Written by Shy Jenni

8 May 2016

This the secong part of my story, still based on some of my own experiences, the rest my fantasies

Jenni contacted the studio and explained what she wanted to do, the girl on the phone was sympathetic and an appointment was made. When the day came Jenni packed a small case with a selection of clothes, underwear and shoes and headed for the studio remembering what she had learnt about wearing loose fitting clothes so no red marks would be visible during the shoot.

The journey back to the studio seemed to take ages, but this gave Jenni time to collect her thoughts and decide what sort of photo’s she wanted. But before she knew what or where she was she outside the door of the studio, her mind racing as she opened the door. Jenni was met by Wendy who put her mind at rest, offered her a cup of coffee and a sit down in the waiting area to get her breath. Relaxed, well sort of, Jenni was shown into the hairdressing salon where her hair was styled then into makeup. This was strange as not only was Jenni’s face made up but she was asked to undress to apply a spray tan. She left the makeup room in a dressing gown and was shown to a warm dressing room with plenty of lights and mirrors.

This where Jenni decided to get dressed in her sexist black underwear, semi see through, with of course black stockings topped with a cocktail dress. Jenni entered the studio to be met by Wendy who introduced the photographer Carl. They both made her feel comfortable and started taking shots of Jenni posing in her dress exposing a little stocking top now and again.

The studio was warm and under the lights Jenni was getting a little warm. Wendy noticed this and said they should ramp up the photos to the next level. So Jenni turned her back to the camera and slid the zipper down her dress, first came one shoulder then the next ultimately letting the dress drop to the floor. Jenni was buzzing, there she was in her underwear being photographed and a warm feeling surged through her body.

Jenni felt all warm and safe when Wendy said shall we go for topless. Jenni was horrified, exposing her breasts to the camera, Wendy reassured her and with a gentle push Jenni undid the clasp and slowly revealed her breasts. That’s more like the photo’s we use said Wendy. Now for your panties, Jenni was even more horrified, but just then Wendy came over to her and said let me help you, and with that Wendy undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. Wendy took no time in removing her bra and deftly slipped her panties down over her stocking clad legs. Always wanted to pose with a complete amateur Wendy said.

The camera snapped away and in one swift move Jenni was naked with Wendy and really starting to enjoy herself.

Was the beginning of a new me she thought, and the answer came back in her mind yes it was.

The session over too soon but Jenni had been awakened to what she could do, she raced home to Chris dragged him upstairs and for the first initiated sex, giving him oral and letting him take her in a variety of positions.

Late that week the DVD of the photo session arrived and Chris and Jenni poured over the results, Chris even suggested sending some in to the magazine for publication and to his surprise Jenni agreed.

So a selection was chosen and sent into the magazine where Jenni worked, as to be expected they caused a storm. When Jenni next visited the office the editor called her in to her office to discuss which photo's should be used, they discussed the various shots and it was agreed that the ones of Jenni semi nude should accompany the article on the photo shoot, to encourage more ladies to pose. This made Jenni feel very horny, and she felt the urge to stroke the editor legs. As she move her hand up Mandy's leg she came to her stocking tops which gave Jenni a thrill. Slowly she slid further only to find Mandy did not wear panties as her fingers came in contact with Mandy's pussy lips. Mandy gave a out a little sigh as Jenni found her pussy lips and parted them, stroking the inside gently. With this Mandy laid back in her chair and opened her legs further letting Jenni explore even more.

Mandy started to undo her blouse and stroke her breasts, Jenni new she did not wear a bra so was not surprised at the sight of her breasts, but what did surprise Jenni was the urge that came over her to take of her dress, bra and drop her panties to allow Mandy to explore her body. After what seemed like hours to the two ladies had make each other come at least twice with fingers and tongues, so they dressed and went their separate ways.

Jenni was now ready for anything, her inhibitions had gone, when she got back home to Chris she let him know what she had been up to and what she wanted to do next. Chris was supportive and encouraged Jenni to pose for more photographs and even suggested soft porn to which Jenni did not agree to at first saying she would think about it.

Weeks passed, Jenni carried on writing explicit article for the mag accompanied by some of her more risqué photo's. The editor called her in and presented her with a new assignment, Burlesque was making a come back following pole dancing and Jenni was to investigate.

So along to the dance studio Jenni went, to be greeted by Helen the burlesque teacher. There were a few ladies in the studio and Jenni watched as Helen put them through their paces until all them were naked or semi naked.

After an interview session, Jenni asked Helen how easy was it to learn and where do the ladies use their new skills. Helen explained that if you were comfortable being nude, then the dancing came easy. As for where to use the new skills, Helen indicated that a number of new clubs had popped up dedicated to burlesque or proper stripping, and a small number of her ladies had performed in public already. Jenni was captivated and wanted to learn how to strip. So with no hesitation, Jenni asked Helen to teach her how to strip ready for any performance.

Jenni was an eager student and soon had the hang of dancing erotically leaving the punters for more. After a couple of sessions, Jenni was ready to début on stage, but where? Helen had some contacts and made the arrangements for the newly completely liberated Jenni to strip on stage.

The scene was set, Jenni had her music, her routine and venue. On a pretence she invited husband Chris to the venue for a drink. They sat near the back watching the other girls doing their routines and Jenni noticed Chris was starting to get a hard on. On the pretext of visiting the loo, Jenni made her way back stage to get ready. The music started and Jenni danced onto the stage, she caught Chris's eye and gave him a wink and blew him a kiss.

Jenni went through her routine like a pro, just leaving her stockings and suspender belt on, the crowd went wild no more so than Chris. The dance over, curtains closed, Jenni gathered her clothes up put them in a bag and put her coat on over her naked body. She joined Chris, showing him the contents of the bag, you mean your naked under the coat, yes she nodded and I feel great. And with that Jenni got up and led Chris away to the car park.

Jenni was horny as hell and could not wait to get home, so headed for a secluded car park for a touch of outdoor sex. No sooner had she laid herself on the bonnet Chris was inside her pumping away for all he was worth. But what they did not realise was they were being watched by others. As they approached Jenni felt another cock in her right hand and just had to turn her head to lick the end. As Chris turned Jenni over to enter from the rear doggy style Jenni was offered another cock which she took in her mouth, she being split roasted in a dogging site and loving it. Chris came big time but Jenni needed more, Chris wasn't happy and ushered Jenni into the car for the drive home.

Jenni was frustrated and now new she had turned full circle from the prim and proper girl into a sex mad lady, but how to expand her fantasies.

Jenni wrote her article on burlesque and the pleasures of stripping and it went down a storm with sales of the magazine climbing. But Jenni was frustrated, had she achieved all she could?

Would you like me to continue?