Written by Katya

19 Aug 2009

Phone Call

I was sitting at home winding down from a long day at work when my phone rang. I went to pick it up but I didn't recognize the number, at the last second I answered it.

"I'm going to see you tonight, all I want you to do is listen and listen." A male voice was on the other end and I knew I should have been terrified but my curiosity got the betterr of me. "Ok," I said softly "Very good, I want you to doll yourself up, and I want your make-up to be very heavy and over the top like a porno star. You will wear a very sexy outfit for me, when you are ready I want you to go into your room and lay on the bed with the lights off some gentle music playing and some candles burning. Then I want you to call back this number, let it ring once and then hang up. Is that clear?" "Yes," I replied, starting to feel a little scared but still curious. The other end went dead in my ear and I slowly closed my phone and set it aside.

I thought that the voice had a familar ring to it that made me want to know more to know who and why ?

I went through my normal routine in the shower as my mind started to wonder. Who was this guy? What was going to take place? The combination of fear, excitement, and anticipation really started to get me worked up.

After leaving the shower I went to pick out my outfit. I chose a leather mini skirt and a bikini style top which did a great job of showing off my breasts and just about kept my nipples inside, hold up black lacy stockings and a tiny black thong that had small sequins along the centre line, as if he would need help to find my pussy!. I felt a little vulnerable and exposed but I liked it. Shoes? mnnnn oh yes my black and silver zip shoes with ankle straps they will do fine.

I went into the bathroom and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. I went through my regular routine putting my make-up on but taking extra care to make sure I looked my best well my best version of a porno star that is. Thick dark eyes with long dark eyelashes and using my deepest red lipstick to exagerate my lips the look was almost compete just the red blusher and lip gloss to finish off. Letting my hair down it fell on my shoulders framing my face ....mnn looking sexy.

I went and grabbed my phone and looked for calls recieved, I left the lights off in the bedroom as I climbed on to the bed. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. I didn't know if I should prop myself up or not so I laid back on the pillows. I took a couple of deep breaths trying to calm the flutters in my stomach. I reached for my phone and re-dialed the number. It rang once as instructed and then I hung up, now all I had to do was wait.

As I lay there my mind started to race, thinking of the possibilities of what was to come. I tried to slow it down because I was starting to slip off the edge of control.

I couldn't get my thoughts to slow down and it finally got to the point where I needed to release some of the pressure building in between my legs and my breasts. My nipples were already so hard and as I shifted on the bed the brushing of the fabric from my top sent a delicious shiver through my body.

I took one hand and slowly caressed down the side of my body. I skimmed my fingers along the waistband of my skirt. I was only wearing a tiny thong underneath and I could tell I was already wet. I reached down and slowly started to raise my skirt a little.

"Don't even think about it. Put your hands above your head." voice, a mans voice.

I jumped a little and tried to see through the darkness but I couldn't see anything the candles did little more than provide a glow. How did he get here so fast? How long had he been standing there? I obeyed though and moved my hands above my head.

I heard him go into the closet and a minute later he was standing next to the bed. "Put both your wrists together and place them in front of you." I hesitated, a little fear starting to surface. "It would not be a good idea to disobey," he said.

I brought my wrists together and placed them in front of me. He reached over and started binding my hands together. "Who are..." My head snapped to the side. He had slapped me! "You don't get to ask questions. You only get to answer them. Is that clear?" I didn't respond, still in shock from the slap across my face. "I asked you a question!" "Yes," I replied. "Good. You will address me as sir, if you do anything wrong you will be punished. Do you understand me?" he said in a calm but firm voice. "Yes," I said. "Yes what?" "Yes sir."

He switched on a light and when I saw his face I rushed to get off the bed. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back. I heard something click and then felt something cold on my neck. It was a steel collar. "That is not a smart move. I know that this is a bit of a shock for you but we can either do this the easy way or the hard way, your call."

