Written by fil75

11 Jul 2011

Last year I rekindled a friendship with an old flame.. a hairdresser called Katie Cut Cut.. I wasnt to be disappointed! Kate is 29 and looks like she did 8 years ago when I last had the opportunity to fuck her.. great legs too.. ample breats with nipples that look to swell when touched.. and a cheeky sparkle in her eye.. time after time I would get my hair cut and have a flirt and chat with her..and I took these opportunities to sneak looks at her tight tops whilst she was cutting my hair.. the breasts strained against the material of her blouse or tops.. whenever she left I made it my goal to sneak her a goodbye kiss.. everytime working my way closer to her lips from her cheek..

A couple of months into having my haircut I got her to watch porn with me on the net whilst we chatted one day after my haircut.. as the talk had turned too fantasies.. I told her about this site and the size of this black guys cock was unreal.. so to my amazement she asked me to show her the site!! I would also cheekily mention 3sums and how many big cocks she has had! she didnt react.. so I kept on dropping hints in when we did meet up for a haircut.. I am sure I got Kate to think about my cock..

Then it happened.. I was out one night with friends.. and bumped into Kate.. the drinks flowed and we went back to her place right opposite the pub.. Kate had that naughty look.. anyway we got talking and the topic turned to sex.. and bjs! and I spluttered out that my gf gave the best ever blow job I had ever had.. not to be outdone Kate said she was great at giving them! the challenge was set.. as we both said why dont we find out then and settle this! so without any hesitation Kate slipped off her new couch and dropped to her knees and got my hard cock out and started to suck and flick my cock.. the atmosphere was electric by now.. I could not hold back and shot my hot cum all over her breasts and mouth.. she won! we both got tidyed up and got ready.. made our gestures and I was off into the night..

The following month I was working on my house.. when I heard a familar voice behind me calling my name as she walked down my drive.. I turned to see Kate striding towards me.. her summer dress almost see through showed off her body to perfection.. I opened my door and showed her in.. offering her a cool drink from the kitchen.. I was just passing on my way home from a cut round the corner from you she said..

Then out of the blue as I putting the drink back into the fridge I felt a hot breath on my neck.. turning round instantly I was met by her face.. and the kiss happened.. without a word being spoke our clothes where off and on the floor.. hands everywhere. my cock being gripped and my bum carressed.. whilst I dived my tongue into her mouth with one hand circling and teasing her nipple whist my other hand gently opened her lips and found her clit and I started teasing it.. i then took her hand and placed her own fingers in her own mouth then lead her hand to her own pussy.. her body was trembling..

I dropped to my knees and flicked my tongue over her fingers and swelling clit.. whilst I pulled my cock back and forth.. standing up as I sensed her about to come..

I took her hand away and pushed my cock into her hand.. taking this as a hint.. she guided my glistening cock into her wet tight pussy.. we built up a rhthym that lasted 15mins.. the sweat pouring off our bodies.. by this time I was fucking her on my office desk.. sensing she coming.. I picked up my tempo.. driving my cock even deeper down.. her breathing became shallow.. then bang.. she came.. flooding my cock and balls with her juices.. knowing i was soon to shoot too.. I pulled out..

Standing up I wanked my cock furiously.. as my balls tightened I looked down to see her playing with nipples and pussy.. this sent me over the edge and I let my come shoot out it streams all over her breasts.. mouth.. hair.. I had never come so much.. we collapsed together in a heap of sexual musk.. the guilt soon appeared.. so we showered seperately and changed.. we agreed not to speak of it again.. and that we had helped each other out as a sexual favour between friends..