Written by footjob1

23 Sep 2008

We'd been invited to an afternon pool party in Marbella by friends of ours. As it was mid-August the sun was beating down and the attire had been announced

as beach-wear. The missus took ages in deciding what to wear and finally settled on a tiny bikini top, that barely covered her nipples, and an equally tiny

thong whose colour matched her toe-nail varnish. A sheer sarong and a pair of high-heeled mules completed her outfit. We arrived late and the party was in

full swing with a number of ladies walking around topless and as this was Marbella there were plenty of surgically enhanced tits on display. The missus,

having had her tits 'done' a while back, quickly took her bikini top off to show her 34DD's and compete with the rest of the ladies. The age group was mixed

with some well defined, muscular young chaps showing large bulges in their skimpy shorts, to middle-aged chaps with bellies. However, everyone was really

relaxed. The wine was flowing and sweet music took some couples onto a makeshift dance floor. The missus was asked to dance by a good looking chap who was

eyeing her stiff nipples, and it didn't take long before his hand was groping her bare cheeks under her sarong. I watched has her hand stroked his dick

through his shorts. This was going to be a good afternoon, I thought, as I love to see the missus getting stuffed with cock. I noticed a lady on her own

watching the events of the party and started to chat to her, she was also topless and had a nice pair of tits so I asked her onto the floor. She didn't seem

to mind me dancing close to her and my cock began twitching as her tits pressed into me. I noticed that we were near the missus and I could see her dancing

partners fingers inserted deep in her cunt, another chap dancing next to her had one finger up her arse. She had a look of ectasy on her face as her partner

was squeezing her tits together and sucking her nipples. 'That lucky lady seems to be having fun' my dance partner whispered in my ear. 'That's my wife', I

answered as I bent down and sucked both tits. I reached for her fanny and found her sopping wet, her juices running down her thigh. A cheer rang around the

dance flor and I looked up to see the missus on all floors with a cock in her mouth and her dance partner pumping her from behind, the remaing dancers had

formed a ring around them to watch. This also seemed to be a signal for the sex to begin as the remaining shorts, bikini's, etc. were taken off and tits and

cocks were sucked and fucked. My fingers were ramming up my dance partners arse as she wanked my cock and I watched the missus take a large mouthful of

spunk, caressing the blokes balls as she tried to milk some more. He moved away and was followed by another eager chap, older than the first, who offered his

dick to the missus. She eagerly took him and started to wank him into her spunky mouth. Her fuck friend seemed to be nearing his orgasm and took his cock out

of her cunt and shot over her back whilst her grabbed a tit and squeezed her nipple. I was getting really turned on by this and turned my new friend around,

bent her over and shoved my cock into her cunt hole and fucked her until I came. The missus was on a role now as, still bent over, her arse and cunt was free

to be fucked. It didn't take long before a man wriggled under her so that her tits were in his face and he could rub his bell-end over her clit before

entering her. She didn't seem to mind and carried on wanking the older man who had a big smile on his face. Another chap, seeing her free arse hole bent down

and slowly inserted his prick into her, taking his time until she slapped his arse to get him to fuck her. I knew she'd be happy now as her favourite saying

was that 'she loved to have all holes filled with cock'. I noticed a couple of black men, with huge cocks watching the missus and rubbed my hands with glee

at the tought of them fucking her - she loves black men with big cocks. As I looked around there was plenty of fuck action but also people just chilling out,

either at the bar or in the pool. As I'd finished my first fuck I moved to the bar area to see if there was any more action to be had, leaving the missus

with her three cocks. I started chatting to a chap who couldn't take his eyes of the missus. He knew she was my wife as she'd seen us arrive, 'wow, she's got

great feet and toes', he said. I must admit that the missus does have pretty feet and toes and I like nothing better than to kiss them whilst I fuck her. I

told him that she gives a great foot wank and that to go and have a feel of them. He didn't wait for a second and was bending over her, taken her high-heeld

mules off and licking the soles of her feet and sucking her toes. She watched him and gently wanked his cock with her free hand and squeezed his balls. I was

interrupted by the two black men who asked if they could fuck the wife, looking down at their huge cocks I just nodded and said that she liked it up her arse

and cunt. The both went over to her and stood within eye contact and rubbed themselved until they were stiff. Both chaps fucking her seemed to come at the

same time and moved away from her, leaving the toe sucker and her still sucking off the older chap. One of the black men motioned for him to move down and

fuck the missus and as he did. he rubbed his big black dick across her face and pushed it into her mouth making her gag. The old chap was fucking her

furiously and it didn't take him long to spunk into her, the toe sucker came over her bright red toe-nails. The first black man was in a press-up position

fucking her mouth and his friend moved down and opened her legs as wide as possible before he inserted his cock in her cunt and then her arse, alternatively

fucking each hole. He then moved onto his back and pulled the missus onto him, she bent down with her tits in his face and stuck her arse in the air waiting

for his friend to fuck her arse. He was there in no time and people began taking pictures of her having both arse and cunt fucked by two enormous dicks. The

party carried on into the evening but that's another story.