I slowly sank back against the pillows and he let go of my hair but he left the collar where it was resting by my neck. A bit of a shock. I thought to myself. It was more than that. He was a co-workers boyfriend! I had never met him but she talked about him constantly and had shown me pictures.

"You know who I am and you know my girlfriend." I just nodded my head. "Her and I have been having problems and she doesn't understand this side of me. But you, you can understand. I know things about you and I have watched you at work and when you leave work. You are the perfect person for this. This isn't about control. This is about showing you an experience you have never had before. You are going to be my little submissive whore tonight." I tensed and he slid the collar a little closer to my neck. "There is nothing to be afraid of. You want this and I know you want this. You just need to be broken in and I am going to do that for you. You are going to take everything I give you. When you think that you can't take anymore you are going to beg for more. Is that clear?" "Yes sir, but why..." He reached up and yanked back on my hair. "What did I tell you about asking questions?" I remained silent. He yanked harder on my hair. "What did I tell you? Did I say you could ask questions?" I shook my head "That's right, good learning fast is going to be a good thing for you. I am not going to hurt you, too badly. Sure, I may induce a little pain here or there but it will be pleasurable at the same time, because I know you are secretly a whore. You like to be taken control of and to have your limits pushed. You like to be made to feel dirty and controlled. I am going to make you hot. Hot enough so you don't feel anything but me. So you don't think of anything but what I am doing to you. You are going to do everything I tell you to and you are not going to stop me. You are going to watch everything that I do to you. So for starters, you are going to touch yourself for me. You are only going to touch where I tell you. Understand?" "Yes sir."

"Good. Now spread your legs. I want to see you. You are here to please me right?" "We..." Again, my head snapped to the side, another slap across the face. "That is not what I want to hear. I will ask you again, you are here to please me right?" "Yes sir." "Good girl. Now touch your left breast." I slowly moved my hands over and began to caress my left breast. "Pinch your nipple." I hesitated and he reached over and grabbed my nipple between his fingers. He squeezed until I cried out a little. "You better start listening. If you don't do it, I will, now do the same thing to your right breast." I reached over and began to caress my right breast and then took the nipple in between my fingers and squeezed a little. "Harder." I let out a little moan of protest. "Do you want me to do it again?" I quickly shook my head and squeezed harder on my nipple until I cried out again. "Good girl, very good." He used a gloved hand and slid it around various parts of my body. I began to tremble a little. "Oh, you little slut. You like this don't you?" "Yes sir." "I want you to stand up for me," he said.

I got off the bed and stood on the floor. "Come stand in front of me." I walked over to him and stood there all alone with this monster. He rose to his feet. "Turn around." I didn't obey so he reached around and slapped my ass. "Turn the fuck around!" I turned so my back was to him. I felt him start softly kissing the side of my neck and down to my shoulder. He started doing the same thing on the other side as I felt his hands reach up and put something around my neck. I took one step forward away from him. "Don't move. Don't fucking move or it will cost you." I pulled my foot back and then he turned me around to face him.

"Look at this, got my little slut on a leash now, down on your knees." I tried to pull away from him and he yanked down on the leash. "I said get down." I knelt down in front of him. "Look up at me." I glanced up into his face. "Take my pants down slut" I reached up and with my hands still bound struggled to get the fly undone.

He was hard and just seeing his erection made the ache between my legs increase he smelt unwashed but not dirty, just musty "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue." I did as I was told. He began to stroke his cock and every once in awhile he would brush it against my tongue. I started to grow anxious and I reached down and started to rub myself. Another slap across the face. "Did I tell you that you could touch yourself?" I shook my head. "No I didn't. Squeeze your nipple again." I reached up and squeezed one of my nipples until a little moan escaped my lips. He continued to stroke his cock right in my face. "Do you want this cock in your mouth slut?" "Yes sir." "Beg." "Please sir, let me suck your cock. I want to feel it in my mouth," I pleaded. "Oh, yeah, that is a good girl. Open your mouth again." I opened my mouth and he placed just the head of his cock in my mouth. "Suck it really slow. Take as much as you can." I began to slowly move up and down his cock making sure it hit the back of my throat. "Oh god. Suck that cock you whore. Is that good slut? You like the taste of my cock?" I mumbled my response with his cock in my mouth. He reached back and placed his hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth...faster...and faster...and faster. "Yes, suck that cock you dirty whore. Suck it." I pulled back a little and he reached down and pulled on one of my nipples. I let out a muffled cry. "Did I say you could stop? No, I didn't. Keep sucking until I say you can stop."

