25 Jul 2018

for those who have been to the sex manics party london and been turned on ,tuned in and reignited to the joys of sex as not just a thing that happens at home on a friday / saturday night in the doggy position.

we have all been to the later - life gets in the way :(

saturday night at the ball is a WOW !!! freedom of mind body and nerves -

we went and said we would just watch - WOW every 1/2 hr we were bonking each other - so turned on with the sights / and wild sexual smells

we chatted to others on a gentle waffle not really aiming on collection of names etc but one guy who jane found interesting and 40 miles from our home left us his card cos we were in the same work trade

week later after normal life kicked back in - came saturday night and we chatted about last week end and how turned on we were.

month later - i had chatted to james from the ball and arranged a pub meet, though promised nothing as a result - we arrived early in the pub and james arrived - hand shake and cheek kiss was exchanged

with in 10 mins of chat was like old friends who catching up

many due to the london meet all barriers of sexual nature seemed to melt away - almost like meeting a nudist on the beach - nowhere to hide

we arranged to meet next week at the same pub but booked a room for any overnight stay just in case we dipped our feet into playing - personally cant wait :) and i know jane is dripping with anticipation

moral of this story is - just because it doesnt happen straight away - the seed is sown and needs a gentle tendering