Written by Kitty

8 Jul 2014

continued ..........................................

I quickly pulled the towel to me , " hey don't be shy there's no hurry , shall we just sit for a moment ? I haven't really fully introduced myself you were talking to my wife Carol more than me. I'm Rob and I'm very glad to meet you ". With that he took my hand and kissed it numerous times " I"m Marie-Claire ,most people just call me Marie " I said and at the same time thinking what a strange situation all this was ,there was him now with probably a semi hard erection and me with a hotel towel just covering my ample breasts and damp pussy. I looked into his eyes and thought how kind and trusting they were and we just both began to giggle about the whole scenario." Listen " he said " " I feel that I have rudely interrupted your bath time and I expect you would really just like to get your head down " I smiled because the thought passed through my dirty mind of my head on his lap sucking what ever was there pulsating in his trousers.He smiled " you are very naughty now you know what I meant , I suppose I had better leave you to it " and with that he started to get up from the bed . " Oh ok " I said, with a disappointed manner " but first there is something I would like you to do for me , I want you to kiss me , kiss me on the lips " so he did. But it didn't stop there, he travelled down my neck and was whispering in my ear " I want to kiss you all over" with that he was kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples until they became hard and my pussy juices were ignited,I put my hand to his trousers and there it was, rock hard,he opened his flyer and it sprung out like it had at last been set free,I pulled him to me and we fell back on the bed ,by this time I was just wanting him inside me , one sight of his lovely cock and I wanted him, I spread my legs and guided him into me and immediately was overcome with ecstasy , he was pounding me and I could feel every inch of his cock and his balls just lapping against me , he leant down and licked my nipples and that was it , he had me , my body began to shake and I could feel the onset of an orgasm approaching , so I let it roll over me I wasn't there but in some green field amongst the buttercups and daisies in a world of my own, oh it was good I was on a journey of ecstasy and enjoying every moment of it, with that Rob came and very noisy he was too which I loved because then I knew he had been pleasured too ,his body became tense and his cock was slippery and wet from my orgasm and I felt his load shooting into me and he held quite still till every drop was there and then his body relaxed and we just held each other , he was still inside me.

There was a knock at the door ....................................to be continued