Written by keeepa

15 Mar 2010

It was only when he put the blindfold on that she realised how vulnerable she was..it had been exciting meeting him after all the time flirting and teasing..walking chastely apart and trying to look confident in the hotel reception as he booked in

“No! just the one night thank you”

She was sure the receptionist smirked but perhaps it was her imagination

In the bedroom she was nervous but the expectation she had felt on the way to meet him, the sexual excitement building as she realised she was going to have uncomplicated sex with someone she’d been thinking of having sex with for a long time. She remembered the times in the bath imagining this, the warm water and soap suds her fingers caressing her body teasing herself watching as they neared untill finally she could wait no longer and lifting her hips from the water she closed here eyes and drifted, her soapy fingers becoming his.

The memory made her stir in her seat on the train and as she looked round the carriage she smiled, if only they knew what she was thinking, what she was going to do. The residual arousal as still with her as she looked around the sterile hotel room, the bed smooth large.

She felt his arms slip round her and hold her, his body pressing into her, warm breath in her ear as his hands rested on her tummy and then on her breasts. She turned and looked up at him..they kissed lightly at first tongues teasing each others lips , and she felt the arousal return, and, unconsciously pushed herself against him.

He stood back and without a word started to undress her, she didn’t want words, she wanted it to stay uncomplicated, it must be just sex, without words it was just sex.

She didn’t help him just watched his eyes as each item was stripped from her, looking in the mirror that morning she’d looked at her body critically, the full body of a woman, breasts full and falling against her ribs tummy rounded..

“Oh well too late to diet and exercise now!”

Finally she was naked and was pleased, in spite of her “no talking” rule when he whispered

“You’re beautiful!” and dropped to his knees in front of her head against her tummy, hands reaching round to her bum..she felt his face turn and then his lips against her, the arousal returned and she pushed her hips into him moving involuntarily.

She looked down at his head and moved her hands, holding it against herself,

Wanting to orgasm now not waiting!..but he stopped stood and guided her to the bed turning her and pushing her back

“Lay down!” the first words he’d spoken were firm, not harsh, but firm and she moved to the middle of the large double bed and watched as he reached into his briefcase and pulled out some ties, silk ties different colours and in spite of herself, she thought

“What dreadful colours!” he leant forward and kissed her nipple, taking it into his mouth and suckling, whilst his hand covered her pubic hair, curling against the lips of her cunt, soft wet, and the end of one finger slipped into her easily.

He tied her right wrist to the bed post and then her left…she closed her eyes and knew she was helpless now, she was being raped, she’d imagined it before tied raped used. And then her ankles legs forced apart until she lay spread. Opening her eyes she looked down at her body , then saw her reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the bed, looking into her self.

The last thing she saw before he blindfolded her was him kneeling over her, and she’d realised how vulnerable she was, and helpless, and aroused ,and she waited

You looked worried when I first tied you up and blindfold you, your nipples were erect lust or fright?? I kneel over you and gently kiss your lips, just brushing them and then your throat and in my ear I feel your breathing deepen

Licking your belly button and my thumb brushes your pubic hair, I slowly move down and your hips are beginning to move I pull away and ease a pillow underneath you, your cunt is now wet and totally open to me, and though you cannot see me you know what is coming next, but not when, and I make you wait. I start by kissing the inside of you thighs, slowly working my way upwards. My thumb brushes your clitoris, it’s hard like a small penis and you push against the pressure.

At last I lick you full on the clitoris while my finger slides deep inside you and explores, and I wrap my tongue around the hard little lump and wait for you start moving against me, slowly at first you push against my tongue and I taste you

I pull my finger out and replace it with my thumb and explore you arse with a warm wet finger and ease into you. Your movements increase and you’re gasping pushing up wanting ….

I stopping now looking at her, her neck throat and chest flushed, he puts his thumb still wet from her, against her lips and she takes it into her mouth

“It tastes of me!” she murmurs

The bed moved and he was straddling her, smells the faint perfume of him, and then feels the roughness of his hair against her face and then the heat and hardness of his cock, against her eyes, cheeks lips throat and she opens her mouth a little waiting for him to feed it into her, but he moves down her body, still straddling, his cock touching her nipples the warm pre-cum lubricating; down again and between her thighs he eases into her, pressing his pubic bone against her clitoris, crushing grinding, small circular movements, bringing her back..nearer. His breath against her neck, matching his movements she moans

“Oh yes that’s it God that’s it, don’t stop please don’t stop!” she felt him slow, knew he was ready to pull out but she thrust violently up against him and the exquisite agony hit her, he thrust in and in spite of the ties her body arched and she cried out, gasping.

I didn’t want her to cum so soon, wanted to keep bringing her closer untill I was ready, but I’d underestimated her arousal, when she started her cunt contracted violently and her hips followed me, the veins and tendons in her neck were standing out against the smooth skin, her face agonised. I waited for her to come down.

He eased from her and moved to the chair watching, her breasts still heaving, nipples hard. He looked at her cunt, open lips wet, the pubic hair flat ..and he waited 2 minutes, 3 , 4 silence

Eventually she spoke

“What are you doing?”


He watched

“Please speak to me!”

“I’m looking at your body!”

“Will you untie me now”

“No I’m not finished with you yet!”

Moving to the bed he caressed her body again, then kissed her cunt, tasting the juices, his tongue light easing her open again and when finally felt her reaction he stopped..

“You’re such a tease , you do know I’m ready again?..bastard.” and she heard him moving then suddenly she felt him take a pinch of pubic hair and pull it, slight pain, not unpleasant the she heard the snip and felt her skin relax

“Trophy?” she smiled


Then she felt it again first the pull then the snip

“I’m going to shave you!”

“No God no!”

“Shush!” and again he snipped, she felt the cool of the scissors against her and his fingers brushing her, but still he snipped untill finally she knew he’d cut her hair short. The attention aroused her, his fingers carelessly against her most intimate parts and in spite of herself she opened and pushed.

The cold of the shaving cream shocked her, and he massaged it into her, along the top between her thighs, her cunt, inside her, his fingers lubricated by the cream, massaging wanking , and she moaned. The scrape of the razor along her cunt stilled her and she relaxed, enjoying the attention, but scared of her vulnerability…he shaved her with care, even reapplying cream, still massaging and caressing, then shaving..untill satisfied he dried her…

He’d stopped again now, then she felt him blow against the shaved smoothness, the clarity of feeling shocked her, as he ran his tongue over her bald pubes she was shocked at the purity of the feelings….the ball of his thumb along her lips sensitive to every touch, as if every nerve end was exposed, briefly she wondered how she’d explain her baldness to her husband but when his thumb slid into her all thoughts were lost..and she gave herself up to the passion….

This time he didn’t tease but simply took her again to that place, that place she’d only visited rarely in the comfort of her marriage, that place she had come to know and need

When he’d untied her they held each tightly, she was what she felt then, lust and passion she could handle..the tenderness that she felt after he’d made love to her scared her!

She was in the kitchen when her husband came in, a sensible casserole in the oven the smell filling the kitchen

“Hi! Good day?”

“Yes!” and moved to him “give me your hand!” he looked puzzled as she took his hand, lifting her skirt with the other, she pressed it against the bald pubic bone

“What have you been doing!”

“It said on TV that it would improve sex!” and reaching back she switched the oven off took his hand and led him upstairs