Written by bricky

14 Oct 2013

Dear Readers

Suzy has been away for a while, have you missed her? Well....the fuck-bitch is back and ready to share her sexploits with her fans on S.H.

Suzy has now grown her hair long, on her head of course.....her cunt is as smooth as ever and her arse too.

Suzy is ready for action and every man in the room . This is Suzy's recreation time and she's got her game partners lined up,cocks out being stroked in readiness to fuck her tight cunt, her mouth and her tight little arse.

She's in the mood for making and breaking records and here's the story...

She dresses herself in a skintight black mini-dress, with a split to her waist, for easy access to her 38DD tits and and a zip at the back, that goes from to top to bottom, easy to remove when the time is right. Every contour of her sex ready body is on show. 12 men are in the room and maybe more to cum later.

Suzy slinks from the door and does an erotic twist of her body, as she nears the line of men. She stands in front of each one in turn,hard cocks visible through their nix and some with spunk oozing across the material.

She puts her tongue in each mouth,one after another, each man squeezes her tits, fingers her arse and her cunt, all sticky with her cunt juices,which glisten when she turns her back and bends over, showing the slick of her cum on her cunt lips.

They know what they have to do. Each in turn licks her cunt as they finger her arse, she writhes against them and more of her cum is dribbling out of her very juicy hot cunt.

She has had a special chair made, so that she lies back, legs wide open and each man stands ready to fuck her. One at a time,they wait, impatiently for a fuck, hoping to keep their cock hard and stiff to fill her body with their hot juicy sticky spunk. Suzy wants this, Suzy needs this, Suzy will get what she wants.

More later.....