Written by Wrulf

13 Dec 2014

'… fucking scag!' Joel rasped over Debbie's shoulder as he roughly sawed his thick, 12-inched pecker in and out of her ass while she mumbled with disparagement around Aaron's 10-incher.

Joel then looked at Caleb, her white husband: 'You don't mind me calling your sidekick a scag, do you, bro?'

'Not in the least,' Caleb answered, 'In fact, she'd be insulted if you guys didn't insult her as much as you can, weird as that sounds.'

'Well, then, you're an insult to decent women, not to mention wives, you little 'ho!' Aaron coarsely said as he struck Debbie's pretty face beneath her naturally dark hair, much of which she'd dyed a smoky shade.

Submissive to the extreme and immeasurably wicked, however, Debbie took convoluted pleasure from knowing that her dominant, good-looking and 24-y/o husband had married her because he retained no respect for matrimonial sanctity - while consorting with minors and any type of physical damage were her only limits in terms of obliging his depravity.

Too, the 23-y/o tramp gladly accepted that it was Caleb's and other aggressive men's right to hold her entirely at fault for soiling feminine virtue by surrendering to the nastiest kinds of intercourse.

Nevertheless, Caleb worked as an assistant football coach at the local university and hadn't told her about becoming friends with the attractive, dominant and white Aaron and Joel during a summer quarterbacks' camp, with both of them being 23 like her.

Caleb also didn't explain why he ordered her to wear nothing but shoes, stockings and a dress, having invited his new friends to shaft her at his country cabin on the present Sunday afternoon.

And the hussy was reading a book, Caleb watching TV when he suddenly told her to answer the door.

Debbie complied and was startled to find Joel and Aaron standing on the front porch with their pricks rearing through their jeans-zippers.

Aaron immediately pushed her into the living room, raised her right leg and packed his cock into her snatch while she softly shrieked.

'What's your problem, you little fuck? I'm saying 'hi'!' he smirked while Joel shoved his hand beneath her dress, squeezed her fine bottom and declared, 'All right! Look at the pig's rump!'

'Like the 3-holed pigsty, do you?' Caleb colorfully inquired.

'Depends on what you mean by like, since I wouldn't love her even if she was my sister. Otherwise, I wanna' bury my dick in the bitch as a way of liking her,' Joel crudely replied.

'Same, here, although I suspect you don't love the whore - right?' Aaron added with a grin at Caleb who humiliated Debbie by grunting, 'No-way, not on her life!'

The slut then recalled Caleb never giving her flowers, only 'bouquets' of gang-bang dicks to celebrate Valentines Day, something she adored because she detested romance, though her husband sarcastically jeered, 'Shit, I lied! Tear the skank's dress off and toss it in the waste basket in the corner and I'll show you how much I love her!'

'You got it,' Aaron said as he pulled out of the wife's cooze, shredded the garment and disposed of it in the waste basket while Caleb left the room and returned with a whip.

'Don't bruise her, but please, please help me demonstrate my affection,' he faked a pleading tone of voice while handing the implement to Aaron, with the latter chuckling, 'Sure, after I admire her chest-knobs,' - and he smacked Debbie's firm, medium-sized tits, then harshly twisted them while she squealed.

'Now, now, honey, don't complain because my admiration is overly enthusiastic,' he tauntingly crooned.

'Yes, sir,' she moaned, having scarcely done so before Aaron started hurling the whip-lashes against her boobs.

'Eeeeh!' Debbie screeched.

'I'm not going to be so nice as to call you honey! Be quiet!' Joel shouted as he began spanking her arse.

'Jeez, dude, follow the law of free expression!' Aaron briefly laughed, then gave the wife's knockers a few, last swats before lowering the whip-thongs to her crotch.

'Eeeeeeeh, oooh, myyyy gaaawwwd!' the sexy slattern bawled while her cunt began overflowing a little due to her masochistic arousal.

'That's it! Express yourself, wench!' Aaron sneered before he turned her around and bent her over prior to the start of flogging her bum.

At that point, Caleb took his jeans and shoes off, then leaned Joel forward and barked, 'Kiss that ass while Aaron whips the shit out of you, whore!'

'Eeem, uh-hmmm!' Debbie assented as she managed to begin feathering Joel's butt-eye with her tongue despite the pain of Aaron whipping her.

'Yeah, that feels good! Lick my ass; come on, lick it, bimbo!' Joel demanded.

'Ummm!' Debbie unleashed a muffled squeal.

Nevertheless, it wasn't long before Aaron stopped whipping her, then used his right hand to jam the instrument's handle into and begin stirring it around in her bowels.

'It's not too nice of me to diddle your wife in the ass, is it?' he questioned the husband who responded, 'Do what you want, man.'

'Okay,' Aaron said as he forcefully corkscrewed Debbie's butt-hole with the handle, then bashed 3 fingers of his left hand into her now-drooling muff.

'Fuck, look at that slobber-pit!' he scoffed...

'Yeah, a pig-wallow!' the husband mirthfully noted, while Joel stepped forward so that Debbie could lick Caleb's butt, as well.

'Don't slobber too much and suck my ass like a vacuum cleaner!' he commanded.

Of course, Debbie much preferred adulterous butt-sucking, but did as told, while Aaron brought her to a climax with the whip-handle in her anus and his fingers in her vag.

In a few minutes, Caleb moved away from her mouth and said, 'Take the handle out of her ass. The whore hasn't suffered nearly enough.'

