Written by Agents66

6 Jan 2014

From her to him.

I had no idea who's party it was.

I had been invited by my friend to this large house in the middle of nowhere. Standing in the kitchen she wandered off talking to people she knew.

I felt a isolated and alone in a house full of people and wondered why I had agreed to come.

I noticed people wandering outside to a large area where there was a BBQ and dustbins full of alcohol chilling amongst an industrial amount of ice.

There was a lot of laughter so I followed some people outside to try and join in the conversation.

She stood there, loud and gregarious. All I can presume is that this was the lady of the house, bragging about her house, her money, the outbuildings, the barn, stables, tennis courts and the like.

I was tiring of this conversation and made my way into the house to find my friend.

I couldn't find her but found myself wandering upstairs. People were talking at the top of the first flight of stairs and directed me to the next floor where there was another bathroom, it wasn't where I intended to go but I took the second flight anyway.

I entered a large palatial bathroom, bigger than my own bedroom. I sat on the edge of a large whirlpool bath, bowed my head and wanted to cry.

A few moments later the door opened, which made me jump. I had forgotten to lock the door behind me. I looked up and there you were, as surprised as I was to meet under these circumstances. You looked startled and asked how I on earth I had been invited to this party.

I tried to explain but you were panicking, you weren't prepared to listen, saying I had to leave because your wife was here.

I felt even more alone and upset, I ran passed you, wanting to escape, you tried to grab me but I got out of the door.

I continued to race through the house, fast steps, not quite a run. I needed to escape but had no where to go, no money with me as my friend had it in her bag.

I managed to get outside and started running, crying now, it was dark apart from the lights in the house. I was startled now not quite knowing what to do next.

I ran along the side of the house and could see some outbuildings that could offer some refuge until I got my head together.

Inside a dark barn I collapsed face down on a bail of hay and cried. Sobbing so loudly I didn't hear the door open.

The next thing I remember is someone landing on top of me, it made me jump and in the darkness it frightened me. Hands took hold of my wrists and held me down on my back while a mouth kissed firm and strong, pushing a tongue inside my mouth. I tried to call out but a voice whispered breathy words

'I'm sorry, I was just shocked to see you. I'm glad you're here, I want you now'

I instantly buckled, glad it was you. In the darkness I could only just make out the silhouette of your face.

'What about you're wife?' I asked nervously while you still held my wrists above my head.

You ignored my question, kissing my face and neck until I felt your hot breathe on my breast through my flimsy top. I could feel your cock through your trousers pressing against my leg, its size and hardness startled me.

You were passionate, fast, firm and rough. The thought that another party go-er or your wife might walk in at any minute, heightened the arousal

Your legs pushed mine apart, you then held both of my hands with one of yours while the other pulling up my short skirt, undid your trousers releasing your hard cock from the constraints of clothing, it bounced out and I could feel it land wet against my thigh.

You then ripped back my top pushing your mouth hard onto my erect nipple. You teased my nipple with your teeth, while you slid your free hand down to my wet, waiting pussy.

You were wild and rough, not like anything you'd done before but here on the hay in the darkness I found myself aroused, so so horny, desperate to feel you inside of me, you felt my wetness and pushed my thighs apart further.

You thrust your big, hard cock deep inside me with harder and harder strokes, while both of your hands took a wrist each, your weight on top of me meant I couldn't move.

Your mouth was kissing me hard, your tongue exploring my mouth.

You told me you wanted to fuck me hard, as your thrusting became fast and impatient. I realised you were cumming as your body began to shudder, I felt you explode inside of me. Still holding me tight you fell on top of me.

I remember thinking how quick you were, thought you'd finished and were about to leave as you started to get up but you just told me you wanted to eat me and plunged your hard, hot mouth into my sopping cunt, a mixture of you and me which you lapped up with real vigor. You put a finger inside of me while your tongue explored my anus and the erogenous zone that lay there for the taking.

You left your fingers inside moving in small circular movements while your mouth sucked my hard clit, rolling your tongue in circles, flicking the growing mound that lay soaking in front of you.

The passion was too much as I called out to you that I wanted you, calling out your name while you felt the spasms inside of my tight wet cunt, my back arched as I let out a long moan as I came while you sucked me hard.

We lay back on the hay, holding each other, hot and exhausted.

You needed to return to the house, to your wife.

I returned a few minutes later, my top slightly torn and hair a mess. I ran to the first bathroom to straighten myself up.

When I came out my friend was there and said

'I've looked everywhere for you. This party is awful, shall we go?'

'Yeah, there's no excitement here!' I said as we walked out the front door.