Written by Trouble71

31 Oct 2016

This was written last Halloween as part of a challenge in one of the writers groups somewhere else. Hope you enjoy.

A white flash outside the window drew my attention from the computer screen. The Williams son, dressed as a skeleton heading home from trick or treating. I slumped back in my chair, another year Karen had taken the kids out by herself. Yet another Halloween spent buried in PowerPoint.

“Trick or treat.” The voice soft and sexy, Karen.

I turned in the chair, surveying her leaning in the doorway, an impish smile on her lips, “And who are you meant to be?”

“Why I’m the wicked witch of the boudoir, you like?” She stepped into the study, heels clicking, walking down an imaginary cat walk, spinning, allowing me to examine her from every angle. She wore her highest heels, calves and thighs contoured perfectly beneath sheer black stockings. The wide suspender arms falling from the black, lacy basque that tried and failed to hide what lay beneath. A matching thong covered her pussy, the thin string disappearing between her taught cheeks. “Well, which is it to be?”

“Wow… but I’ve got to get this stupid presentation across to Doug tonight or...”

Her eyes blazed, not the playful sparkle I’d fallen for years ago, but a fire I’d seen on more than one occasion. “Well let’s see if we can change your mind.” She moved to the chair, two Velcro ties appearing from her balled fists, my arms tied to my office chair before I could react.

“Karen, I can’t…” She stepped back, the look silencing my protest.

“Better, or I will gag you.” She reached down, undoing my belt, unbuttoning my pants and pulling them to the floor with my boxers. She gave my semi erect cock a playful slap, cupping my balls. She stepped back, perching on the corner of the desk. “I always sit in that chair when we have our chats when you’re on the road. I can use the speaker phone, my hands free.”

I watched, mesmerized as her hands flowed across her basque, finding her breasts, massaging them, nipples pushing at the lace.

“I hear your voice, and I can’t help but play with my tits, imagining your hands squeezing them, pulling at my nipples.” She leant forward, giving me the perfect view of her ample chest, “I have to get them out of whatever bra I’ve got on and pinch them hard, feeling my pussy getting wetter with every touch.”

She raised a leg, putting the foot on my chair, pushing the sharp pointed toe under my balls, my cock growing harder every second. Her hand slid down, under the flimsy triangle of lace covering her pussy, “I can’t resist, I have to slip a finger into my pussy, feel how wet I am, slide up and tease my clit.” Her hand moved, fingers circling her clit, my eyes captivated.

She stopped, turning to open a wooden box on the desk, one that held stationary she still liked to use over the computer. “When the chat turns dirty, I like to get this out.” She pulled out a glass dildo, blue ridges spiralling down its length. “I give it a nice long suck, thinking of your hard cock in my mouth, tasting your juices seep out”. The glass eased between her bright red lips, her tongue teasing the tip before sliding it deeper, sucking hard.

I moaned, shifting in my seat, eyes watching the dildo ease in and out of Karen’s mouth, desperately needing it to be my cock, or to at least be free to stroke it.

Karen, started at me, reading my mind, “Once you say you’ve got you cock in your hand, hot and hard in whatever hotel room you’re in, I slide it deep into my pussy, nice and slow.” The dildo moved down her body, Karen rubbed it over her g string, teasing herself before she pulled them aside, sliding the hard glass in, taking an age till it was buried deep. “Mmm yes, I love the cold hard glass, so different from your thick cock.”

“Karen I…” her foot moved, covering my balls and pushing down lightly.

“One more word and I press harder.”

I shut my mouth, gulped and nodded my acceptance.

“Good choice.” She began to slide the dildo in and out, twisting as she fucked her pussy. “Nice and slowly, getting faster, ready to cum, fucking hard when you moan your climax down the line.” Her other hand circling her clit, “I normally make myself come then.” She withdrew the dildo, licking all her juices off it. “But sometimes, after we’ve said good bye I still want more.”

She removed her foot, standing before me, looking down into my upturned face. “Those times I plunge this back into my sodden pussy, get it nice and wet. Then I start to tease my arse with a finger, both holes full. That normally gets me off, a massive orgasm. Helps me sleep, makes up for your cock not being here.”

She took two steps towards the door, “But tonight, I’d like to know how it would feel with your cock in my pussy and this up my arse.” She bent at the waist, string hiding nothing, moving the glass dildo to tease the entrance to her ass.

She looked back over her shoulder, “So here it is lover, the treat is pretty clear. The trick, well if you’re not in our bed by the time I’m ready to slide this in here for real, well you’ll have to watch and wank.”

She began to leave the room, heels clicking on the wooden floor. “Karen, the ties?”

“Hunny, if you can’t escape some Velcro to fuck your wife you’re really not trying hard enough.” The click of her heels drowned by the ripping sound of Velcro.