger guy, his dick though flaccid looked huge. They both got on the bed one on either side of her and started to open her legs. The older one Steve started sucking her tits while John the younger went down and started to lick her clit After 5 minutes I recognised the signs I had already seen twice tonight. She started to writhe and her breath got shorter and deeper. John got up and stood in front of her face, she let out a loud gasp. His dick must have been 8 to 9 inches long and twice my girth; in the meantime the older guy Steve had got his head between her legs and had taken up where John had left off.

Cy got hold of the huge dick and put it in her mouth, her jaws must have been as wide as they could go. He started to move very slowly backward and forwards getting perhaps a third of his dick inside her mouth. As she started to writhe and groan the guy between her legs gradually worked his way up her body until he was sucking her tits and his dick was on the edge of her cunt. Her hand was wanking John in her mouth and she was oblivious to anything, her breathing was desperate and her body was beginning to go into spasm. The older guy realising this slipped his dick into her throbbing pussy and started to fuck her good and hard. I could hear the squelch as he pumped in and out and the slap of his balls on her arse. She started to cry out, turning her head away from John’s enormous dick she sunk her nails into the older guys arse and writhing like someone not right she pulled him onto her as she finally went into her orgasm and screamed with the exquisite delight that seemed to be getting better with each orgasm. He immediately reacted and cried out “Oh fuck me!!” as he ejaculated and his spunk went in bursts up into her. She wrapped her mouth round his and dragged his arse further to get his dick as far in as he could reach. Although he had shot his load he kept trying to pump into her as best he could but she wrapped her legs round him and gripped him in to her so he was struggling to move.

As her orgasm slowly subsided she relaxed her hold on him and he went limp and his dick slid out of her. Getting off the bed he stood up. John lay on the bed next to her and began to caress her. She was lay back with her eyes closed obviously trying to recover from the last fucking, but as he started to kiss her she opened her eyes Seeing who it was she reached down and closing her hand around his huge dick began to slide it up and down. This carried on for a few moments while she recovered some of her energy, I could tell she wasn’t that far from yet another orgasm as she writhed on the bed enjoying his caresses while she stroked his huge dick.

“I don’t think I’ll need any lubricant with what you have inside you.” He said as he took her hand away and climbed on top of her. She opened her legs and pulled her knees up so that her feet where flat on the bed. Lowering himself over her he hesitated as the end of his dick made contact with her swollen, wide open vaginal opening. He pushed the head of his dick in and she gasped and held his back. He slowly pushed in; I heard her moan and she dug her nails into his side. As it went further in she started to scratch down his body. Then as the head slipped in and disappeared she gave a long sigh took her fingers out and started to rub his side.

He started to pump in and out in long slow strokes; she pulled his head down and kissed him. He started to go faster and deeper as she once more began to writhe and gasp. I saw Frank out of the corner of my eye get up; get the lubricant and start walking over to the bed. Meanwhile as I thought Cy was going to orgasm John stopped, rolled over and then pulled her onto him, all in one movement without uncoupling. She was writhing pinned onto his huge dick her tits hanging down over him, when Frank walked to her and whispered in her ear, she nodded. He got up, put a load of lubricant on his fingers and started to gently wipe it round her anus. She started to move her bottom against his fingers; he very slowly began to slip one in and out. After working it for a minute or so he put more lube on and started to stretch it. John slowly started his pumping motion again now; I could see her getting flushed. Frank meanwhile had opened her anus enough to get two fingers in and has he pulled them out it was just beginning to gape a bit. Now he put the tube to her and pumped a quantity straight in, putting more round his fingers he got three fingers in. He gently moved them and spread her anus as he worked it. She was now squirming and pumping with John’s motion, her breath was ragged and gasping. Frank finally took his fingers out, put a load of lube on his dick, strode over her and held it to the entrance. John seeing him astride them both halted his pounding and waited. Frank started to push in, I head Cy cry out in pain but that was all, she didn’t say stop so he turned, looked at me and nodded. “Yes” I croaked, I could hardly get any words out “For God’s sake yes give it her.” He gave one more hard push; she screamed and then let out a long sigh as the head passed through and the shaft finally slid right in.

