Written by Sexy71

28 Jan 2010

I was out with my girlfriend at a club. The place was heaving with hot sweating bodies grinding against each other. H and I hit the dance floor and made our way to the middle when I knocked into you accidentally. I apologised and you flashed a smile and winked at me.

H and I started to dance slowly close to each other I became aware of someone very close behind me moving with me as I danced. H was grinning at me....... I knew it was you but I didn't want to look.

A finger traced the curve of my back, whilst the other hand grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close to your hard body. We moved in time, rubbing and grinding my ass against your hardening cock.

I could feel your breath on the back of my neck sending electricity shocks through my body.

"I want to taste you" you whispered in my ear, and with that you were gone.

Confused I turned around and saw you heading off the dance floor. I looked at H who shrugged her shoulders at me, surprise.

Leaving H on the dance floor I headed towards the toilets. Down this narrow corridor that was badly lit. As I passed a door on my left with a private sign on it it began to open and I found myself being pulled into a room that was dark and dim.

From behind me a hand went over my mouth. I closed my eyes.

"Trust me" you whispered in my ear

Your free hand slowly began to move over my body lightly, my hips, across my stomach, up across my breast and up to my throat. I relaxed feeling aroused, my nipples getting hard, then both hands lifting my dress up....your fingers sliding underneath my g-string, cupping my smooth pussy in your hand. You pulled your hands away and pushed me forward slightly, your foot gently kicking my feet apart.

Bending me forward I reached down to grab my ankles. Your hand spanked my ass which made me gasp.

Moving my g-string to one side you knelt down and breathed in deeply as you breathed out, your hot breath teased my clit with anticipation......you plunged your tongue in me tasting, licking then sucking my clit, the blood rushing to it making it throb. My juices began to flow. You responded by plunging two fingers in me working my g spot whilst flicking your tongue across my clit. My breath became shallow as I groaned waiting for that sensation to explode inside me. It was coming I was going to cum so hard, I knew it. Then it was there, a scream of pleasure escaped my lips as my pussy clamped down hard on your fingers....time and time again my soaking wet pussy clamped down as you licked and lapped up the juices that flowed freely from me.

I heard your zip being undone as you stood up.

You teased my clit with your hard cock rubbing the head over my clit, my pussy.

"Fuck me hard" I demanded

You laughed "I intend too"

Slipping your very hard cock into me, I bobbed up slightly to feel the full length.

You run your hands over my back to my shoulders and pulled me back up. With one hand on my shoulder, you entwined your fingers in my hair and lifted my head back slightly just enough to make it uncomfortable but not enough to hurt.

You withdrew and this time plunged hard I gasped again and again and again as you banged me. gasping and moaning with pleasure. I picked up with your rhythm, thrusting myself back against you as you picked up speed.

You started to get close so you pulled away.

"Keep your eyes closed" you told me

Standing me up right, you backed me up against the wall. Lifting me slightly I wrapped my legs around you. Again you plunged you cock in me.

"Oh God, fuck me, yes, fuck me" I cried

This time your mouth was on me, our tongues darting around each others months, my hands grabbed clumps of your hair. Your arms wrapped round me supporting my weight.

You pumped my wet pussy hard, with your cock deep inside me, you walked over and laid me on the nearby desk, spreading my legs wide apart, you leaned forward your hand pulling my dress down to expose my bare breasts, your hand cupped them, your mouth sucked and nibbling my nipples.

Your thrusting gained speed I could feel you getting close, the sensation warming from my pussy, through the rest of my body, so was I.

Your breath caught "Fuck yes, yes, oh fuck yes!"

My pussy clamped down hard. With every throb from your cock my pussy responded with clamping down, milking you dry.

You leaned forward kissing me deeply.

"Stay there and keep your eyes closed until I've gone"

I heard you dress and the door close behind you.

Getting up, I opened my eyes. Smiling to myself I pulled my dress back onto my shoulders and slipped off the table, re-arranging my underwear.

Opening the door I hurried out to the dance floor where I left H. As I moved through the crowd I knocked into someone, "Sorry" I said glancing up.

"No problem" you said flashing a smiling and winking

I blushed, grinned and made my way to H who was not looking impressed at me.