Written by Heritage696969

10 Dec 2014

She waits to hear his bike roaring towards her home… she hasn’t seen him for a week and most nights they have been talking up a storm…she is wet and willing to take him as soon as he arrives…which is so soon…

She checks herself over in the mirror and thinks he will be pleasantly surprised when he sees her… she is dressed in her tight leather jeans, high heeled boots and a very low black top… emphasizing the paleness of her full breasts as they gently spill over the top of her most revealing bra… she has done her hair and make-up for him and is ready to do whatever he wants to her.

Finally she hears him… he is probably a good mile away so she locks up her house…grabs her lid and her leather and walks out to meet him… he pulls up looking gorgeous on his Harley… she tries to control the juices that start to flow… knowing that if she gets all hot and unnecessary now that it will spoil what she wants him to do to her later. He pulls up in front of her and looks at her appraisingly… she climbs onto the back of his bike and he pulls away for what is going to be the best afternoon of his life so far… and he is completely unaware!

They ride for a good hour until she indicates that she needs to stop for a while… they go to one of their favourite spots and climb off the bike… she grabs her bag and they wander off slowly into the small nature reserve that no-one else seems to have discovered… when they are totally hidden by the road she removes her leather jacket and lays it on the ground near a tree… the sun is shining and the only noise they can hear is the chirruping of insects and the occasional bird song..

He sits beside her completely oblivious to what she has planned… he usually makes all the first moves and arranges any sex days so this will all be brand new to him… she opens her bag and smiles at him… withdrawing the handcuffs that are part of her fantasy… passing then to him she indicates the tree… and then stands to remove her leather jeans and her top… she stands in front of him in just her black underwear and says quietly… ‘Do what you will Master, I am your slave’ … she empties the contents of the bag onto her leather jacket and watches as his eyes light up with lust.

He blindfolds her with a scarf that she packed… he wants other people that may pass by, to see her as vulnerable as possible without her knowledge… he pushes her roughly to towards the tree and with a chain handcuffs her, facing the tree, to the lowest bough. She cries out with uncertainty and the thrill of excitement that she has no idea what he is actually going to do to her. He forces her to bend over and rips her knickers off with his free hand… briefly the underwear brushes her swollen clitoris and again she tries to cry out… but he forces another thinner scarf around her head and gags her…. the gag muffles any sound she makes and she feels extremely turned on by this.

Then nothing… she is tied to the tree bent over with her head touching the rough bark…totally naked except her bra… she cannot hear him or feel him anywhere near her and she starts to worry… then she hears her digital camera being used and knows he is taking pictures of her...then that sound also stops and all she can hear are the insects that have started up again…all of a sudden she feels something being rammed inside her with a force that she has never felt him use before… she freezes as the pain subsides and is replaced by a warm pleasurable feeling… then she feels whatever is inside her start to vibrate and she knows he has used her favourite toy of the moment… her remote controlled vibrating egg… her legs start to buckle as the warmth of the egg starts to take over and turn to orgasm… and as she is on the verge he turns it off and she moans in denial as he refuses to let her come.

He forces her to her knees and grabs her head… he moves her head into position, rips the gag off and pushes his hard cock into her mouth… she gags as he hits the back of her throat but he is not in the mood for taking prisoners… and pushes it further in… her soft lips start to caress him and her tongue starts to move up and down his shaft and he moans with pleasure… he grabs her hair tightly and pulls her back and forwards as he wanks slowly but forcibly into her mouth.

He doesn’t want to come in her mouth….yet… first he wants to get inside her and feel the egg vibrating against his cock as he cums hard into her… but he wants to torture her first as he enjoys it and she loves the vulnerability of it all… so he lets go of her head and maneuvers the chain so she can kneel facing him… he pulls down the straps of her bra exposing her breasts and rubs his hard wet cock around her hard nipples… she moans with pleasure and he decides to replace the gag… sex slaves shouldn’t make any noises that they haven’t been given permission to make... he tightens it to make sure she cannot move it and continues with his sexual torture of her.