After awhile he pulled it out. "Get on the bed." I obeyed. He laid down on the bed next to me. "Straddle my face while facing the wall." I hesitated and he yanked on my leash. "Are you resisting me? Remember, you are not stopping me." I got up and straddled his face leaning against the wall. He began to lick my clit and I couldn't help but cry out and start moaning. "Shut it. No noise. You make a sound and I am going to stop." He went back to licking my sweet hot dripping cunt and it took all my self-control to keep quiet. After awhile my whole body started to shake and tense up. He stopped. "No. You are not allowed to cum until I tell you it's ok. You cum without me saying it is ok and you will be punished. Clear?" "Yes sir," I said in a shaky voice. He went back to what he was doing and I had to hold my breath every once in awhile to prevent crying out. I was going insane, all the sensations running through my body.

He slid out from underneath me. "Lay down on your back." I obeyed. "Spread yourself for me." I reached down and spread myself, the touch sending another shiver through my body. Everything was so sensitive because I was so aroused. "Do you want more?" "Yes sir," I said eagerly, wanting to be able to release. "Beg me to fuck you. Beg you dirty whore." "Sir, please fuck me. Please. I want to cum on your hard cock." He brought his hips up so they were in between my legs, the head of his cock so close to my cunt . I arched my back and pushed my hips forward, trying to get him inside me. He placed a hand on my belly and pushed down. "You will get what I give you remember. You have to be quiet though, not a sound. Understand slut?" "Yes sir."

He placed the head of his cock inside me and I wanted to moan so badly but I grabbed a pillow and pushed my face into it. "No you don't. Look at me. I want you to watch what I am doing." I glanced down to his cock slipping inside of me. He slowly pushed it all the way in and my body tensed up. He slowly slid it back out and slowly slid it back in. He did this over and over until I thought I was going to scream. He placed his hands around my neck and slowly began to squeeze. "You want it faster?" "Yes sir. Please. Fuck me harder. Make me cum," I gasped. As he began to fuck me a little faster he leaned down next to my ear. "Are you my little slut?" "Yes sir." "Who do you belong to?" "You sir." "That's right slut. No one else can fuck you because you are mine. You got that?" "Yes sir. Oh, I'm going to cum, please let me cum. Please sir." "Yes my little slut, cum for me, cum for me." I finally drove over the age and I cried out as the waves of pleasure overtook my body. I felt him start to fuck me faster and faster and then he released as he grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed. His orgasm was fast and furious will animal sounds as he shot cum deep inside my cunt, his cock stayed hard for what seemed like an age, pumping away and making his cum ooze out as he withdrew. He left his mark on my bed, cum and my juices dripping down my legs and onto the sheets.

Feeling Him deep in me the way no other guy had ever fucked me he had controled me from a phone call to him in the room my mind went blank as I watched him lift himself off me, he placed his cock at my lips " clean it off Slut" I knew I had no choice but in truth I wanted to lick him clean he had won me over and I wanted to taste him.

"mnnn Slut I think you have done this before, maybe I need to be harder on you next time" He turned without a word and pullled up his pants not saying what I should do now, was there more to come? He released the leash and untied my hands and kissed my lips gently in fact it was sensual not rough and demanding that left me confused.

He walked away from the bed and headed out of the room.He left me laying limp on the bed and I driffted off to sleep dreaming of what had just happened, fuck that was amazing. When I woke I looked at myself on the bed a real slut left with sticky thighs and a taste of cum in my mouth, mnnn I can't wait for the phone to ring again.