Written by Julie

16 Oct 2016

Back in the early 80's I was a bit wild. I've always been a bit promiscuous treating sex like food. You need it to keep you going.

The time I'm going to tell you about was when I was at my most sexually active. I was seeing someone and we had sex every

day, but he was a bit of a control freak and to be honest I was getting fed up with him.

One night we went to a party, I didn't know anyone there and was feeling a bit left out. The boyfriend had been flirting with some woman all night. I think he was trying to make me jealous. It wasn't working, I was just fed up.

I decided to go outside for some fresh air and a cigarette (this was back when I used to smoke). The garden was nice with a path leading to a small fountain, that just drew me to it. As I got near I saw a couple of guys walking towards me. They were tall and handsome, looking a bit mediterranean . They asked me if I was ok and started chatting to me, they were really friendly and made me laugh at some of their antics.

I told them what my boyfriend was up to inside and they said, "Why don't you get one over on him then?"

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Well if he's trying to make you jealous you should turn the tables on him and let him see what it feels like to be ignored". Said the tallest and most handsome to the pair.

The other guy agreed nodding his head, "We can help you". He said

Straight away I knew what they had in mind but I played along with the game, "What do you mean?" I asked.

I'll call them Sam (the shortest) and Glen for want of better names.

Sam led me over to a bench where they had a bottle of Champagne and a couple of glasses, and poured me a glass of the wine. I was just going to let this happen.

It was a lovely warm night and I was wearing a short floaty cocktail dress, they were both turning me on just by the way they were looking at me. We could hear the music from the party and Sam asked me to dance, So I stood up and he put his arms around me and pulled me in close. I could feel his cock straight away and he wasn't shy about the fact that it was getting harder. Then I felt another pair of hands on my hips, Glen was behind me, pushing into me from behind. I was so excited I could hardly breath, when I felt his breath on my neck and he started kissing and licking me there.

Their hands seemed to be everywhere, stroking and squeezing me and I was so excited I could hardly stand, luckily they were on hand to hold me up between them.

They led me back to the bench where they continued to feel me and took turns kissing me. It wasn't long before they were lifting my skirt and running their fingers around my pussy. I had to feel a cock and Sam was on hand with his, already out of his trousers. It was long and thick and beautiful and I wanted nothing else but to suck it. He stood up and my mouth was around it sucking and licking.

Glen watched for a moment then he moved down between my legs and I felt his breath on my thighs. His hands slid up and pulled my pants down and there I was open wide for him. Sam reached down and rubbed my clit and Glen pushed a finger into me. I was still sucking on Sam's hard cock and loving all this attention.

Glen stood up and took his cock out, It was an impressive sight, springing out into to night air and bouncing a couple of times, He was as hard as rock and I wanted it.

Sam pulled out of my mouth and moved so Glen took his place and I had another cock to suck. It was Sam now between my legs and he was licking me and he knew exactly what to do. We carried on like this for what seemed like an age, I lost count of the times I came on Sam's tongue, then he moved up me and pushed his cock into me. It was so hard and it filled me up. Glen was watching all of this while I sucked his cock and balls. He reached down and pulled my nipples and I came again with Sam fucking me hard. After about five minutes they switched again. This time we moved onto the grass, me on my knees with Sam's cock in my mouth and Glen fucking me from behind.

I wasn't long before we were all coming, Glen first shooting his hot cum into me then Sam shooting his load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop.

The three of us walked back into the party with smiles on our faces, this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Oh the boyfriend couldn't understand why I didn't want anything to do with him after that night.