Written by hornycpl_2010

3 Dec 2010

Thanks for the comments and feed back as requested here is part 2

Friday evening i text john to ask him where he is going to take Jane he replies with a pub name in balborough. Saturday arrives and im off work im unsure how she feels but im all excited about her going out again and fucking john my only wish is that it was with another man because i don't mind her fucking other men i just don't want it to be the same one all the time so she doesn't get to attached as its only supposed to be fun. Saturday evening and shes getting ready this time i go and watch tv in the bedroom as she is getting dressed i watch her put her makeup on which doesn't take long as she doesn't like to much make up then a dark black thong and matching bra which must be new as i,ve not seen it before.Next out comes the suspenders and stocking then i watch her slip into a black dress which just covers her stocking tops but when she walks u can just make out the tops of them she then goes to put her shoes on and i notice she is putting some new black ones on which at the time she brought them told me they where only for the bedroom because they had a 6" heel on them. So i decide to ask her "i thought they was only for the bedroom" Jane answered with "well i need to break them in so thought tonight would be a good time". 8pm has arrived and its time for wife to go out so she gives me a kiss and tells me not to wait up for her and leaves me sat there with the dog again. At about 9.30 i cant take the suspense any more and get into my car and go to the pub that he said he was taking her and find her car sat in the middle so i thought good i haven't missed it all then and walk round the outside of the pub looking through the windows to see if i can find them i do notice john first sat there looking at Jane and holding hands unsure if he notices me but Jane has her back to me so i carry on walking round the pub till i get to my car and get back into it.

I must have been sat there just over a hour but it felt more like 8hours they they appear at the door with there arms round each other and walk to his car he opens the door for Jane and just before she gets in her kisses her on the lips to which she responds to by sticking her tongue into his mouth. I watch as they drive off and follow them at a safe distance but i couldn't see what was going on in the car so speed up a bit to catch the up. Which i do and i can just about make out johns head but not Janes head i think to myself the head rest must be covering it and carry on following them. After about 5 mins driving he indicates to turn down a road full of houses with a dead end sign on it i panic and drive just past and get out the car and head to the top of the street just as they are getting to the door as he is putting the key in i can see he is feeling her tits and she has her hand covering his cock through his jeans. I think god he is quick and watch them go through his door and walk down to the house they just gone into the living room light is in but he has pulled the curtains fully and left no gap dam. So i move round the back of the house trying to find a place to watch the action but just as i find one the lights go on up stairs then the bedroom and i can just make out 2 people before the sink onto the bed. I think to myself i might as well go home so off i go all the time thinking of how to get her to tell me what is happening in the end i think of the direct approach.

I get home and sit in the living room waiting for Jane to come back and about 2hrs later i hear her key in the door and walk in not looking as good as she went out i ask her if she had a gd time with Sarah to which she replies yes i then ask her where she went she told me clowne so i then ask her so that wasn't your car in balborough with another man then getting into his car and driving off then. She just looks at me in shock before stuttering a no answer i ask her if she is sure because it was your number plate she must have realized i know and at that point the tears started to come and all the im sorry stories started coming with them. Then she said "she did it for my fantasy for her to be fucked by other men" i quickly reply "it is my fantasy but i need to know before and after u have done it so i can fuck you while u tell me everything but you didnt do that all you have done is had a affair and betrayed the last 17years we have been married" all the time im trying to sound angry and not reveal to her i have a hard on. She breaks down again in floods of tears again and tells me "she wont do it again and will do anything to save our marriage because she loves me to much" i think to myself we starting to get some where now and reply "anything no matter what it is" she then looks up at me and must have noticed my smile and replies "what have u got in mind you dirty bastard" i tell her she will have to wait and see but first u can suck my cock she gets it out and starts sucking up. Then best thing about arguing is the make up sex after you have had it.She told me all the details after we had finished which got me hard as a rock again and i have always hated to waist a gd hard on so i took her again the sex lasted till just after 4am good job i wasn't at work the next morning i got up and fetched her a cup of tea in bed and woke her up and just told her she is going out next weekend again with me but i wont stand with her and she cant meet john again and i want to watch her get pulled and fucked round the back of the pub to which she replies ok with the biggest smile on her face i say to her "you are going to enjoy this arent you . You slag" she just laughs and drinks her tea

i hope u enjoyed this ;)