Written by Tom

6 Oct 2007

I had really no time to collect my thoughts. Claire's hand came down again and struck my bottom. As she continued she started to talk. 'Now Tom, whilst you live here, you will be my servant.You will obey my every command at any time of day or night. You will renounce all your rights. Your sole aim will be to please me. You are mine,and of course Anna's when she is here, to use and abuse whenever I think fit.' She continued to spank me,the strokes getting harder,her hand biting into my defenceless flesh. Once or twice I cried out in pain and I felt my cock losing its state of arousal. With a flourish of hard spanks,she stopped. 'Now,that is an introduction to the punishments you will receive if you displease me.Do you understand?' She pushed me off her lap onto the floor and said to Anna who had been a passive onlooker. 'He is all yours darling.'

Lying on the floor,I tried to make sense of it all. Until this moment she had been a friendly,charming woman. A woman of such beauty and sensuality that she had occupied my sexual fantasies since moving in. What a change! Did I want this. I must admit the spanking was the first I had ever received and I rather enjoyed it. But I could never be submissive enough to go through with the rest. I had somehow to find a way to resist her. Then I heard Anna's voice. 'Get up and put your hands on the seat of the chair.' I did as I was told.

'Now open your legs wide,' she commanded. My cock and balls hung heavy between my legs and she could not resist reaching through to fondle me. I flinched as she

deliberately squeezed hard on my balls. Then as she had done earlier she fingered my anus. The finger was slippery with a lubrication I had not seen her apply. This time she pressed against its delicate opening and with a gentle push,entered its tight warmth. I had no previous experience of this and after first resisting the invasive finger, the sensation aroused me and I felt a stirring in my loins. She probed deeper,a second finger joining the first. ,I am preparing you for greater things,'

she said. Removing her fingers she moved round in front of me. 'Look at me,' she ordered. Lifting her short skirt she revealed a fair sized black dildo strapped to her. I swallowed hard. She resumed her position behind me and I felt the head of the dildo pressing against my orafice. 'This is the first man I have ever fucked,' she cried and thrust into me. Claire clapped with delight.

During all this activity nobody had heard the key turn in the front door. To the girls consternation the lounge door swung open and there stood Paul......

To be continued