'Okay,' Aaron responded while doing as requested, then: 'Wha'dya have in mind, bro?'

'Form a small circle around the bitch and you'll see, guys,' Caleb said, and once his wife was standing butt-toward him in the circle, he lightly kicked her across it to Joel while she gasped.

'Boy, this fun!' Joel chortled before he foot-bunted her over to Aaron, with the latter doing the same back to Caleb.

'You should be grateful we think enough of you to play soccer with you!' the latter yelled.

'Aaah, yes, sir!' Debbie whined before Caleb employed his foot to drive her over to Aaron who raised his arms and exclaimed, 'Gooooaaaal!'

'Fuck, I scored nothing but zero matching the bitch's worth!' Caleb pretended to grumble.

'Hey, man, the soccer match has just started,' Aaron said as he, too, removed his jeans and shoes, picked Debbie up and smashed her ass onto the sofa while she made a whooshing noise.

'Go ahead and try winning against Team Bangers From Hell!' he scorned her, prior to picking her up again and dropping herlovely haunches onto the couch several more times.

Next, he dragged the squawking slut to hands and knees on the floor with her tresses, sat on the couch and plunged her lips onto his cock, whereupon Joel impaled her anus and called her a 'scag', with that being followed by the further dialogue opening this account.

'How's the scrug doing, guys?' Caleb asked a few minutes after having taken a seat beside his wife on the sofa, to begin caressing his 9-inched penis.

'Terrible!' Joel answered to demean her.

'Wow, that's a nicely un-nice insult!' the husband proclaimed.

'Yeah. Keep your ass open so I can fuck it into your throat, bitch!' Joel went on as he slashed his palm against Debbie's tail.

'Ummm, ummm!' she murmured while orally polishing Aaron's dick.

Although the guys' name-calling was a verbal assault, however, Debbie conversely took that as a compliment since she was as addicted to male spite as she was to cocks.

And she started quivering with orgasms as Joel and Aaron's roundly abused her from both ends, while she was wishing that all the members of her husband's football team were fuck-slugging her to delighted mush.

'Oh, god, yes, I'm nothing but a hole!' her mind screamed.

About then, Aaron yanked her mouth off his tool and hissed, 'Like my cock, you dirty slut?'

'Yes, sir!' Debbie cried-out, whereupon the stud rammed his dick-head against her tonsils and growled, 'Then, snarf it! Snarf it, whore!'

Naturally, that was needless admonishment, as the wife re-dedicated her oral efforts to a feverish intensity.

Meanwhile, Joel was buggering her with no mercy.

Finally, Caleb wanted to know: 'Are you guys ready to cum?'

'Just about,' Joel answered.

'Okay. Hold on,' the husband said before he went to the kitchen and came back with an unused dog bowl which he placed on the floor, then: 'Do it in that, guys.'

'Righteous!' Joel grinned before he withdrew from Debbie's rear portal and ejaculated into the receptacle, as Aaron next did.

'What, now, my brother?' he inquired.

Caleb then ordered Debbie to stand against an open space in the wal and began having his way with her twat.

'You're such a no-good sleaze that I'm tempted to divorce you!' he fibbed, to his wife's dismay.

'Noooo, please don't!' she wailed.

'Fuck you!' Caleb raged as he went on slamming her, until he dismounted her, went over to the bowl and shot his wad into it.

'Crawl over here and drink that!' he next bellowed, after which the tart obeyed while Aaron laughed, 'Yeah, Mrs. Scum-Face!'

'God, I've never seen such a 'puta muy safada' (Spanish for a “very dirty whore/slut”)!' Joel snorted...

'... not that god's not going to help you, being you're w-a-a-a-y beyond hope!' Caleb verbally humbled Debbie.

'Yes, sir,' she whimpered while hanging her head in disgrace.

'Really. But are we done with the 'ho-bag?' Aaron asked.

'Not yet. Take her out back because I just had an idea,' the husband replied.

He then stayed in the kitchen for a bit while the other men escorted Debbie through the cabin's rear door.

A few seconds later, Caleb joined them with a plastic bag of balloons and a long scarf which he used to bind the trollop to a tree, then removed a balloon from the bag, pissed the balloon full and took position about 10 feet from her nakedness.

'Watch, guys,' he said and threw the balloon that exploded with urine all over her face while she again shrieked.

'Aren't you a kinky mutha'!' Joel remarked, as he, Aaron and the husband continued bombing the floozy's face, tits and belly with piss-filled balloons.

'Now, that's fun if I've ever heard of it!' Aaron observed.

'For real, but we aren't finished,' Caleb answered, after which the men repaired to the kitchen, to drink a beer, coffee and water.

After that, they returned to the backyard, where they urinated into and threw more balloons at the derogated tart, until their bladders were empty.

'Christ, I almost forgot something,' Caleb next said before he went to the living room and came back with the dog bowl, into which the trio of hunks jacked-off.

'I now crown you the Queen Of All Filth!' the husband once more jeered as he turned the bowl upside-down on Debbie's head to end a great afternoon.

Nonetheless, that wasn't the last time of Joel and Aaron sporting with the wife.

The next Friday night, they brought 3, black defensive football players with them for a royal group-screwing, that believe it or not, didn't satisfy Debbie's insatiable gluttony for dicks.

But as Caleb had crowned her, she was the 'Queen Of All Filth' - fuck, yeah!

The End