Written by Agents66

6 Jan 2014

From her to him:

It was a sunny Thursday morning you were on a training course all week in London travelling down daily by train.

You hadn't wanted to go, especially because I was off work and free to see you, but your week had been long, tiring and you were unable to mail me, so we had had very little contact.

You got on the 9.38 train, yawning you were carrying a newspaper as you sat in an empty carriage at the rear of the train. You chose to sit in a group of 4 seats, facing the way the train was travelling you started to read your paper.

You were engrossed in the sports section and only vaguely aware someone had sat opposite you.

You were then aware of a foot being placed on your chair beside your thigh and as the second foot followed suit on the other side you glanced over the top of the paper to see who on earth...............

It was me.

You smiled, asking what I was doing there as I told you I wanted to brighten up your arduous week.

You put your paper down on the seat beside you. My feet on your chair either side of you, my legs opened towards you, my short skirt making to easy for you to see that I wasn't wearing any underwear and my pussy glistened, almost smiling towards you.

You raised a big smile, telling me I was very naughty, you reached forward as I did, and kissed me tenderly.

You noticed my short sleeved top was unbuttoned revealing a black sheer bra that held my breasts in a perfect shape, my cleavage looked inviting. You touched and stroked my cleavage gently with one finger, smiling, telling me you were feeling horny.

I told you to sit back in your seat an watch the show. As you moved backwards you were worried at first that someone might come in but as you saw me lift one breast out of the cup of my bra and stroked my nipple you soon forgot what you were saying.

My other hand reached down to my pussy stroking gently over the outer lips. As I played with my nipple and pussy I noticed your eyes wide with anticipation, you licked your lips briefly and as I saw the rising mound appearing tight in your smart trousers, I knew you wanted me.

I scooted my bottom a little further forward in the seat to open my cunt further, revealing to you how wet I was. Placing a finger inside myself you heard the sound of a sopping wet pussy, just ripe to fuck.

You started to move forward towards me and I told you to stop.

I moved off the chair and onto my knees.

I undid your trousers, while feeling your hardness bulging beneath the fabric. You tried to help but I just looked into your eyes, told you to stop, relax and enjoy.

As I took your large, hard cock from your trousers we heard the door to the adjoining carriage slide open. I sat back quickly in my seat covering my breasts as you grabbed the newspaper and put it in your lap to hide you throbbing manhood.

The ticket inspector checked our tickets and told us this was the fast train, there was no stops and that the buffet car was now open before he left to walk to another carriage.

As he left you said 'It sure is a fast train, now where were we?'

I told you that the thought of the buffet car had made me hungry..........

I moved back onto my knees as you put the paper back on the seat next to you.

I interlocked my fingers and held your cock in both hands moving them gently, but firmly, up and down the shaft of your erect penis. I used my tongue to lick the tip of your cock in circular movements then slid my tongue down to taste all the way around the rim of bulging cock.

You groaned telling me that was good and placed your hand on my head as I took you deep into my mouth, using my tongue in my closed mouth to lick the sides of your throbbing cock.

Moving up and down your shaft my mouth felt warm and wet, I sucked gently to make my mouth feel small and tight.

Your hand pushed my head further onto your cock as my mouth tasted you, your pre cum dissolving in the wet warmth.

I looked up at you. You smiled telling me I was so, so naughty but that I was hot, made you horny and you wanted to fuck me.

I took you out of my mouth and stood up. Sliding my other breast out of the confining bra, you reached up to touch my hard nipples.

The seats were narrow but I managed to place both knees either side of you. My wet, hot cunt slid easily onto your stiff, erect shaft. You placed your hands onto my buttocks while my arms were around your neck.

I kissed you, first a gentle kiss but your mouth was hungry for more as you started to snog me passionately as our tongues intertwined.

The movement of the train was perfect for fucking as it sped along, surging forward each time it hit a sleeper, jolting us into a perfect rhythm.

I moved my body up and down, pushing your cock in and out of my drenched, hot, tight pussy.

The train sped along as we fucked hard.

I moved backwards slightly as your mouth kissed my neck and then searched for my erect nipples. Your tongue exploring, licking, sucking......kissing my breasts as though you wanted to eat them.

I wanted you more than ever as I felt the pleasure you gave to my breasts, my pussy was at one with your cock.

My clit rubbing on the base of your stomach as we were close, almost as one.

The satisfaction beginning to build now as we fucked in unison with the trains movements and sound.........In and out, in and out, in and out........

We rode each others bodies until I held you close and said

'Fuck me hard, I am going to explode'

The words sending you over the edge, as you told me you were were going to cum you grabbed me closer, we held each other - tightly embraced.

I stopped moving to allow the trains gentle rocking to finish me off, you gave a couple more thrusts before we came together, you shooting your hot, warm spunk inside me as my cunt contracted, sending spasms through your shaft.

Holding each other tightly I turned my head to whisper into your ear

'Welcome to London, I trust you had a pleasant journey!'

In response you said quietly

'I had the ride of my life'