Written by Tom

4 Oct 2007

I am a student in London and during term time,live in Finchley with a young married couple. I moved to London in September 2006 and after finding an ad offering a room to students from Paul and Claire on the University accommodation list, I went to see them,found them a very attractive couple in their early thirties who seemed to take to me, and moved in.

Paul was a handsome guy and I found it difficult to keep my eyes off Claire. As a 19 year old, my girl friends were all about the same age and I never had really thought before what it would be like to have sex with a 32 year old - until now! But of course she was married and wouldn't possibly be interested in a 19 year old boy. She had long brown hair,dark brown eyes with full lips and breasts,ripe mounds that stood out in any top she chose to wear. She had lovely legs and a bottom to die for,most appreciated in the formal skirt she wore for work. Most nights I would imagine her naked in bed with Paul. All I had was a mental image of what she was like in the nude. Quite often I could hear their noisy sex. To get through the frustration of living with such a beautiful woman I took to frequent masturbation with her as the object of my desire. It was all getting a bit too much for me and I seriously thought about moving out but then I would never see her again.

Paul worked away a lot. When he was at home I would sometimes return late in the evening and find 'friends' just leaving. They were always interested to know when I would be away for the weekend and from time to time they would be away ovenight.

One night Paul told me he was going to be away for a couple of weeks. The following morning Claire asked me if I would like to have supper with her as she was on her own. I readily accepted the offer and all day thought of nothing else but being alone with her. She was an excellent cook,I had eaten with them both before and she was casually dressed for the evening not a hint of provocation. I noticed this and was rather disappointed,I had rather hoped she might fancy me! If modesty will allow, I am a very attractive young man and much in demand with girls of my own age but a woman 12 years older was not going to be interested in me - who was I kidding We had drunk wine with the meal and I was very relaxed after initially being nervous and we moved into the lounge for coffee. We talked for sometime and as I had work to do I thanked her for the lovely meal and asked her to excuse me. As we said good night,she kissed me lightly on the cheek. I went up to my room ......... to be continued