Written by Xopher

18 Jul 2010

It had been a long day. The summer wedding had been a resounding success probably down to the Bride’s parent’s generosity. Free alcohol was always a good way to get a party started. She was wearing a red, low cut, tight figure hugging mini-dress that clung to her pert breasts and down over her hips stopping just below her knicker line. She was bra-less as her breasts could maintain their shape perfectly beneath the tightness of the dress. He wore an expensive tailored dinner suit with black bow tie. They sat at the wedding meal with a party of similarly aged guests and hit it off immediately. The free wine probably helped to break the ice as they only vaguely knew a few of the other guests from parties many years ago. Some dancing followed before the guests retired to their rooms or the hotels gardens while the reception hall was prepared for the evening’s entertainment.

The remaining guests walked to the edge of the gardens near the river as waiters regularly refreshed their drinks as they sat on the riverbank on blankets provided by the hotel. Laughter hung in the warm evening air as they chatted with their new friends. He noticed that her soft white cotton knickers were plainly in view and were attracting the male guests attention. She was aware of the attention and did nothing to cover her modesty. In fact, it had the effect of arousing her to the extent that her nipples became sensitive and erect, attracting even more attention. The alcohol and audience were helping her to lose her inhibitions. As the hours passed music could be heard from the hotel, the dance band had commenced the evening’s entertainment and the guests drifted back in to indulge in more free drink, a buffet and dancing. She asked if she should change into a different dress.

“No” he replied, “that dress looks too good on you, besides, you’re missing valuable drinking and dancing time. You know how I love to watch you dance.”

He secretly knew however that the dress would continue to draw attention from all of the men and even some of the women. Whether the attention from the women was jealousy or repressed lust he was unsure.

They danced the night away and struck up more friendships with some of the “evening only” guests, laughing and exchanging stories and jokes. The more she danced the hornier she got, attracting more attention as she flirted on the dance floor. Exhausted they sat at the bar on high barstools sampling the evening buffet and drinks. Her white underwear was clearly on display again and he felt a twinge of lust in his groin. She noticed his gaze and opened her legs for him to take a better look at her tight mound beneath. She picked up her handbag and whispered in his ear,

“I have to go to powder my nose, be back soon. Don’t run off with the bridesmaid”

He ordered two more drinks and looked around the room as he waited for her return. It was then that he noticed a friend of the Brides that they had spoken too earlier in the evening by the river. A tall black man with an athletic build, dressed in a light linen shirt and trousers .He was about 30 years old and was sat alone, his girlfriend had gone to bed early after having too much to eat and drink. He smiled and waved, tipping his glass as if to toast the evening. She returned a few minutes later, walking confidently across the dance floor pinching the best mans bum as she rubbed her body into him on the crowded floor. He noticed that the young black man watched her intently as she walked back to her stool and as she sat back down legs crossed. She took her refilled wine glass in her hand and drank half of the glass in one go. It was at this point that the black man approached them and asked if she would like a dance.

“No problem, be my guest, but don’t wear her out, the night is young” he said smiling.

He watched as they danced to some 70’s disco and then a pulsing steamy latin rhythm. Her samba lessons had paid off and he grew jealous and aroused watching them dance closer and closer, their bodies touching frequently. He wished he had taken those lessons so that he could be on that floor with her.

She returned to the barstool and finished her drink, signalling to the barman for a refill. She opened her bag and took out her purse removing a five pound note.

“It’s free” he said, puzzled.

“I know” she whispered back “ I need some change”

She asked the barman for change of the five pound note and placed the five coins back in her purse.

“By the way” she said as she took her knickers from her handbag and placed them in his jacket pocket, “These are for you”

She turned on the barstool to face him, uncrossing her legs as her dress rode up to reveal her perfectly shaven pussy with just a hint of her pink lips peeking out of her tight slit.

“Let’s dance” she said giggling and lead him on to the crowded dancefloor. They danced closely, taking every opportunity to caress each other. He would watch her spinning around and look for glimpses of her naked buttocks touching them whenever he could. Did anyone else notice her bare behind and pussy? He didn’t care, he was the one that would be making passionate love to her tonight. The rest could fantasise as they screwed their partners. They returned to the bar, hot and steamy from the dancing.

“I need to go to the ladies again” she picked up her bag and took off again across the crowded floor. He turned to admire her shapely body sliding seductively through the dancing crowd, all that she wore now was the tight fitting dress and heels. It was then he noticed the young black man waiting at the entrance to the toilets. The man caught his eye and turned abruptly to enter the toilets. He turned back to the bar and finishing his drink ordered another. He couldn’t wait for her to return so that he could glimpse her tight, naked, bald pussy again. His cock slowly stiffened in his trousers at the thought. “Shall I try to finger her, or slip an ice cube inside her pussy?”

