Written by genevieve

2 Aug 2014

I am a widow living alone in a house I recently moved to. I have got to know some of the neighbours who kindly invite me to parties or barbeques. Only a few days ago I had been to a soiree at a neighbours, Gwen is her name and her husband is George . At that soiree I had been rather naughty, I had sex with two men, total strangers to me. We have met again since, in more comfortable circumstances.

Yesterday I was at a garden party in the afternoon, again hosted by Gwen. I seem to getting to know more people , so was not on my own so much. One man in particular was paying me a lot of attention which made me feel nice. He had introduced himself , his name is Ralph , we chatted about nothing in particular. He knew I was new to the neighbourhood and that I live almost opposite Gwen and George. He had a good sense of humour, was very witty , his mild innuendos made me chuckle. The more we chatted the more the jokes became blatant . I do have a naughty streak.

Gwen has a large garden , divided into various areas. She has put name boards around the garden, such as ' the rose garden ' . Ralph and I were wandering around the grounds when we came to an area which bore the name ' the vegetable patch '. I was still chuckling from one of Ralph's innuendos, so I was tempted to get my own back.

" I have a neat little patch myself , I keep it nicely trimmed " I said. He let out a dirty laugh.

" I'd like to do some work on your garden one of these days " he replied.

I handed him the empty glass I was carrying, and said " Get me another glass of wine and today might be one of those days ".

Thirty minutes later I was leading Ralph out of Gwen's side gate and across the road into my house. In the privacy of my lounge I removed my dress and stood before him in my sexiest lingerie. He took over, first removing my bra, fondling my breasts before slipping my panties down. He sat me on the settee, saying he was going to look at my patch. His tongue ploughed my furrow gently arousing me to a first, comfortable afternoon orgasm. Then he turned me around so I was kneeling on the settee with my head over the back and he slid his erection into my already very wet vagina. I was having a second pleasurable climax as I felt his ejaculation filling my body.

A brief encounter, enjoyable none the less. After dressing and putting a panty liner in case of drips, I led Ralph back to the party.

We each went our separate ways, socialising with the other guests. An hour had passed when Ralph led me away from the group I was talking to. He said he would like to tend to my garden again , so we slipped out of the side gate again.

Back in my lounge, both of us naked, his tongue once again gave me all the pleasure I desired . More slowly this time his tongue probed and licked on and in my most sensitive areas. My groans of delight encouraged him to touch on my most intimate parts, his fingers joining in the game. This time my orgasm was strong , my hands pulling Ralph's head into my vulva as I ground myself onto him. He gave me barely a moment to recover before turning me around and sliding his erection into my vagina. From behind is not my favourite, I like to feel the weight of a mans body on mine and to be kissed while being made love to. However the raw passion of the moment was a pleasure in itself. I was a vagina into which this man could thrust as deeply as he wanted. I enjoyed every sensation of penetration , urging him on towards his ejaculation. He finished with a loud gasp, a final hard push, then my body was filled with warm semen.

We took a few minutes to recover before calmly dressing. Again I put a liner into my panties, teased my hair back into shape, tidied up my make-up, then we crossed back over to the party.

Once more we separated and went off to chat to other guests. I felt rather pleased with myself, talking about this and that to other ladies of my age, my vulva still throbbing from Ralph's attentions. If those ladies only knew what I had done.

The afternoon was turning into evening. Gwen led me away to have ' a private chat ' . She spoke quietly so no-one could overhear. " I saw you going off with Ralph, twice I think ? " There was no point in denying it. Perhaps I shall become persona non grata, not welcomed back, excluded from her circle. " There is someone I think you would like to meet " said Gwen, leading me over to a man standing alone.

" This is Rodney. I call him Rod , you will know why " said Gwen, then she whispered into my ear " you will not regret it. I'll keep Ralph occupied for thirty minutes " .

Rodney followed me out of the side gate. His way of undressing me and caressing my body was sensual and knowing. I was aroused and ready to be taken. I am not a lady who instinctively gives oral sex to an erection, but Rodney's was very tempting. At first look it seemed to be longer and thinner than others I knew, but as I slid my mouth over his end I realised it was the length that made it seem thin. I was enjoying the power of bringing him to a stronger erection, making him want to have me. He laid me on my settee, no foreplay was necessary, my vagina was wet and willing. He slid into me, his weight on my body exactly as I like. He was kissing me seductively, exactly as I like. Now I knew why Gwen calls him 'rod'. I lifted my legs to let him deeper into me, his erection was touching the very depths of my vagina. His rhythm was steady, his thrusts forceful , his staying power exceptional. I had already had enough orgasms today to satisfy any womans needs, but I could not control my desire. I could feel it building in me , Rodney's hardness filling me. My climax was like an explosion in my head, I felt my body convulsing, my vagina pulsating uncontrollably. As my head cleared I felt Rodneys semen flowing into me, and still he was pushing into me keeping the same insistent rhythm. Another orgasm rolled over me, like a distant echo of the first. Then another, and another, and still Rodney drove on. I was limp from satisfaction, powerless , I could only allow him to continue until he was done. His body was jerking and pushing into me harder, then static, he lifted up off me,I felt his erection spasm inside. My vagina was bathed in warm semen, again.

Minutes passed, gathering breathe. His hardness diminished, he lifted off me and sat by me on the floor. He kissed me warmly, thanked me, told me I had been wonderful. He asked me if we could meet again soon. I agreed.

Back in my bathroom for the third time this afternoon, another panty liner, another touch-up of the make-up. We went back through the side gate and rejoined the party. I saw Gwen talking to some of the ladies I knew so I went towards them . As soon as Gwen saw me she excused herself from the group and pulled me away. She asked how it had gone, I answered better than expected. Then she said " he is rather special, isn't he ." I realised that Gwen was not the boring prude I had at first thought, she is a woman with secrets, like me.

I asked how she had kept Ralph occupied while I was away . She replied " the usual way, as best as I can while George is around." Naughty Gwen.

I said my goodbyes, I wanted to relax in a warm bath.

Gwen is coming to my house for tea in a while, she says we have things to discuss and plans to make. I think my friendship with Gwen will be very interesting.