Written by lulu

27 Dec 2009

It must be the season cos this latest story is much gentler,and mostly fiction,of course all my stories are based on real events,you just have to guess wat lulu has really doneand where she gets her inspiration from!

I opened the large box which had arrived by special delivery the day before, folding back the tissue paper inside were the clothes that had surprised me. At first I had assumed they were a late Christmas present from my husband, till I found the letter and the cuffs.

I put on the white corset,stockings,suspender belt and long white silk robe, cuffed my hands as the letter had explained, behind my own back, opened the front door knelt down and waited.

My mind started to wander how lucky it was that my husband had been called away on business the day He wanted me .Then I heard a car pull up, footsteps on the drive, with my head bowed I waited till I could see His shoes, polished to sheen as always, with my down turned eyes.

He stepped over me without a word and entered the house, I was left, shivering in the cold, wondering

Come in He said, I entered the living room and the fire was roaring, He had lit candles around the room too, making it seem a warm refuge from the world. He slipped the robe from my shoulders and led me in front of the fire. You did well, he whispered, His hands caressed my body, from neck to shoulders to breast, slowly oh so gently, I stood motionless while his hands explored me sending waves of pleasure from my thighs,bum,entire body.

I could feel the wetness in my pussy building, my hands were still cuffed behind me and he undid them,” lie down”

As I did so I noticed for the first time 4 sets of chains fastened to weights in a square I lay in the centre of the square and my hands and legs were cuffed, my legs wide apart my pusy exposed.

He started wanking my clit ,I moaned and relaxed ,I felt his hand ball into a fist and rub itself in my pussy juice, then suddenly it was thrust in to my cunt.I tensed and I screamed as his clenched fist fucked me, then could feel my I was starting to squirt, which helped lubricate him and I pushed myself in rhythm with him, as much as my bonds would allow. I could feel my orgasm building and came, squirting all over his arm.

He brought his hand to my mouth which I gratefully licked clean of my own cum.

As I recovered I felt him removing my corset stocking and suspenders, now I was naked ,I hoped he would fuck me, instead though he removed a blindfold from his bag and tied it over my eyes. Then left the room.

I don’t know how long I lay there, and drifted off to sleep, but awoke with a start,Voices,more than one, then I heard his” She is ready and waiting ,the slut is already wet” I felt a cock enter me and start fucking ,my pussy gripped tight and I started to push up in time with this unknown stranger. Then another cock was in my mouth, I gagged slightly, unable to move ,but then started sucking, tasting the precum quivered and came ,turned on so much by the idea of strangers using me then felt the spunk fill my pussy,seconds later the cock in my mouth pulled out and I felt the hot spunk splatter all over my face.

I gasped, glad for the chance to draw breathe, when suddenly I felt a tongue at my pussy,eating the spunk, licking it up lapping at my spunk filled pussy.

The tongue teased my clit,and another started licking at my face, cleaning it of spunk, I heard him say” good girls” and realised it was two women licking me clean of the strangers spunk.

This pushed into another massive orgasm and I came, my cum and the spunk gushing over the face buried between my legs,

Then the women left too, He knelt down at my head, kissed me gently on the mouth and whispered “merry Christmas slut”