Twenty minutes passed before he spotted her again, she was dancing with a group of teenage boys, flirting with them. Little did they know that she was completely naked beneath that skimpy dress, hot and horny. She kissed each of them on the cheek before returning to the bar with a glint in her eye and her lipstick slightly smudged. She placed her bag on the bar and sat on the stool with her legs open, her pussy now in full view. Her pussy’s lips were swollen, open and pink with a hint of moistness, her clit swollen and erect peaking through it’s fleshy hood. His eyes followed up her body to her chest, her nipples were erect and chest lit up with a warm red glow. It was getting warm under the disco lights, she was incredibly hot and horny. His cock grew hard again as he contemplated his next move, should he slip a finger into her open and wet pussy? Too late, she leant forward and placed her hand on his swollen cock, she squeezed gently and said,

“Drink up, we’re leaving, I need you inside me. Now.”

She took him by the hand, forgetting to pick up her handbag that he grabbed a hold of. She led him out of the dancehall and down a short corridor to the lift. He was aware of eyes on them as they walked briskly in anticipation of the steamy sex ahead. His semi hard cock dangled conspicuously down his left trouser leg, her smooth firm buttocks peeping out from under her dress as she tottered in front of him drunk with alcohol and lust.

They entered the lift along with another couple who said hello and turned to face the front of the lift. They stood at the back of the lift one arm around each other facing the back of the other couple.

“What took you so long in the loo?” he whispered in her ear as he slid his hand down behind her and up between her inner thighs. She parted her legs slowly and held on to the rail on the wall of the lift. Her pussy was open, wet, hot and inviting. He slid one and then two fingers deep inside her.

“I got caught up chatting with some of the girls, and then I had another dance with some horny teenagers” she whispered as the lift stopped on the first floor. The other couple got out and turned to say goodnight unaware that he was slowly fingering her soaking pussy and rubbing her swollen clit between her engorged lips. His cock was hard but hidden by her handbag, which he held in front of him. As the lift doors closed again her knees buckled with pleasure as a small orgasm rippled through her body. Her low cut dress exposed her chest as it flushed red and her nipples hardened. The thought of being fingered in a public lift made her even hornier, she wondered if there were security cameras in the lift. The reception staff must have seen people screwing in the lift before now, surely? Did they keep the recordings and pass them to their friends or even put them on websites for people to download and masturbate to? He grabbed her, pressing his hard cock into her inner thigh. Kissing her passionately he forced his tongue down her throat imagining that it was her pussy that his tongue was in or that it was his cock penetrating her open mouth. Her mouth was salty and spicy with the after tastes of the buffet. Her pussy gushed sticky warm juices into the palm of his hand. He raised his fingers to their mouths in turn for them to taste with their eager tongues. The lift doors opened at their floor and they hurried out down the corridor toward their room.

The bedroom door exploded open as he threw her across the room and on to the bed. She bounced as her dress rode up again revealing her swollen wet pussy. She licked her fingers and pulled her breasts out over the top of her dress as she pinched her erect nipples between the wet fingers of her left hand. Her right hand slid slowly down her body and between her legs where she slowly dipped two fingers into her moist pussy. She withdrew them sucking on them to taste herself before slowly rubbing her clit in rhythmical circles with the warm wet saliva and pussy juices. He tore off his clothes as he threw her handbag down, it’s contents spilling out across the floor. He joined her on the edge of the bed kneeling at her feet. His rock hard cock was in his left hand as he started slowly stroking it’s full length, his tongue slowly licking her inner thighs as he approached her eager pussy with his mouth. He slid the fingers of his right hand into her willing pussy, it was soaking wet and ready for penetration. He loved licking her clit and couldn’t resist sucking her and dipping his tongue into her shaven mound.

“Why was she so horny all of a sudden?” he thought to himself, “Why is she so wet and aroused?” Her pussy tasted fruity and sweet. Then it dawned on him, she must have been with the young black man in the toilets. He must have followed her in, that’s why she was so long. It explained the swollen pussy lips, the smudged lipstick and the red orgasmic glow on her chest. “Did he fuck her?” he wondered, “No they didn’t have time.” It was no good, he had to know.

“Did you have that black guy in the toilets?” he calmly asked her.

“No” she gasped, as she grabbed his head in her hands “Just fuck me. Hard”.

He slid his body up hers, guiding his rock hard cock along her inner thighs. It easily penetrated her in one motion as he buried it in her hot wet pussy up to the hilt his shaved balls rubbing on her buttocks. She gasped loudly biting her lower lip as he pounded the full length of his manhood in and out of her.

“I just sucked his cock for him” she confessed gasping, “that’s all”

The thought of her giving a stranger a blowjob in a toilet aroused him more. His cock stiffened and thickened further, growing in size by an inch as he pounded harder as if to punish her for her infidelity and indiscretion.

“Was he big and hard like me?” he asked.

“Yes. I couldn’t resist. I had to have him. Dancing with him made me want him inside me. I’ve never had a thick black cock in my mouth before.” She groaned breathlessly as his cock grew further inside her.

“Did he cum in your mouth?” he grunted as he hammered into her, her breasts bouncing out of the top of her dress. “Did you swallow his cum?” He sank his head into her cleavage taking each nipple in turn and sucking it hard into his mouth to further punish her.

