Written by Neilles

9 Nov 2007

That night as we lay in bed holding each other, we recounted what had happened earlier on that day we had both agreed that it was great and I had made love to Emma a couple of times since then, although she always had a secretive smile on her face at the time.

“you know that I love you with all my heart” she started “You just have to realise that I want a bit more in my life and today has taught me that.”

“what do you mean? you want more, you’re not going to leave me or anything are you?” I could still picture the look of complete contentment on her face, when Steve had shown me up to the bedroom after I had got back with his paper.

“Of course I’m not going to leave you, don’t be silly. As I said I love you millions, all I’m saying is that when Steve came round and treated me like a complete slut, it was one of the best feelings in my life. I felt totally wanton and submissive and it was amazing, I would do more or less anything for him and I find myself longing to do whatever he wants, the more degrading the better. You can‘t tell me that you didn‘t enjoy it can you? After all whilst you were licking his cum from my cunt, I felt you cum and you weren‘t even touching yourself”

“I did cum I must admit, I have never came without touching myself before. I didn’t think it was possible I’d read about it and just thought someone was making it up. It was so erotic to be there licking some complete strangers cum off you and the taste was amazing. I felt totally humiliated and I loved it.”

I slowly lifted my eyes up to Emma’s as if embarrassed by what I had just said to see a look almost like victory crossing her face. “I’m glad you said that” she smiled “because humiliating you almost turned me on as much as being fucked by Steve’s big cock, almost mind”

Reaching down she started to stroke my cock “You do realise that its at least twice the size of your little cock don’t you” she laughed

“My, my that little fact made you all aroused again didn’t it. Your cock never normally gets hard this many times in a day. Does the thought of Steve’s big, gorgeous and immeasurably more satisfying cock going into me turn you on so much?”

I couldn’t help it I shot my load all over her hand whilst thinking about it. She just smiled and brought her hand up to my face “Quite obviously it does, and now you’ve made my hand all messy and we can’t have that. Open your mouth and suck your own cum off my fingers then you can lick the rest of my hand clean as well.”

I opened my mouth and she started to finger fuck it with her coated fingers and all I did was slurp noisily and lick all my own cum from her hand. I couldn’t believe I had cum again after doing so a previous three times already that day.

“Now there we go, I have a cum eating slut of my own now,” she giggled as I was making sure her hand was clean “Right then before I go to sleep I want you to promise that you’ll do exactly what me or my new lover commands from now on, is that ok?”

“Ok” I said

“Ok, what”

“OK, I promise to do whatever you and your new lover want me to do now matter how humiliating, all right”

“That’s my little cumslut, you’ll be our slave from now on. Starting tomorrow you’ll need to come with me and buy me some sexy clothes for Monday morning when Steve comes back. Now get some sleep I’m tired” so saying she rolled over onto her side and closed her eyes.

Sleep was hard to come by that night even after just cumming which usually makes me tired, all I kept thinking about was what had gone on today and how my life seemed changed completely.

I must have eventually dropped off because I woke up to an empty bed, needing the toilet I headed across the landing to meet my girlfriend walking up the stairs naked, carry a couple of cups of coffee. I looked at her tits and saw the love bites that steve had left the day before. My cock immediately started to get hard.

“My little tiger” she said “I thought you were going to sleep all day, I was just coming to wake you up with a drink, I’ll leave it by the bed for you, because you’ve got to get ready”

“I’ll be back in a bit” I said my cock quite hard now “Can’t we both get back into bed?”

“No, no sex for you today, I’m saving myself for tomorrow I think Steve’s got something special planned and I’ll want to be rested, you’ll just have to have a wank. I think I’ll drink mine downstairs by the lounge window as that dirty old bastard from down the road keeps walking past and it wouldn’t be fair if he did all that walking and not get a look at some of my body” so saying she turned and walked back downstairs wiggling her naked ass from side to side.

