Written by Rocker53

26 Jan 2012

Monday morning was just like any other for Donna. The usual dusting and cleaning and then off to pick up Mom and do some shopping in town, but just as Donna turned on her cooker, there was a flash and the lights went out. Donna turned off her cooker and re set the trip switch and everything seemed fine, but as soon as the cooker was turned on again, the same thing happened. Donna checked the phone book and found a local electrical repair shop in Clarendon Hills, called Terry's Appliance Repairs. She decided to call in to ask them to have a look at her cooker, whilst in town.

Donna picked Mom up and drove into town, they did thier usual shopping and took lunch in a cafe. Mom seemed to have a comment about everybody who passed the window where they sat. Some were too fat, others too skinny. Donna smiled, she was used to the grumbling and thought it amusing.

After lunch, they made thier way to the Electrical repair shop and were greated by the owner. A fit looking man in his early 50's with shoulder length brown hair Donna explained her problem and he took her details and asked when it would be convenient to call to check out her cooker. "Tomorrow morning? Donna replied. Terry said, he'd call at around 10.30 am.

Donna dropped Mom off and drove home, gathered up her groceries, but suddenly realized that her handbag was missing. She had obviously left it at the repair shop. She made straight for the phone and dialed the shops' number, but it was almost 5.30 pm and all she got was the answering service.

Dinner tonight was to be a disgusting microwave meal, which Donna had bought earlier. As she sat at her table and probed it with her fork, there was a knock at the door. Donna wondered who it could be, as she didn't usually have callers in the evening. She opened the front door and there was Terry, clutching her handbag and smiling. Donna beamed a smile back at him and thanked him for calling by. "All my money and credit cards are in there" she told him, as she did a quick check inside her bag. "Could I have a quick look at your cooker" Terry asked, "Just so as I can bring whatever parts with me tomorrow"

Donna asked Terry to step inside and showed him the cooker. He took out a screwdriver and took off the inspection panel at the back. Donna asked, "Is there anything I can get you? Terry told her a cup of coffee would be appreciated. Donna usually felt nervous with strange men, but as she chatted to Terry, she felt very at ease and laughed at his quick humour and witty jokes.

After a short time, Terry produced a blackened switch with charred wires dangling from it. "That's your problem" he told her, "The wiring has been loose for years by the look of this switch and has been over heating. I will bring you a new one tomorrow. You can use the cooker safely now, as I have isolated the faulty circuit"

Donna was pleased and gave Terry a hug and a kiss on the cheek. As she let him go, he took her hand. There was a pause and then he kissed her, full on the lips. Donna didn't pull away, but let her lips open as his tongue darted between them. Then he stood back and began to blush. He began to apologise, but Donna, who was blushing even more than Terry said, "Don't, it's ok, see you tomorrow with the new part" Terry gathered up his tools and Donna saw him to the door. He smiled nervously at her as he left. "Don't be embarrassed, I'll take it as a compliment" she said, nervously.

After Terry had gone, Donna thought about what had happened. She wondered if Terry was married, was he trying it on, or had he been genuinely attracted to her. She decided to ask him the next day, after all she deserved an answer.

Later that evening, Donna chatted to her friend in the U.K. on the computer. His name too was Terry and she told him all about the strange sequence of events and that when the repair man kissed her, she had felt excited and not threatened, as she would have expected. Terry asked her bluntly if she fancied screwing the guy. Donna laughed and said, "I knew you'd come out with something like that" "Well", he responded, "It's been quite a while since you've had a good roll in the hay and you owe yourself some fun, so why not go for it if this guy offers?

It was late and Donna said goodnight to her internet friend, but not until she had promised to tell him all about what might happen the next day.

That night in bed all the thoughts of what had happened during the day flooded through Donna's head. She felt hot and excited and it was a very long time since she had felt that way. Her hand drifted down to where the heat emanated from her smooth shaved pussy and her fingers teased her very erect clit, making little figure eights and occasionally pushing two fingers deep inside herself. She moaned loudly as she enjoyed the feeling and imagined how the man she met that day would feel inside her. Her pace quickened and her orgasm exploded deep inside her pussy, soaking her fingers with hot clear juices. Donna licked her fingers and drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep.

The next morning, Donna was woken by the telephone at 9.00 am. It was terry from the shop. He apologised and told her that he had been called out to a breakdown and wouldn't be able to call until after work, at around 6.30 pm. Donna was both disappointed and relieved at the same time. At least she would have time now to dust and tidy her home and apply her customary makeup before he arrived.

Tuesday was much like the day before. Donna called for Mom and they went off to town to buy some things. Mom directed her usual sarcasm towards anyone who came within eyesight. They even made a point of passing by Terry's shop. An elderly man was behind the counter, eating a Big Mac. Donna had half expected to see Terry at the counter. She had a very suspicious nature.

Donna got home at 4.30 cooked some potatoes and vegetables and heated up a portion of chicken which she had bought earlier. Then she had a nice long shower and shaved down below. She liked the look and feel of a shaved pussy and couldn't resist letting her fingers drift over it to check out that she had shaved correctly. It felt good, she was tempted to let her fingers linger there a while longer as the hot shower water cascaded over her naked body, but time was short and she still had to apply her makeup and get dressed.

Donna chose a new black skirt from her wardrobe and a white blouse. Her new front opening black bra showed through quite clearly, but she liked the look. Black hold up stockings, her new black thong. and 4 inch heels. She stood back and looked at herself in the mirror and for once she liked what she saw.

