Written by genevieve

18 Aug 2014

I am a widow, in her sixties. I live alone in the same tidy suburban semi-detached in which my late husband and I brought up our family. My neighbour Gerald has been very kind to me since my hubby died. I feel like I can turn to him whenever I need help, such as when my car would not start or when the sink blocked up. Gerald is about fifteen years younger than me, he lives alone and I have never seen him with any ladies.

A few days ago the postman asked me to take in a couple of parcels for Gerald . It is not the first time that has happened, and other times parcels for me have been left with Gerald.

Gerald was out all day and I must have gone to bed by the time he got home so it was the next morning when I went to take them round. As I went up to the front door I could see a monitor screen in the front room so I knew Gerald was there. I leant across to see if he was at his desk and I was surprised to see him sitting, still in his bathrobe which was not closed, openly playing with his penis. I realised he was watching porn.

Some ladies of my age might have been disgusted but since being a widow I know how it feels to be alone, wanting sex but not having a partner. People might think of me as prim and proper but in fact my relationship with my husband was very sexual, and not always monogamous.

I rang at the door. After a short wait Gerald answered, looking a bit embarrassed. He apologised for being in his bathrobe. I did not wait to be invited in, I simply stepped past him, putting the parcels on the hall table. Then I reached in to his robe, on to his penis which was still half erect. He was surprised to say the least, but did not resist.

I led him back into the front room, told him to put the film back on while I closed the curtains. I sat him back on his seat, kneeled between his legs, and set about my work.

Amazing to think that I have almost fifty years experience of giving blow jobs. I started young, had good teachers and enjoyed the lessons. There was hardly a day of my marriage when I did not give my husband a nice time and he usually thanked me in kind.

After a few minutes of delicate sucking and licking I looked up to see if Gerald was enjoying it. His erection was full, his skin tasted clean. He was no longer looking at the screen, he had his head back and his eyes closed. I like that, I get a sense of satisfaction from knowing I am giving pleasure to the man in my mouth.

Because I enjoy it, I don't want the man to cum too soon and I have learnt how to prolong the waiting. A change of pace, long strokes of the tongue, going onto the balls instead, all seem to have the desired effect. Gerald's face was screwed up as if he was in agony. I could have tortured him more but I decided to be kind. It did not take much to make him erupt , all of his warm spunk going into my hand which was wrapped loosely over his tip. I waited for him to shoot it all then set about rubbing his spunk over his cock and balls, before taking his softening erection back into my mouth to suck out the last drops.

My work was done, but doing it had me feel quite randy so I dropped my trousers and panties in order to be able to play with my own pussy while Gerald watched. Other men have got turned on watching me and have usually joined in, one way or another. I looked over at Gerald, his face a picture of surprise and excitement. Maybe he thought women of my age have hairy pussies ? Not me, mine is shaved and creamed daily . I stood near to Gerald so he could watch everything I was doing to myself, and so he could smell my juices. It was a huge thrill for me to be doing this in front of him, and it had been too long since the last time I had put on a show for anyone. Clearly Gerald was enjoying it as his penis was back up to rigid. I used one hand on him and one on myself .

Gerald put his hands on my hips to pull me towards his erection. I pushed him to the floor, on his back, then lowered my pussy onto his cock. This one was for me, this was my turn. I ground my clit onto his pelvic bone as hard as I could and rubbed fast and strong. Maybe because it has been such a long time since I last had sex my orgasm came easily. It was wonderful to feel that sensation of womanly satisfaction again.

Gerald was still fully erect, deep into my vagina. I wanted to feel again a cock pulsing its spunk into me. I changed my movement so as to move my pussy up and down the length of Geralds penis, almost lifting off then pushing back down onto him. I used my muscles to grip onto his shaft as I lifted, then released as I dropped . In hardly any time at all he was pumping his body fluid into me, thick and warm.

He did not soften as quickly as some men do, so I was able to give myself another pleasant climax . I was satiated, and Gerald was limp with satisfaction.

I told him that I was available if ever he felt the need to call on me , or if he wanted someone to watch porn with , until he finds a lady his own age of course. I don't think he will be looking too hard as he has called on me several times since and we have already done things he only thought happened in porn films. For myself, I am pleased to be , as they say , back in the saddle again.