Written by Angela

11 Nov 2008

I work in a hotel and we’ve got new uniforms. Mine’s a really nice light grey dress that comes to a few inches above my knee and fits me like a second skin. It’s a very sexy dress for a work uniform. I usually leave my knickers off and just wear tights and most days I don’t wear a bra either. Some days, if I’m in the mood, I’ll go completely commando.

When I am commando, it drives the three lads I work with wild and I often get the chance to go and have a bit of a ‘afternoon delight’ with one of them in one of the rooms. On one of the days when I was completely commando - no tights or knickers and no bra - and feeling a little randy, I whispered to one of the lads if he was in the mood to go and find a vacant room. I obviously didn’t whisper quietly enough because the other two heard me and a light hearted argument began about which of them was going to take me that afternoon. I joked that I’d be happy with all three. This turned out to be no joke and ten minutes later I was in room 527 with all three of them.

Once in the room, very quickly I had one of the lads against the wall and was undoing his belt while the other two took their own trousers off. The first one to get naked lay on his back on the bed and called me to get on with it. I crawled up the bed between his legs and deep-throated his hard, thick cock for a few seconds before I straddled him and slowly hitched my dress up my thighs until it was almost around my waist. This gave him his first view of my smoothly shave fanny. I fingered my slit for a second or two before I lowered myself onto his meat. Soon I had taken the entire length and was pleasuring myself on his iron hard dick. I could feel my braless tits bouncing under my dress as I fucked him and he held on to my hips and matched my movements with his own. In no time at all, and before I’d had a chance to come myself, he jerked a load off in to me, and I could feel him beginning to soften inside me. I lifted myself off him and lay on my back on the bed next to him with my dress up round my waist and my legs wide open. I then demanded that one of the other two come and give it to me.

The second lad was soon between my thighs giving it to me with firm, slow and deep strokes. This brought me to my first orgasm and I asked him to fuck me harder while the sensation was still with me. He was very skilful and the movements he made with his dick gave me a wonderful feeling of intense sensation and the orgasm just kept building. Once I’d reached the climax with this hard cock inside me it never really left me until I felt the warmth of his come as he pumped it in to me. Almost as soon as the second lad rolled off me, the third took his place. My own juices mixed with the come of two loads of young lads meant that I was absolutely soaking and his rock hard cock slipped easily inside me.

The third lad was less skilful than the second, but had the energy and power of a wild animal. It was all I could do to hang on and let him fuck my brains out. Fairly quickly he brought me to orgasm and I raised my legs as high as I could and opened my legs as far as I could to make sure I got maximum benefit of the full length of his dick buried in my hole. I could feel his balls banging on my arse as he pounded in to me. This lad had the staying power of a horse and I was almost exhausted by the time he loosened his load in to me. He lay on top of me for a few minutes while we caught our breath and I squeezed his dick with my fanny muscles to get the last remaining tingles of the orgasm.

By this time, the first lad had recovered enough to come back for seconds, he fucked me hard and fast for a few minutes but he soon shot his second load in to me. To be honest, four fuckings and four loads of come in 15 minutes is sufficient for anyone, and I called it off even thought the other two were keen for a second helping themselves.

The lads got themselves dressed and left the room while I took a shower and cleaned myself up of the huge amount of come I had inside me.