Written by Horny Tattooist

1 May 2009

Its late at night and you've danced the night away with the girls....as you leave the club you bump into me as I light up my fag. You notice its me and with a hello i grab ya and plant a kiss on your cheek.

After a while chatting we go off for a drink, your friends have gone leaving you with me. I offer to walk you home but you have a better idea you show me your roundabout the one you've always wanted to have sex on , we get a taxi near there and then we walk to it. The cars mainly taxis taking drunken people home whizz past us as we cross the traffic to the rounfabout.. Nobody sees us as we find a place to hide under the trees and bushes which cover this big roundabout.

We giggle at each other at the predicament we're in, both drunk and very horny now I pretend to act like im fuckin you from behind. A car drives past and we realise how horny it feels....our eyes meet and we start to kiss. Your lips taste so lush as our tongues play with each other, I grab you and push you up against a tree. Cars drive past us more now and I undo your top so it falls down revealing your tits with your pert nipples.....i grab them as I start to kiss your neck and shoulders. You run your hands down to my bulge as you unbutton my jeans pulling my hard young cock out, you squeeze it hard as you wank it hard for me.

I undo your trousers....pulling them down as i bend down and peel your panties down with them. I push my fingers inside ur wet cunt and u pull my cock closer to you. You tell me to fuck you as I push it inside u, the cr lights shine on your tits as i start fucking you. A police car drives past and we dont stop as our passions overflow...i pick you up and you dig your heels into my leg as you wrap them round me. i bite down hard on your shoulder and I start sucking n biting harder n harde until you bleed, I lick the blood up and carry on suckin ur neck. You cant hide these marks ;)

As i keep fucking you you moan louder...telling me to fuck you harder n harder.....I ask do you wanna stop but u tell me no....u want my young cum inside u now! your bf phones but you look at the number and then put it away....you tell me im yours tonight. T|hat makes me fuck you harder....the cars drivin round us get more busy....u and i love this and we start kissing again. You feel my cock thicken as i wanna cum deep inside u. You tell me ur close which makes me almost cum straight away...I ram my cock again and agan into you....u grab my arse cheeks and my hard thick 9inch cock pushes sooo deep into u it makes u orgasm and I shoot my cum inside u at the sametime.

We get dressed and I walk you back to your house.....and I listen to you as you chat to your bf.....as I start licking your cunt ;)

you stand in your kitchen as I crouch under you and start licking you out. You try and talk normally before my tongue quickens and u have to hang up..u bounce on my tongue as ur lovin the sensation. Before he phones again i flick my tongue again and u cum over me ;)