Again he starts to rub his cock over and around her nipples… she squirms as she feels the wetness of him covering her… his pre-cum drips over her nipples and the sight of this makes him want to abuse her more… he gets on his knees and pinches both of her nipples hard and watches as her whole body shudders in reply… he lowers his mouth to her left nipple and takes it between his teeth biting hard down onto it while still using the other hand to stimulate the other nipple… her back arches as she tries to feel his heat against her again as she wants him so badly… then he backs off and leaves her there as he stands to take more pictures of his bitch dripping in pre-cum and tied and bound to a tree.

He looks around and sees a branch that she sat on last time she was here… he has an idea and releases one of her hands from the handcuffs… he grips her wrist and drags her into position so he can have her laying on her back astride the branch with her hands handcuffed beneath it… the bark grates against her skin and turns her on so much she nearly comes again… but he slaps her hard on the side of her buttock and that calms her down. He sets the egg off again and times it for 10 minutes... and then as she is laying there practically naked with her breasts exposed… he forces her legs open and rams his tongue into her soft folds where her swollen clitoris awaits him… her back arches to meet him and with both of his hands he forces her legs further apart and pins them to the tree… he then sucks and nibbles and bites her clitoris always being aware that he has the power to make her cum so hard that she wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards… when she is on the verge of coming he again backs off and walks away to get the camera.

She lies there wondering when he will finally fuck her and let her reach orgasm… she is powerless and she cannot hear him anywhere near her... she can feel the sunlight coming through the trees… the egg vibrating softly inside her… the rawness of where he has hurt her and the remembrance of the pleasure she felt…she hears the click of one of the handcuffs being released and the pressure on one of her wrists abate… she lays there still anticipating the next scenario he wants her in and loving every minute of it.

He unchains her from the tree and stands her in front of him… he runs his fingernails from her shoulders to her thighs and watches as she shudders uncontrollably with the pleasure of it all… he then grabs her shoulders and forces her to bend over the same bough to which she had just been tethered… he then rams his solid cock deep inside her anus and hears her pain in her muffled cry… this turns him on and he rams deeper and deeper as she relaxes and takes him all the way inside her… while he is fucking her hard he grabs her hips to pull her onto him...he can feel the egg vibrating inside her vagina and the sensation nearly makes him cum… he slaps her arse leaving red hand prints… and when he feels her body start to orgasm he releases his hot cum inside her as her internal muscles grip him tightly… once he has finished he pulls his cock out, resting it on her buttock as his cum dribbles down her thighs, when he is completely over his orgasm he again reaches for the camera to capture his prize and takes many pictures of her standing there with her thighs soaked with his cum… she is slumped over the tree trying to catch her breath… as her orgasm subsides the pain kicks in but she feels fulfilled and well and truly satiated.

He finally removes her gag and the egg...but he decides to take advantage of the situation one more time… while she is still tethered to the tree he moves in front of her and raises her head… his cock is soft now and he cleans it up with the wipes that she also packed and again puts it into her slightly open mouth…she pulls back but he grabs her hair and lets her know that there is no way she is going to get out of this… as her mouth closes in on him he sighs as he feels the heat of her mouth and her tongue working their magic on him… he slowly wanks himself into her and she responds by moving in rhythm with him.

They are like this for a good 10 minutes but he soon feels the familiar build up that precedes orgasm and starts moving faster into her waiting mouth… she senses what is about to happen and starts to struggle to get him out… but he holds her hair tightly and forces her to do as she is told… the fight makes him harder and he ejaculates into her mouth… watching as it slowly trickles out and down her throat to her breasts… she lays still hoping that now it is over… but part of her wishing that it would never stop and this could go on forever… but for now he is satiated and allows her to be untied and to clean herself up.

The sun is getting low and they sit in the field smoking and talking… as the sun sets he grabs her and kisses her… they end up naked and making love again… but this time with no violence and pain… before it gets dark they get dressed and get on the bike (although she finds it hard to get on the bike as every part of her body is grazed or bruised) … they return to her house to get ready to go out… and all in all it is a good day.