Written by karen

31 Mar 2009

Myself and my best friend went to wrexham shopping we decided to go for a coffee,we sat outside the coffee shop opposite each other and had a chat and watched the world go by. Then I uncrossed my legs and from my best friends reaction she could see I was wearing no knickers,she was trying not look but couldnt resist it and she grinned I felt very horny at the thought of my best friend looking at my pussy and I could see my best friend becoming really horny to. We both finished off our shopping not being able to concentrate and made our way back to the car,my best friend pulled my skirt up so she could see my pussy as I was driving. And At this point we were both extremly horny she placed her hand on my leg and slowly moved her hand towards my wet pulsating pussy I was nearly orgasming with excitment then put her finger inside me it was so sensitve and finger fucked me until I came. When we got back to her house we were kissing so passionatly and then she lay down on her sofa and I removed her skirt and her knickers and i placed my tongue in her wet pussy and gave her an oral until she came.