Written by northwalescoup

19 Aug 2008

Mike had just about finished the new water heater for Mrs. Evans, as the old one was leaking like a sieve and must have been costing her a fortune. As he was packing up his tools, Mrs Evans came into the hallway wearing a wrap around robe. \'All done,\' she asked with a smile. \'I\'ve just to run the teast and it\'s all yours Mrs. Evans,\' he replied. \'Well I know just how to test it,\' she responded. There\'s coffe in the pot just help yourself while I take a shower.\' She disappeared into the bathroom, giving Mike no chance to reply. Mike poured himself a coffe and sat in the kitchen and waited for her return. Mike had found out that she had been widowed twelve years before, he guessed she was in her early sixties and despite her aga she was still quite attractive. She had a pleasant appearance and from what Mike could see a pretty good body and didn\'t appear shy about showing it off. In the two day he had been there she hadn\'t bothered getting dressed until around lunch time and spent the morning in her robe. Mike knew that at times she wore underwear but other times she was clearly naked underneath the robe. At times Mike could feel his cock stiffening in his pants as she wafted past him, just like he could feel it now at the thought of her. After about ten minutes She returned to the kitchen, her blonde hair wet from the shower. \'That\'s perfect, Mike.\' she said, \'how much do I owe you?\' Mike handed her the bill, \'Three hundred and fifty should cover it,\' he smiled. He noticed that she was studying it carefully. \'Is the a problem,\' he asked. \'No not at all,\' she replied. Mike noticed that she had gone a little red but put it down to the fact that she had just come out of the shower. \'How would you like to make it a round five hundred,\' she asked. Mike eyes the woman, wondering why she would make such an offer. Before he could say anything, Mrs Evans, looking slightly flustered said, \'I suppose you know I\'ve been a widow for twelve years now Mike and to be perfectly honest I haven\'t been with a man in all that time, I\'ve had to make do with playing with myself infront of the computer\' It suddenly dawned on Mike she was offering to pay him to have sex with her. Mikes mind was whirling as he remembered the times she had passed him in the hallway, her perfume wafting behind her or the times he had seen her silhouetted in the doorway, the light shining through her thin robe. It didn\'t take him long to give her his reply as his cock was getting uncomfortably hard inside his jeans, and besides the extra cash would come in very handy. \'Cash Mrs. Evans,\' Mike enquired as he started to unbuckle his belt. \'Of course,\' she replied and please call me Hazel. She moved towards him and placed her hand over his. \'Please let me do that for you, I haven\'t seen a real cock for twelve years and I want to enjoy the thrill of undressing you. Mike stood there as Hazel finished unbuckling his belt and dropped his zipper. As his jeans fell to the floor and she pulled his tee shirt over his head, Hazel gasped at the sight of his muscular chest and the size of the swelling in his boxers. She had restricted herself to surfing the web for pictures of nude men of all sizes and pleasuring herself as she sat infront of the computer. This was the first real cock she had seen in over a decade. As she moved forward she reached out and rubbed Mikes cock through his boxers and felt it jerk at her touch. She continued stroking his length for a couple of minutes before hooking her fingers into his waistband and easing his shorts down over his hips. Mikes cock sprang out, long, hard and throbbing as soon as it was released from it\'s constraints. Hazel gasped at the sight of his eight inch woman pleaser and dropped to her knees in front of him. Mike could see from the look on her face that she was really hot for it, and the feel of her hot breath on him caused him to stiffen even more. \'May I suck it,\' she asked as she gazed at his circumcised knob. \'The only cock I\'ve ever sucked was my husbands and he wasn\'t circumcised, so yours will be the first cut cock I\'ve ever sucked. \'You\'re paying Hazel, so just go ahead.\' He felt her hot lips circle his knob and was taken aback as she sucked, first his knob then his whole eight inches into her mouth. Mike had had blow jobs before, but it normally took time for the woman to take him all inside, but Hazel took the lot into her mouth at the first go. She sucked him for several inutes before she leant back and opened the front of her robe. She wascompletely naked under it, and despite the fact that her tits sagged a little she had a lovely pair for a woman of her age, each one topped with a large brown nipple. Mike was getting more and more aroused as he took in her erect nipples and her neatly trimmed pubic hair. \'Do you twist your nipples when you\'re playing with yourself,\' he asked. \'Of course was the reply as she unconsciously reached up and flicked at her hard nipples. \'Lay back I would love to see you playing with your pussy,\' Mike said. Smiling Hazel lay back on the worktop and moved her left hand down over her stomach, through the light covering of soft pubic hair and dippeed her fingers through the soft folds of her pussy lips. Mike stared, although she was blonde she was grey down there and this was the first time he had seen grey pubic hairs. As she ran her hand over her soaking pussy Mike moved closer, aiming his cock for her mouth. The combination of the feel of his cock in her mouth and her blurred hand flashing over pussy, Hazels orgasm soon hit her. Feeling her body shaking Mike came himself and pumped jet after jet of his cum down Hazels throat. She took every drop swallowing him greedily. As Hazels orgasm slowed and Mikes cock stopped spurting, she wrapped her fingers round his shaft and cooed, \'Mamma wants this big cock inside her.\' Leading him by his cock she took him down the hallway to the bedroom. As she pushed open the door, Mike noticed the computer in the corner and the vision of her sat infront of it playing with herself flashed through his mind. She pushed Mike onto the bed and climbed on beside him. She took his cock in her one hand, while the other went between her legs. She gripped his shaft tightly as she drove two fingers into herself and rubbed her hand up and down his cock in rhythm with her probing fingers. Mike sat up and moved between her thighs watching her playing with herself, his hand stroking up and down his cock. He moved forward, positioning his knob just inside her love tunnel, then with out warning he drove deeply into her. Hazel screamed as his eight inches stretched her underused pussy. Mike powered in and out of her for what seemed to her like a life time, before at last she felt his cock twitch and she felt his hot seed flowing into her. She felt herself filled by his juices. Even after he had finished cumming inside her Mike just caried on driving hs cock into her until at last Hazel felt her own orgasm building inside her and as Mike took her by surprse and rammed himself to the hilt into her, crushing her clit against his pubic bone Hazel came with a vengance, flooding her own hot juices around his cock, causing Mike to cum yet again. As they lay there totally satisfied, Hazel turned to Mike and with a smile said. \'I\'ve got a funny feeling that things are not going to be quite right with the boiler, I may have to call you out again. Mike smiled to himself, when she did he wouldn\'t need his tool bag just his tool.