Written by manofkent

19 Jul 2014

I posted the first part of this five days ago.

There I was, in bed with a girl I had only met last night, knew only her name, Jane . We were getting our breathe back after a very passionate shag, just chatting. She told me she was 20 years old, a trainee nurse in her third year, finding it difficult to live on the little money she got. She lived in a bed-sit further out of town, and quite often had no money left for food. I asked about the guy she had been with at the party. She said he was her boyfriend although he never took her out, not even for a walk in the park. He came round to her bed-sit for sex, usually a quick blow job. She said that at the party he had taken her out into the garden behind the shed, opened his flies and told her to suck him off. She had refused because he was treating her like a cheap tart.

To try to lighten her mood I said perhaps it was because you give really good blow jobs .

To that she said did I want one then, and went to go down on me. I pulled her back and said I was not asking, but I would be happy to give her one first. She seemed puzzled, blokes cannot give girls blow jobs she said.

I said that I would do it and she could call it whatever she liked. Then I started kissing my way down her body until I was getting near her pubic hairs. She seemed reluctant, a bit shy, but I said I would stop if she did not like it, but at least give it a try. My head between her legs, my tongue into her wet slit , she let out a soft murmur of pleasure. The more I licked and flicked the more she relaxed and opened her legs. Now I had a finger in her pussy, my other hand rubbing on her clit and my tongue licking and probing. Her moans were getting more frequent, then she pushed her bum up towards my face and exploded into a rocking orgasm. I was lapping up the honey oozing from her pussy .

I went to lie back beside her keeping my hand gently playing in her slit. She had her arms around me, and said that she had never done that before. A little joke came into my mind " you're still only a trainee nurse " .

She asked if I wanted her to go down on me now. I said perhaps later, rolled onto her and slid my cock into her very wet and very willing pussy. A nice traditional long slow shag, missionary position, deep thrusts, her arms around me, enjoying every minute . I was thinking take your time, go slow, anything to keep my mind elsewhere. Jane was clearly building up to another orgasm, her moans were louder and her fingernails were digging in to my back. Then she lifted her legs up letting my cock penetrate deeper and she jerked into a huge orgasm, causing me to shoot my load.

We spent the rest of the day in bed , sleeping between shags.

It was getting towards evening. She asked if there was anything to eat as she was famished, so I made her a quick veggie curry. She said it was time to go home, asked if I would walk her to the bus stop. I said I would drive her to her bed-sit.

When we got there she invited me in. A depressing drab room at the top of a Victorian terrace in a run down neighbourhood. I looked in her fridge, it was empty.

I had spent a wonderful day in the company of Jane, she was easy to like and clearly enjoyed sex. I had also discovered that in certain areas of sex she was still a trainee, and I liked the thought of teaching her new ways of making love.

So I asked her if she would like to spend a few days with me at my flat, much nearer to the hospital where she worked. Her face lit up with delight. Ten minutes later she had bags packed, she had tidied away any rubbish.

Those few days became a few weeks , never a day passed without sex even during her period. She was a keen and willing student , more willing than I expected. She said to me that she would not know if she did not like it until she tried it, and there was little that she did not want to try.

I sometimes think of her ex boyfriend, if he only knew what he had lost.