Written by Joe

6 Jun 2018

My aunts friend had always been a looker always dressed to impress and my partner had gone out with her for a night I had said I was going to stop at a mates but decided to go home late on instead, the door was unlocked but the kitchen door was shut I opend it to find my aunts friend layed on the dining room table wearing black hold up stockings and black stilettos my partner had tanned stockings and suspenders on and her tits out she was licking her pussy, they both stopped in shock and didn’t know what to do, I was aroused and told them to carry on my partner asked if I was ok and I said yes, she carried on licking her, I asked if she was enjoying it as she’d never done it before and she said it was so horny, my aunts friend then said it was here turn and made her sit on the work top and began eating her, I was now hard and enjoying watching, I couldn’t help but get my cock out and start to wank, my partner said I should put it to use on her friend, I went behind her and pushed myself into her from behind and started fucking her at the same time I played with my partners nipples my partner was getting close to coming as her moans showed she blew into her friends mouth and I then licked the rest up. We have no arranged a regular thing