Written by Lucky Jim

28 Sep 2009

I work with a woman, Joan. She’s late forties, friendly but not very chatty, quite trim and seems to live a good life with her husband. In work, you never see even the occasional slight flash of leg, she’s extremely conservative in her dress.

I live in the city centre and I arranged to meet her outside the railway station. Spot on time her husband’s Mondeo turned up and she got out. Immediately, as she got out of the car I saw the difference in her. She was wearing a wonderfully tight pencil skirt, sheer black tights and very classy high heeled court shoes. Although still conservative, she really did look very sexy. We waved her husband off and she linked my arm as we walked the short distance to the restaurant to meet the client.

Once in the restaurant, she took her coat off and I was delighted to see that she was braless under a high necked silk shirt. Again, all very conservative with almost no flesh on show. She really did look fabulous as she chatted confidently to the others there and I saw her in a completely different light. She was intelligent, sexy and cool. All night I could hardly take my eyes off her. With her wearing classy, well fitting clothes it became very apparent that she had a cracking body; something that was never possible to see in work.

After the dinner, me, Joan and three others came back to my flat for a drink. As Joan and I knew each other the best, it somehow seemed natural that she ended up in the kitchen with me opening a couple of bottles of wine. She was really lovely and chatty and we got on like a house on fire. We all drank the wine and the other three eventually left.

Joan said she’d ring her husband to come and collect her, and suggested we may be have a brandy while we waited for him. To cut a long story short, we ended up kissing in the kitchen and soon moved to the bedroom. There was no messing about from Joan and she undid her skirt and pushed it down over her hips and wriggled her way out of it. I was already rock hard and I could feel my dick throbbing as I saw that what I thought were tights, were actually hold up stockings and she wasn’t wearing any knickers - which explained the total lack of VPL I’d noticed at the very beginning of the evening. It was now that I could see just how good her body was; killer hip bones and fantastic, long slim thighs and a very sexy, smoothly shaven fanny.

She asked me what I was waiting for as she undid her shirt and let it fall open. Leaving her stockings and shoes on, she lay on her back on the bed and opened her legs for me. In all my life I’d never been in such an amazingly sexually charged position. She was quite simply, the most impressively sexy woman I’d ever seen. I was massively turned on as her open shirt gave me a tantalising view of her perfect braless tits.

I took my clothes off and got myself between her thighs. She was lovely and wet and was able to enter her easily. As soon as I was inside her, I began to stroke the full length of my dick in and out of her wet hole. She orgasmed quite quickly and then raised her legs high in the air and opened even wider. This allowed me to get maximum penetration and I could feel my balls pressing against her arse as I pushed hard in to her. It also tightened her grip on my dick as I fucked her. This quickly brought me right to the edge and I couldn’t hold myself back and just had to bang her really hard. This meant that I came sooner than I really wanted too. Luckily, just as I was reaching a climax, she came again and I off loaded in to her just as she was grinding herself against me to get the maximum pleasure from the fucking we were both enjoying.

Very soon after I’d spunked up her, she went to the bathroom to clean herself up and I could hear her speaking to her husband on her mobile, arranging for him to pick her up. She was the best fuck of my life.