After a couple of seconds they both started shagging her in unison, gently at first then slowly building up to a nice rhythmic pumping. It was amazing sat where I was I could see them both pounding away, one in each hole; it was the most incredibly sexy experience ever. I was almost ejaculating without touching myself, just watching. Within a short time I knew Cy was coming having already watched it happen three times. She planted her lips on John as he pumped, she was losing control, her head started to sway her legs and arms were trembling, John picked up the pace while Frank began to hold back. John held her head in his hands, watching her face avidly. He went faster she threw her head back and let out a cry, her body went into convulsions as he let out his own cry and as the orgasm ripped once more through her body he shot his spunk into her 4,5, 6 times he cried out with each spurt that poured into her.

Fucking hell, I can’t stand any more of this I thought but then I realised Frank had not come he had relaxed just as the world was exploding beneath him. Now as the two below began to subside he very gently started to ease it in and out of her arse. This went on for two or three minutes until Cy lifted her head off John’s chest realising what was happening. I noticed that John had become rigid again and started to pump in time with Frank. (Bloody hell I thought he’s got more stamina than me.)

Very slowly and gently Cy was being brought up from the plateau towards another orgasm, she started to writhe again. “Oh no!” she cried out, “Not again, please, I can’t, It will kill me, I can’t stand another, please NOooooooooo” Her voice tailed off as Frank fucked her arse faster and harder and John built up in time. “Oh please don’t, it’s too much, Oh, Oh, Oh please.” She cried out as they both started to come to an orgasm. Then she started to grind her body as hard down on both dicks as she could, getting them in right up to the hilt. Then she cried out, “Yes, Yes, fuck me, its coming, its coming. Oh shag me, Oh fuck!!!” Then she exploded, Frank got his torso up erect instead of leaning over her and rammed his dick in like there was no tomorrow, John was hammering his huge dick into her. As Cy convulsed her body shaking in the throes of yet another orgasm she screamed, Frank and John cried out and at the same instant and shot their load into her, Both holding her waist tight as they both pulled her onto them and pumped and pumped their spunk into her while she cried and threw her head back in total ecstasy.

I felt my own orgasm coming as I looked across at the bed; they were both stuck in her moving slowly, I could see they were getting limp. Frank slipped his dick out of her and lay at the side exhausted, her anus was gaping wide and I noticed a whisp of steam coming out as a thick white stream slowly ran out and down towards John’s dick. I couldn’t bear it any longer; I leapt out of the chair, whipped my pants off, got across her and rammed my engorged dick right in to the hilt. It must have taken 5 seconds before I shot my load into her arse to mingle with Franks, then I collapsed at the bottom of the bed. John gently lifted her off him, moved over and lay her on the bed, she had her eyes closed, her hair was wet and matted to her forehead, she looked asleep and totally exhausted.

They both got up and went into the shower; I could hear the shower running. After a few minutes they both came out drying themselves.

As they were getting dressed Cy got up and went into the shower. Once dressed all three came over to me, I got up and Steve shook my hand, “Thanks mate, that was definitely the best night I can ever remember.” He said, “I’m sorry but I’m afraid you’ve let the tiger out and once it’s out you can’t put it back in.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well she’s a wonderful girl and I know she did this for you but unfortunately you have awoken something in her. She may be OK for a week a month even but sooner or later she’s going to want it again and again and again, and I’m afraid there will be no stopping her.”

I could hear the sound of the shower in the bathroom, he bent over the table , took the notepad and wrote on it. Passing it over to me I saw a phone number.

“If you don’t mind, when she decides she wants it again we would love to be part of it, here’s my number.”

“I don’t think we’ll need it I said as they left.

With that the three of them left, I screwed the note up and threw it in the bin.

The next morning we made love more passionately than I could remember, she was fantastic,. As we left the room to check out I bent down and took a piece of screwed up paper out of the bin.