Sure enough at 6.30 pm there was a knock at the door. She said hello to Terry and thanked him for dropping by. Terry was in his dirty overalls and asked if Donna minded him turning up wearing them. She told him not to be silly and come on in. As Terry fitted the new switch, Donna asked him some questions and eventually got round to asking him if he was married. He told her that he had been, but he had been divorced now for over three years. Donna told Terry that she too was divorced and had been single for over ten years.

"That's it, said Terry and he stood up. he turned on the cooker and tested the circuit which was safe. The ring heated up and this time, did not trip the breaker. Donna thanked him and asked how much she owed him. Terry told her that a nice cup of coffee would settle the bill. Donna said, "Are you sure? and he nodded yes, she hugged him and said thanks. As she released her grip on him, he took her hand and pulled her towards him. They stared at each other for an instant and then thier lips met in a full on kiss. Thier tongues darted between each others lips. Donna could feel Terrys' hardness against her tummy and instinctively reached down to touch it. Terry kissed her again, as she rubbed his erection through his overalls. Terry told her, "I can't touch you with these greasy hands and my overalls will stain your blouse. "Then, go wash up or have a shower, she told him "And I'll make coffee and something for you to eat. Terry told Donna that he had a clean shirt and jeans in the van and he could shower and change.

As Terry took his shower, Donna prepared a quick meal, she could feel moistness in her pussy and an ache in her clit. She rubbed the gusset of her thong, it was already saturated with her juices. She knew that the way she was feeling was against her morals, but didn't want to turn back now.

Terry emerged from the bathroom, clean as new and wearing jeans and a blue denim shirt. he sat facing Donna at the table and chatted to her as he ate. Donna sipped her coffee and waited until Terry had finished eating. then he stood up and walked towards her, knelt down put both hands on her shoulders. She leant forward and they kissed passionately Terry started to undo Donna's blouse, slowly, one button at a time until it was fully open and her black bra was exposed. He cupped her breast and kissed her shoulders and neck. Donna stopped him, "Not here, we're in view of the street, someone may see us" she told him.

Donna stood up, took Terry's hand and led him into the dimly lit bedroom, where she lay back on her bed. He joined her and removed her blouse, setting it neatly on a bedside chair. Donna popped the clasp on her bra and freed her breasts. Terry kissed her lips again and then her neck. Donna trembled as he took her nipple between his lips and flicked it hard with his tongue. She let out a little sigh as he closed his teeth gently on her nipple and then his hand drifted down to the white fleshy thighs above her stocking tops, which were now in full view, as her skirt had ridden up quite high, because of her position on the bed. His hand lingered there for a while, touching and rubbing her smooth silky skin and then moved towards the gusset of her panties. Donna moaned loudly as it came into contact with her. Only a thin layer of lycra was now between her pussy and this man's hand.

He kissed Donna once more and as he did so, his hand slid below the saturated garment and came in contact with the smooth folds of sensitive skin around her pubic lips. Donna sighed as he touched them and parted her thighs wider as if to say that she wanted him to continue. His finger found her labia and he rubbed gently until Donna moaned out loud. Then he moved farther inside her vagina and found her clitoris. "How do you like to be touched there; show me" he asked. Donna was surprised at this question, but reached down to touch herself. She circled her clitoris with her finger, making little figure 8s and occasionally using her finger nail to flick across it. Terry took over and continued touching her as she lay back and moaned, as her first orgasm shook her body.

Terry suddenly stood up and asked Donna to move up the bed a bit. He took off his shirt and jeans and Donna removed her skirt, bra and sodden panties, leaving her naked except for her stockings. He joined her again on the bed, rolling her onto her side but this time his mouth found her vagina and he found her clitoris again, but this time with his tongue. Donna suddenly found herself with a rigid penis staring her in the face. It was uncircumcised, the first one she'd ever seen up close, it was wet and shiny and the foreskin was tight, with the gland only half exposed. She held it firmly and rolled the foreskin right back, then forward and repeated this action, faster and faster for a minute or so. Then she leant towards it and took it between her willing lips, licking and nibbling and savouring the salty taste of Terry's pre cum. She rolled her tongue over his Cocks head and probed his cum hole as it emitted a mixture of clear fluid and small droplets of sperm.

Meanwhile Terry was busy, licking and probing Donna's pussy with both his fingers and tongue. Donna's juices were flowing and Terry's face was now soaked with her sweet clear honey. She had lost count of the number of orgasms which she had enjoyed and knew by how thick and swolen Terry's cock had become, that he wouldn't last much longer.

Donna said, "Fuck me, please fuck me now" as she let go of his penis from her craved lips. She knelt and motioned for Terry to lay on his back and then she straddled him.

She took his Cocks shaft firmly in her hand and guided it urgently between her dripping pussy lips. Then she put her hands back and supported her weight on his thighs, as he held her firmly just beside her heaving breasts. Donna rode him as hard and fast as she could, feeling his cock go deep inside her and the sensation of his foreskin moving back and forth with each and every thrust. Neither of them could take any more and Donna felt Terry's cock go rigid and pulse within her, before emptying shot after shot of hot, thick, burning sperm in her womb. Donna's own orgasm overwhelmed her and she collapsed on top of Terry and they lay there, naked and contented in each others arms and fell fast asleep.