Having a piss with a raging hard on is almost impossible so I went back to the bedroom and started to wank thinking about my girlfriend standing by the lounge window, showing her body off to the old perv who lived down the road. It didn’t take long about two minutes maximum before again I shot my load, my bollocks must have been working overtime.

I then drank my coffee, showered and got dressed before I went downstairs to find emma putting on her make up but still naked sitting right in front of the lounge window. Sure enough there he was standing on this side of the road now staring at emma almost without blinking.

“Right” she said putting her eyeliner down “I think he’s seen enough, I’ll just pop upstairs and get dressed then we can go to the shops, I’ll be about ten minutes ok hunny?”

“No probs” I said as she left the room. Looking out the window again I saw the old man start to turn away but then he turned back pointed at me and started laughing before he began to walk away.

About fifteen minutes later Emma came back downstairs wearing one of her skimpiest outfits, which showed off some leg and quite a nice bit of cleavage “I would have shown more tit she said but the love bites would be visible, and the person I want to see them is you.” reaching down she squeezed my cock with a laugh “Now lets go shopping”

The drive to the shopping centre was pretty uneventful, although I did notice that emma kept staring at any nice looking bloke that we passed on the way.

“Thank god for Sunday shopping” she said when we got there “England the only place where you cant buy a bible on a Sunday, but you can buy a lot of kinky underwear and dildo’s. What a place to live” giggling she grabbed my arm and dragged me in.

It wasn’t long before she found the Ann Summers shop and pulled me inside behind her. Normally I wait outside when she goes shopping for clothes but this time she wasn’t having any of it. Calling across an assistant she whispered “time for some fun I think”

A tall lady came over and said “Hi, how can I help you?”

“Hi” emma said “My boyfriend, Dave here is going to buy me some sexy underwear and a dildo for my rather well endowered lover. Aren’t you sweety?”

The assistant laughed and smiled at me as I mumbled and tried to hide my embarrassment. Still smiling she said “I think I know just what you are after, please follow me”

She led the way with Emma pulling me completely shocked and humiliated behind, until she came to the special underwear section. There was lots of choice from crotch less knickers to peephole bra’s to nurses uniforms. Everything passed in a bit of a blur, because I couldn’t believe emma had said that, and I was still there letting her. The odd comment did come out though such as:

“Just think Steve will be able to get complete access to me without me taking anything off”

“I’m sure Steve would love to see me in this”

“My this dildo is as big as Steve’s cock and they even have a little pocket size one that’s about the same size as yours my darling”

All the while the assistant and emma were laughing and joking as emma told her all about her new life, the assistant said “I wish it would happen to me like that but I have a real man at home and he’d kill me before he’d allow it”

Emma eventually led me to the till where she said “I hope you have got your credit card as this is going to be expensive my darling, and just think whilst your paying that its all for another man” which got them both giggling again.

The assistant scanned everything through the till and smiled at me as the total came up it was over £400.00 “I cant wait until I’ve told all my colleagues about this they’ll have a right laugh” she said to me

“Pay the lady and say thank you darling” Emma said

I mumbled something trying not to look up

“No,” Emma said “Now say, ‘Thank you for helping my girlfriend find all she wants to please her lover’. And say it properly don’t just mumble with your head down, you should always look at the person you’re talking to”

So saying she reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard. “Thank you for helping my girlfriend find all she wants to please her lover” I winced

The assistant laughed and emma said “That’s better, there’s a good boy you can have another wank when you get home” turning to the assistant she laughed and said “thanks for everything I’m sure my lover will enjoy it all, and I’m sure I’ll be beck to get some more things in the future”

“I look forward to it, you can tell me all what happens” the assistant smiled then walked over to one of her colleagues, as we were walking out I could hear them laughing.

It was a long walk back to the car with me carrying the bags of stuff she had brought, getting lots of looks from passers-by with emma checking out all the men, whilst a lot of them were checking her out as well.

When we got home emma immediately went upstairs but told me to stay downstairs and cook lunch whilst she tried everything on in preparation for tomorrow.

Again to be continued if you like the story………..