“Yes, all of it. I sucked every last drop out of his big black cock as he pumped it down my throat.” She gasped gripping the white sheets tightly in each hand.

“You dirty fucking slut” he said, “That explains the salty taste in your mouth, I’m going to fuck you till I explode inside your tight soaking wet cunt, you fucking cheap tart.” He pounded away thinking of that young black stud with his big thick cock in her mouth. There must have been more to this liaison in the toilets.

“Did he finger fuck you as well?”

“Yes, he did”, she groaned in reply, “He made me cum as well. He slid his long slender fingers into me rubbing my G spot as he sucked on my clit. I almost screamed out loud as I came but there was someone in the next cubicle”

“You. Dirty. Cock. Sucking. Fucking. Whore” he pounded into her “He made you cum, and now I’m going to cum inside you as well. Turn over, now you dirty bitch”

His cock slid out of her pussy as she slid up the bed and turned face down onto the cotton sheets. He knew that she could barely take his length from behind normally. Tonight his arousal would add to the “punishment” she was having. He parted her firm buttocks admiring her tight anus and stretched open pussy before slowly sliding his cock into her soaking pussy. He longed to fuck her in her virgin arse, maybe he would one day starting with a well oiled finger then a small dildo before easing his oiled cock into her. Long slow strokes made her whimper as the last inch pushed her to the border of pleasure and pain. He looked down to watch his cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her stretched open pussy. His movement quickened as he moved his hands onto her erect nipples and around under her to her swollen clit. He pinched her nipples hard and rubbed her gushing pussy juices into her clit. The front of her dress was soaked from her overflowing pussy.

She buried her face in a pillow to contain her overwhelming pleasure and pain as she moaned, “I’m cumming, finish me off with your big fucking cock” He loved her talking “dirty”. His strokes grew longer and more urgent as he rubbed her clit in her own juices.

Her body arched as wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her. Her pussy tightened with each pulse, firmly gripping his cock with each orgasmic contraction.

He couldn’t hold back anymore, his cock grew stiffer and pulsed as his balls pumped hot cum deep inside her. She bit into the pillow as she felt it hit her insides. Hardly able to contain her screams she collapsed exhausted onto the bed, his cock still firmly embedded deep in her. His body shook for a minute as the pleasure overtook him, squeezing every last drop of his hot thick cum into this whore’s fantastic body. He slid off her and rolled her over onto her side. His cock slowly subsided until it slid out of her wet pussy. Cum, mixed with her hot sticky pussy juice, oozed out of her bald pussy onto her thighs and her dress. He undressed her throwing the dress across the room and they fell asleep naked in each other’s arms, kissing and caressing each other’s limp bodies.

He woke at 04:00 needing to use the bathroom and got off the bed silently picking his way through the scattered clothing on the floor. On his return he noticed the moonlight streaming through the window on to her naked body as she lay on top of the sheets. The shadows accented the curves of her womanly hips and her pert breasts. He slid onto the bed next to her in a spoons position and started gently caressing her while kissing her slender perfumed neck. She stirred briefly but remained asleep as he gently parted her legs and then guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. The tip entered, it was tight and moist. The feeling made his cock twitch in anticipation as he eased an inch of the swollen head into her. He cupped her breasts in one hand watching them lit up in the moonlight as the skin tightened and nipples hardened. She remained asleep as he gently eased in and out of her inch by inch as her moistness lubricated his length. She sighed in her sleep as he slowly made love to her. Was she dreaming? She was probably dreaming of a romantic secluded beach cove or lying naked in a cornfield making love on a picnic blanket. These were two of her fantasies that they would one day turn to reality. After a short while watching her writhe as he slipped his length in and out of her, kissing her naked body and breasts, he fell asleep.

The alarm woke them abruptly at 08:00. It would be an early breakfast, a few goodbyes and then checkout before the long drive home. They showered together soaping each other’s bodies seductively before dressing for breakfast.

“Last night was incredible,” he said watching her ease into a tight T-shirt and shorts.

“We made a hell of a mess of this room,” he laughed pointing to the cum soaked dress, his crumpled suit and the contents of the scattered handbag.

“I’ll tidy that up,” she said quickly, hurrying toward the handbag on the floor.

“I threw it, I’ll pick it up” he said pushing her aside playfully and on to the bed.

He scooped up the handbag’s contents along with two pound coins and a few notes that were on the floor.

“That’s odd,” he thought, “I’m sure she changed a five pound note at the bar.”

It was then that he noticed the two condom packets in her handbag, one unused ribbed and one empty strawberry flavoured. He remembered the dispensing machines in the gent’s toilets. There must be one in the ladies too. £3.00 for a pack of two condoms.

“Fruity tasting pussy” he said accusingly throwing the empty wrapper at her as she lay blushing on the bed. His cock grew hard again, his mouth dried and his pulse raced.


“Now you’ve made us late for breakfast, you little minx” he said unbuttoning and dropping her shorts to the floor.